Weekly Update

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cross Country runners

Cross Country runners

Rosa Soliz took a squad of our Cross Country runners to compete in the 25th Annual Seaside Cross Country Invitational, at San Buenaventura State Beach Park. Over 2,300 runners from over 35 schools raced that day, and the Vikings did not disappoint. Leading the charge for Hueneme were Rosio Villalpando (senior) and Ricardo Hernandez (junior). Both ran impressive races, which earned themselves spots on the HHS All Time List for the Seaside Invite.


Ninth grade AVID class have started doing SAT Vocabulary this week. Each student will be making a Pictionary card for each vocabulary word consistent of the word, definition, sentence, and picture that represents the

given word. Also, all AVID 10th graders have been registered to take the PSAT on October 15th. AVID juniors have begun getting tutor trained by Lynn Santamaria on scheduled tutorial days. Seniors are in the process of drafting rough draft of personal statement essays.

Physical Education Department —

PE continues with practice fitness testing and cardiovascular exercise.

English Department —

Freshmen (Schwartzburd): My students (Freshmen) are learning to annotate nonfiction articles and transferring information onto a graphic organizer which asks them to identify author’s claim, reason, and evidence. Students will then write a paragraph responding to author’s claim.
Sophomores (Martinez): Objective: SWBAT reflect on what is experienced, observed, or resolved over the course of the narrative by composing their concluding paragraph draft as a FA.

They will be working on the following ESLR’s:
Self-directed Learners (Work independently and/or collaboratively with skills learned to complete a task) Effective Communicators (write reflectively and critically)

1. Do Now
2. Conclusion Paragraph Notes
3. Conclusion Paragraph Graphic Organizer 4. Writer’s Workshop (Conclusion)
5. Exit slip

Juniors (Newman): We have concentrated on SAT vocabulary, sentence correction, spelling and grammar. We are also reading Native American Literature and talking about oral tradition.
Senior Chicano Lit (Gomez-Font): Students worked in pairs to create a poster of a vocabulary word from the week’s list. Using Marzano strategies, they wrote the word, part of speech, definition, a visual and sentence with the vocabulary word. Then, they presented the word to the class to help students’ master understanding of the vocabulary of the week.

Social Science Department —

The juniors in United States History spent their week understanding the laws and personal rights guaranteed under the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In addition, Classes wrote their own Letters to the Editor and sent them to a variety of local and online news sources. Geography classes are continuing to participate in the district wide 21st century learning activities.

NJROTC Department —

-Curriculum taught this week:
*NS1: What it means to be a good Cadet

*NS2, 3 & 4: U.S. Naval Academy -Weekly Activities:

*Precision Drill (Marching) *Physical Fitness *Uniform Inspection

-Upcoming Events:
*19 Sep: Color Guard will present colors at the HHS Football Game
*20 Sep: NJROTC Cadets will support the Annual Port Hueneme Beach Clean-up *25 Oct: SoCal NJROTC Field Meet Competition at UCLA

Counseling Department —

  • Attended Naviance training
  • attended open house (met with parents in a designated room)
  • meeting with seniors to conduct academic and graduation reviews
  • signing up students for concurrent enrollment at Oxnard Adult Ed, APEX and/or Cyber High
  • 504 meetings and updates
  • Crisis Intervention (in collaboration with CIRT)
  • assisting with Challenge Day adult and student recruitment
  • level changes
  • attended IEPs
  •  collaboration with AVID, YES, EDCP and SpEd case carriers regarding programs and individual students
  • parent conferences
  • Planning activities for Higher Ed week
  • Finalizing PSAT
  • SSTs for alternate placement

Math Department —

worked on their “Best Practices Syllabus” and developed strategies for helping ELL students. In researching strategies, the math department discovered a school in Boston that uses the Interactive Mathematics Program to help ELL students.

Consumer and Family Science Department —

YES Academy students started off the school year with an after school Kickball game and BBQ, along with a parent information meeting in the library.
Currently, juniors in the YES Academy and Education, Child Development, and Human Services Pathway, are studying developmental theories that represent a range of thought about human growth and development. Then, in a cross- curricular project in their academy English class, in a research paper, students will examine the character of Huck Finn from a developmental theorist viewpoint. In an additional cross-curricular project in their history class, students will then create an online poster incorporating historical research around issues from the Huck Finn novel. Seniors are reviewing developmental theory which they will incorporate in written observations at their internship and community service sites as they work with youth.

At the end of the year in June, students in the Teaching and Learning course, planned and organized a graduation event for students in the YES Academy Child Development Lab School. The occasion was planned around a Luau theme, complete with student created invitations, diplomas, decorations, “photo booth” with props, refreshments, and

the younger students, in a luau dance performance.

Upcoming Events —

Sept 23 PROGRESS GRADES DUE @ NOON Girls Tennis vs RMHS. 3p. Homecoming Halftime rehearsal, football field (Buen). 330p. Girls VB vs Santa Paula. JV 5p / VAR 630p. Parent Project workshop, HHS faculty cafeteria (Ultreras). 6-9p.

Sept 25 COLLABORATION/PLC #2 Girls Tennis @ PHS. 3p. Girls Golf @ PHS. 2p. Girls Volleyball @ Simi Valley HS. JV 430p / VAR 530p. HHS Migrant Program parent meeting, HHS Library (Ultreras).

Sept 26 GRADES MAILED HOME Boys Water Polo vs Cate HS. VAR 315p / JV 415p. GWP hosts concessions. Football @ Rosamond HS. JV 4p / VAR 7p.

Students First: every day, every school, every classroom”