Weekly Update

Friday, October 10, 2014

Science- Physical Science making predictions of unknown ionization energy using excel to extrapolate.



Social Science- Room 16 -Students in U.S. History class are studying Jim Crow Laws. The activity is an interactive mystery lesson in which they are gathering, interpreting, and analyzing information on a forensics report template and then creating a police report! Room 10 -congratulations goes out to World Civilization students Lizander Alba (105.8%) and Jennifer Vasquez ( 105.3%) for their hard work and positive attitudes!

AVID- This past Friday, 25 AVID students volunteered at the Rescue Mission to serve meals. Students will return to the Rescue Mission in October\on a date to be determined. HHS will be hosting an AVID Tutor Training the following two Saturdays from 8am to 4pm training (room 89) conducted by Lynn Santamaria and Lupe Zamora. This training is for newly hired AVID tutors from throughout Ventura County, and we currently have 42 participants signed up. If you are in the area and would like to check out the training, please feel free to come by.

Physical Education- PE continues fitness testing and various fitness activities.

Visual/Performing Arts- Last day of Band Camp on August 13, 2014.


Band is jumping at the chance to put our new field competition show, “Little Shop  of  Horrors,” on the field. We started working on it last June before school was out.  Since then we continued with physcal conditioning, competition marching basics,  and of course drill (competitive marching choreography), and music and during our  four-weeks of band camp in July and August. We have practice daily after school  until 5:30 pm and 3-4 hours on non-competition Saturdays. We have worked across  the curriculum with Mr. Robnett and the Engineering Academy to engineer and  build  Audrey II, the carnivorous plant in our show.

Illustration and Life Drawing class is learning how to draw trees, using the technique of Block in, contour and value (shading).
Visual Art is working on the Color Unit. This week we are learning about warm and cool colors and how they complement each other by making a collage of images from magazines, then making a color pencil rendering from a croped area of the collage
Art Appreciation: we are studying about the Medieval cathedrals and are designing stained glass windows.


Curriculum taught this week:
*NS1: Career Planning
*NS2, 3 & 4: Motivational Skills

Weekly Activities:
*6 Oct: Sergeant Martinez U.S. Marine Corps Recruiter gave a presentation to all NJROTC classes
*Precision Drill (Marching)
*Physical Fitness
*Uniform Inspection

Upcoming Events:
*10 Oct: Color Guard will present colors at HHS Football Game
*20 & 27 Oct: Color Guard/Armed & Unarmed Drill Teams will perform at the HHS Awards Ceremony
*24 Oct: Color Guard and Sword Detail will present colors at the HHS Homecoming Football Game
*25 Oct: SoCal NJROTC Field Meet Competition at UCLA
*17 Nov: 50 Cadets will visit the Reagan Presidential Library

Special Education- Sue MacDonald attended the SPED Dept. meeting in order to update our staff on several of the new aspects of SIRAS – our IEP program.

Math-  Hueneme High School Math students engaged in CCSSM


Business Students: Microsoft Office Intro students are learning to type correctly. We are slow working on a PowerPoint  presentation called a Concept Map, with action buttons. Students are selecting their own topic and will present their projects  to the class next week. Students will learn out to include music on their slides as well.
* Multimedia students are learning the toolbar in Photoshop. They are creating custom pictures from their practice files to  demonstrate the tools they are learning how to use.
* Students Against Animal Cruelty Club – have selected officers, and are working on their constitution. They are also looking  at volunteer opportunities in the community. They are creating bulletin board in our classroom to help educate students, they  are also decorating our window.


*Herrejon (9th grade) – My CP kids are annotating expository text and my reading kids just finished reading Marigolds (they analyzed passages from it).
*Bettencourt (10th and 11th grades) – Juniors are starting The Crucible, and sophomores are finishing their Science Fiction unit with the novel Fahrenheit 451
*Landreth (12th grade) – The senior teachers have worked hard to put together a writing seminar across the curriculum. Landreth’s AP class is piloting the new program to create samples to show teachers at the seminar.

YES Academy & CFS- YES Academy students met for “Taco Tuesday” to share food and camaraderie, and to print their grades for a bimonthly grade check. Students figure their GPA as well. Student grades are monitored by the academy coordinator and academy teachers. If a student’s grade drops below a C, they are required to attend “Homework Club” with their academy teacher. If a student has an “F” grade they are not allowed to attend a field trip. The grade monitoring process was created to motivate students to keep tabs on their assignments and grades.

World Language- This week World Language teachers have been helping with the CELDT testing. This exam is critical to the progress of HHS and the reclassification of our ELL students. Also, our language lab has been moved to room 48. Tidal Electric is now working on completing the necessary wiring for the new location. Four language classrooms have an extra door which opens into the language lab and three other language classrooms are directly across from room 48. We excitedly await the finished product.