Weekly Update

Friday, October 3, 2014

AVIDOur 9th grade AVID classes have been doing mock tutorials this week. Also, AVID Tutors are available each day at lunch in Room 89 to assisting the students that have received a D/F on progress report to improve their grades by the next grading period.  We have had steady flow of students from our AVID ELL class come in for tutoring on a daily basis for math and biology.  AVID Jr/Sr teachers are planning the first college field trip for later this semester.

Physical Education DepartmentPE continues fitness testing including the first attempt at the mile.

English Department9th Grade (Schwartzburd): Freshmen are continuing their study of nonfiction and learning to annotate, find main idea, and supporting details.  Next up, we move into a unit which incorporates nonfiction and short stories, moving into conflict and suspense, continuing to annotate with sticky notes (wish me luck!).
10th Grade (Muro):  2H did research on Chinese culture and created informal presentation. They are now reading Joy Luck Club.
11th Grade (Ehlers):  English 3AP students continue to develop rhetorical analysis skills.  Students worked on timed writes and examining scoring rubric to self-score essays.  English 3 students began studying The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
12th Grade (Ehlers):  ERWC students have completed the first module and their personal statements.  They have begun the “Racial Profiling” module, which leads into their research papers.  English 4 students are continuing their study of “Macbeth” with emphasis on a study of the supernatural and its impact on the actions of the characters.

Social Science DepartmentThis week many students participated in activities that connected to the schools Expected School-wide Learning results. Activities included practicing effective communication skills and preparing students for secondary options.

Math Department Math classes are currently implementing the new Common Core Standards and the 8 Mathematical Practices.

Math 1 classes are working on students connecting symbols to meanings and numerical values.

Math 2 classes are focusing on the properties of triangles and parallel lines as well as CAHSEE prep.

Math 3 classes are in Baker’s Choice, a transition unit.  It allows a new approach to be incorporated into traditional mathematics course, an approach that emphasizes group work, communication, and real-world applications.  Students will have an opportunity to deepen their understanding of equations and graphs while using what they learn to meet the real-world challenge: Maximize a business’ profit!

Mrs. Morales’ pre-calculus students began preparing for the SAT Math exam with a daily SAT Prep Math Question of the Day.

SPED DepartmentMathematics 1A SDC students, needing a break from fractions, have been creating math-word posters for our soon-to-be-established word wall.

Tyler Cammack’s classroom has been beautifully decorated for Halloween.

Room 21 – Students are participating in a points and level system similar to what they earn playing their video games.  The top level, level 18 allows them to be teacher!!

We are taking a field trip to the Museum of Tolerance as our final activity of an ELA unit on oppression- How do authors reveal theme or main idea in text?

“Working Together to Prepare Individuals for Lifelong Success”