Weekly Update

Friday, December 19, 2014





ELD students in Lizette Ambriz’s History class are in the process of creating a 1920’s magazine. This is a group project. The magazine consists of creating a cover for the magazine, an advertisement, a political cartoon and a Lifestyle article, a political article, and an interview article all based on the 1920’s era. They will be turning it in the week they return from break.



HHS Pre-Engineering Program Graduates Victor Duran and Cristina Sanchez 


PE continues with strength and cardio training in between bouts of rain.


The last week before winter break has been busy! US history students presented lessons on The 1920’s. Psychology students analyzed various developmental psychology case studies. The HHS Social Science department wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season.


Grade 12:  Students have finished readingBrave New World and are writing essays focusing on the concept of social stability or the role of women in the novel.

Grade 11:  Students have completed study of “The Crucible” and are writing a cross-curricular essay comparing the events and themes of McCarthyism with events or themes in the play.  This is the culminating activity for our study of the play, as well as an initial introduction to research techniques to be examined further with next quarter’s formal research paper.

Grade 10:  Sophomores are reading Antigone and reviewing drama terms.  Learning the concepts of hubris, tragic flaw, and archetypes.

Grade 9:  9th grade is working on finalizing their Of Mice and Men Summative Assessment. They will complete all 4 paragraph responses answering a couple of compare and contrast questions, trade, peer edit, and then submit their final drafts.

They will have a notebook check and vocabulary quiz tomorrow.


Cultural celebrations are the plan for this week. French 2 classes are making crepes.  Delicious! French 3 and 4 are making cooking videos all in French. Then, we will eat French food. Spanish classes are also commemorating the holiday season.


This week our AVID Counselor, Ms. Lopez met with Mr. Zamora’s AVID 2 classes to give them a presentation on how to read their  PSAT Results, reviewed A –G Requirements, and reviewing  transcripts with students. Additionally, she met with those students who had questions regarding their transcripts and credit for summer school, and those that needed adjustments to their schedule  for semester 2. The senior class is finishing up working on their scholarship assignment in the computer lab. Tutors are available at lunch in room 89 for those students that need help with assignments on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Friday.  We are going to be hiring an additional 2 AVID tutors for our Tuesday and Thursday tutorial days to help in our AVID 1 classes to maintain the 7:1 ratio.


Physics student with his Packaged Egg Drop container.


Curriculum taught this week:

*NS1: U.S. Flag History and Etiquette

*NS2, 3 & 4: Medal of Honor Recipients

Weekly Activities:

*Precision Drill (Marching)

*Physical Fitness

*Uniform Inspection

*NJROTC Cadets partnered with the Marine Corps and sponsored a Toys for Tots drive.


Math 1 students are reviewing solving systems of equations. Math 2 students are learning about the volume of 3 dimensional objects. Calculus students in Mrs. Morales’ class were in the computer lab integrating technology with lesson on Sinusoidal Functions.

Ms. Medrano gave important information to all math teachers regarding the data to review the 10th grade Practice CAHSEE scores with students. She created a student handout to better explain the results. Teachers were then able to have test chats to predict future scores. Great job Ms. Medrano!


Ms. Jolly’s English SDC class read the Raven out loud. The student did a great job.