Weekly Update

Friday, December 5, 2014


Last Wednesday, November 24th approximately 30 AVID students volunteered at Blackstock Junior High School’s Turkey Trot Event.  Our students had the responsibility to encourage the young joggers, runners, and walkers as they circulated around the courses 15 stations.

Our AVID program is being recognized as an AVID Highly Certified Site for the 2014-2015 school year because we have demonstrated exceptional implementation fidelity of the AVID Program Essentials and Data Collections documentation that supports program effectiveness and student progress.


This week Visual Art class has been drawing a landscape that emphasizes linear and atmospheric perspective.

In Illustration we are designing a wing motif.

Our Art Appreciation class has been making a “Leonardo Notebook” including anatomical and portrait works of the Master.

In music, preparation is under way for all performing groups to be in top form for our Winter Concert coming Tuesday, December 16, 2014 @ 7:00 pm in the HHS Cafeteria. Featured groups include Marching Band, Jazz Band, Concert Choir, 6th period Mariachi class, and Mariachi de Mi Tierra.

Music Appreciation is beginning a project to explore Medieval society, culture, art, economics, science, literature and of course music not just in Europe, but Asia, Africa, South America, and North America. Composer focus will be on Hildegard von Bingen, Leonin and Peritin of Notre Dame School Organum, Raimbout, and Vasquez to name a few. Standards goals address musical elements of melodic conture, harmony/counterpoint, and monophonic and early polyphonic texture.


Calorimetry Lab


  • Our Psychology YES Academy students are working on a cross-curricular assignment dealing with a variety of standards.
  • Family and Consumer Science Standards 2,3 and 4
  • National Council of Economic Education teaching standards 13,15
  • National Standards of Business Education-career development and economics
  • National Psychology standards: Motivation


Curriculum taught this week:

  • NS1: Flag Etiquette
  • NS2, 3 & 4: Character Development

Weekly Activities:

  • Precision Drill (Marching)
  • Physical Fitness
  • Uniform Inspection

Upcoming Events:

  • 6 Dec: NJROTC Cadets will participate in the Oxnard Christmas Parade


After reading “The Good Samaritan” by Rene Saldana, Jr, students in ELD 103 are conducting interviews with people who are bilingual.  They are inquiring into the benefits of knowing two languages and how it has helped this person in life.  The responses will be part of a presentation they will make before their classmates.  The presentation will also include a poster of symbols that represent the benefits of being bilingual in America.


Seniors are currently studying Brave New World utilizing ERWC module for the novel.  Junior college prep students are about to complete their reading of “The Crucible” and will be completing a writing assignment comparing the events in the play to those of the McCarthy era of the 1950s, for which the play is an allegory.  AP Language and Composition students are working on argument essays. Freshmen students have began a common core unit on Of Mice and Men.

Hueneme High’s 2014 Fall PVL Athletic Honors

Girls Tennis

  • PVL Coach of the Year: Walter Moody
  • First Team All PVL: Maria Alcaraz, Brigette Ramirez
  • PVL Honorable Mention: Jessie Bautista, Harriet Ferrer, Guadalupe Melgarejo, Jackie Sanchez


  • Second Team Offense All PVL: Angel Perez, Justin Vela
  • Second Team Defense All PVL: Maneko Aupiu, Daniel Solis, Elijah Ward
  • PVL Honorable Mention: Jessie Zuniga

Girls Golf

  • Second Team All PVL: Ashley Gonzales

Boys Water Polo

  • Second Team All PVL: Sam Kim


  • Second Team All PVL: Kate Siron, Amanda VanGelder
  • PVL Honorable Mention: Angelica Reza, Alysia VanGelder

Girls Cross Country

  • Girls’ Runner of the Year: Rosio Villalpando
  • First Team All PVL: Clara Hernandez, Rosio Villalpando
  • Second Team All PVL: Yuritza Alcantar

Boys Cross Country

  • PVL Coach of the Year: Pablo Gallegos
  • First Team All PVL: Alan Ayala, Ricardo Hernandez, JD Martinez
  • Second Team All PVL: Gildardo Baltazar, Luis Villalpando