Weekly Update

Friday, October 31, 2014


Tenth grade classes are beginning to work on their Life Goals Essay. Senior class has begun to work on completing college applications and writing personal statements in preparation to begin applying to UC/CSU the month of November.  Also, next week the AVID Jr/Sr class will be taking a field trip to USC. Next Friday, all AVID juniors and Seniors and 55 AVID sophomores and freshmen will be going to Oxnard College Youth Conference. With quarter grades being issued,  Ms. Lopez, our AVID counselor will be meeting with those students who are currently earning a D/F grade in any class to review the students contract signed by the student that indicate they will maintain good academic standing all year. She will be placing students on AVID probation with a plan for students to follow in second quarter to improve grades. Parents will be notified as well.

YES Academy and CFS Department

YES Academy students met for “Taco Tuesday” to share food and camaraderie, and to print their grades for a bimonthly grade check.  Students figure their GPA as well.  Student grades are monitored by the academy coordinator and academy teachers.  If a student’s grade drops below a C, they are required to attend “Homework Club” with their academy teacher.  If a student has an “F” grade they are not allowed to attend a field trip.  The academy was created to motivate students to keep tabs on their assignments and grades.

Selected students in the YES Academy (Youth and Education Services) at HHS will hear Sandra Day O’Conner, first woman on the United States Supreme Court, speak at California State University, Channel Islands, Thursday evening, October 30.


Students in Spanish Native Speakers 3 learned about the life of the Mexican people during the time of the Mexican Revolution. Traditions, culture and language of the time and place were studied and discussed as students  read the novel Like Water for Chocolate. As a culmination project, students are now writing an analytical essay that discusses how Mexican families lived during the time of the Mexican Revolution. The writing process is taking about a week and half to complete as teachers are scaffolding every step of the essay: identifying and choosing the correct quotes from the novel, how to completely write sentences for the analysis section, writing the proper introduction and conclusion paragraphs.

English 101- Keeps welcoming new students, we have a class of 29 students.  Students are working on lots of vocabulary, presentations, and using technology.

Holiday Buen and Maria Reveles are currently working on the English Learners Master Plan at the District Office.


Seniors worked on Naviance this week and prepared applications for college. Letter of recommendations request were sent out through emails.


HHS Marching Band & Auxiliary had their second field show competition at Simi Valley High School on Saturday, October 25, 2014. We scored a 44.90 putting us in 6th place in our division and 9th place in the Class 1-A bands.

Scheduled Marching Band performances:

  • Oct. 28 Academic Achievement Awards
  • Oct. 30 Home Game HHS vs. OHS
  • Nov. 8 OHS Field Show Tournament
  • Nov. 15 MHS Battle of the Bands Tournament


Curriculum taught this week:

  • NS1: Intro to NJROTC Leadership
  • NS2, 3 & 4: Effective Communication Styles

Weekly Activities:

  • Precision Drill (Marching)
  • Physical Fitness
  • Uniform Inspection
  • 27 Oct: Color Guard/Armed & Unarmed Drill Team performed at the HHS Awards Ceremony

Upcoming Events:

  • 17 Nov: 50 Cadets will visit the Reagan Presidential Library


Math 1 just finished up their Unit 1 module and is currently working on systems of equations. Math 2 is currently calculating trigonometric ratios, given an acute angle. Math 3 is finishing the Cookies Unit, covering systems of equations and inequalities. Using the skills developed in Cookies, Math 3 students are transitioning to the Meadows or Malls Unit, a more complex linear programming problem. This Unit will cover how to solve systems using matrices. All classes are working on CAHSEE Prep/PSAT/SAT prep.

And in exciting news, a new group has been formed on campus, the Mathletes. Advised by Mrs. Bettencourt, the mathletes meet weekly on Tuesday in room 62 to offer tutoring and work on real world math problems. All students are invited to join.


PE continues daily strength and cardio exercises.


Multimedia students will present their PowerPoints to the class on a “city” of their choice. MS Office Intro students will be presenting a concept May PowerPoint to the class on a topic of their choice. Both classes will use peer grading and using a rubric to get and give feedback on their project prior to presenting to their classmates.


12th (Ehlers): Seniors have finished research in library for research paper and will begin composing controversial issue essay.
11th (Bettencourt):  Juniors are finish their Puritan literature unit and the play The Crucible.  The are going to be doing a project and an essay.
10th (Martinez): SWBAT Analyze complex characters  by participating in a group reading of HOMS, completing a set of comprehension questions and a character chart.

  • Vocabulary Review
  • Mini grammar lesson (simple sentences)
  • Reading of House on Mango Street
  • Character Chart
  • Comprehension Questions
  • Formative Assessments (Vocabulary F.A. and Notebook Check)[Friday]


The language lab in room 48 is nearly complete.  We would like to thank Steve and his crew from Tidel Electric for their work on this project. A few more details and we will be ready to go. The lab will be used by ESL classes and language classes.


Congratulations to Maria Alcaraz and Brighette Ramirez for being named to the Pacific View League Tennis All League Team. We  would also like to congratulate Walter Moody for being name Pacific View League Tennis Coach of the Year.