Weekly Update

Friday, October 24, 2014

  Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson visited Hueneme High School and shared some great legislation accomplishments with our AP Government classes.

Senator Jackson Visit.1 Senator Jackson Visit Senator Jackson Visit.3 Senator Jackson Visit.2

NJROTC curriculum taught this week:

  • NS1: Online research of Navy Opportunities
  • NS2, 3 & 4: Leadership Essay Writing

Weekly Activities:

  • Precision Drill (Marching)
  • Physical Fitness
  • Uniform Inspection

20 Oct: Color Guard/Armed & Unarmed Drill Team performed at the HHS Awards Ceremony

24 Oct: Sword Detail supported Homecoming Rally

24 Oct: Color Guard and Sword Detail will present colors at the HHS Homecoming Football Game

Upcoming Events:

27 Oct: Color Guard/Armed & Unarmed Drill Teams will perform at the HHS Awards Ceremony

17 Nov: 50 Cadets will visit the Reagan Presidential Library

Annual Title 1 Meeting 

Annual Title 1 Mtg.1 Annual Title 1 Mtg.

The work on the language lab continues. We are excited to see the progress. World Languages continue to help with the CELDT exam.


In European History AP class this week, our students are studying the Age of Enlightenment and 18th Century Thought.  They have also been using the Shmoop website online to assist with their learning.


Multimedia students will present their PowerPoints to the class on a “city” of their choice. MS Office Intro students will be presenting a concept May PowerPoint to the class on a topic of their choice. Both classes will use peer grading and a rubric to get and give feedback on their project prior to presenting to their classmates.

Students Against Animal Cruelty Club: is partnering with S.P.A.R.C. Animal Shelter Showdown, students are getting the community and students to vote on Facebook everyday to help the shelter earn $25,000!  And S.P.A.R.C. is helping Hueneme HS, by sharing our “celebratemydrive.come” contest on their Face Book page to have their friends vote for our contest too, so we can win $100,000! Students are very excited to partner with S.P.A.R.C. and help animals find “Forever” homes in the county!  Also Pacifica and CI High school clubs are working to help S.P.A.R.C. too.


SPED Health classes are finishing up the units on Personal Health and the Nervous System. English is working on a book report. US History has started a project on the US States.


Physical Education continues with cardio exercise (bleacher runs, timed runs),strength training(push ups, sit ups) and agility exercises.


Ninth grade AVID sections are using the AVID Writing Curriculum to write compound -complex sentences for their weekly vocabulary words. Tenth grade sections are practicing writing introductory paragraphs that will “hook” the reader to continue reading an essay.  Junior is continuing with tutor training by Ms. Santamaria and seniors are finalizing majors project and have begun to work on their personal statements for college admissions applications.  AVID Club students will be returning to volunteer October 31st at the Rescue Mission.

The Viking SH classes had a great day on Community Based Instruction (CBI).  They rode the bus to Harley’s Camarillo Bowl where they worked on being a team player, and perfecting their bowling game. Then they split into three groups to sample some local fare at Topper’s Pizza, Wendy’s and a Taqueria. The students worked on ordering and paying for meals, and hanging out with friends and making great memories!

SH Toppers Pizza

Math is using their co-teaching period to better meet the needs of our students through the use of small groups and centers. With word problems, problem solving, and writing being an integral part of common core and the new MVP curriculum, the small groups allow us to better meet the diverse needs of their students. They are able to scaffold instruction and adjust their questioning strategies to meet the needs of a small group of students. Math 1 and Math 2 classes went to the computer lab to create their edmodo and shmoop accounts. Students are now enrolled, by period, and will start CAHSEE test prep online. Math 3 is finalizing the unit Baker’s Choice to maximize business profits.  The students are working collaboratively as they graph the feasible region, to best determine the greatest profit for the recording studio in Rock ‘n’ Rap.

Math class collaborating Math class-Davidson Math class collaborating.1

Math 3 is also working on Solving Linear Systems of Inequalities and Feasible Regions with the Cookies problem, You Are What You Eat. A story about a Mr. Hernandez and his twin daughters. Mr. Hernandez wants to ensure that his daughters are receiving the correct amount of protein and carbohydrates.

Math-Protein Story

ELD Science is working on a jigzaw presentation. Spanish NS-2 along with all other NS-2 classes started working on their analytical essays on Marcelino Pan y Vino. English 101 class visited the English computer Lab and are learning about different website, they also went to the LMC orientation. NS-Spanish 3 class just finished reading “Like Water for Chocolate” and have also started writing and learning about the analytical essay in the class.