Weekly Update

Friday, January 23, 2015

On Friday January 9, Dr. Kurt Soto of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich Switzerland (ETH Zurich) came to speak to Mrs. Kaikaina’s 5th period Pre-Calculus class.  He shared some of his research regarding galaxy collisions and the stars, gases, and other matter that are created.  Students were able to ask questions and watch a simulation of two galaxies amid collision.  The class had been studying rational functions and were able to see how they apply to large masses colliding due to both gravities pulling on each other.

YES Academy

Students in the YES Academy will begin their “Read to Succeed” Program at Haycox Elementary School.  YES Academy students will visit Haycox once or twice a month to read to students, or students will  read to them.  The program is a win/win for both ages groups: experience working with youth for HHS students and continued development of reading skills for Haycox students!

YES Academy students are tutoring at Parkview Elementary School once a week as part of an internship.

The Little Vikes Child Development Lab School is currently registering youngsters age 3-5 for its school program run by students in  the Teaching and Learning class  in the YES Academy/ECDHS Pathway.





The amazing wall displaying students’ work in Mrs. Olga Hernandez’ SH class.


All classes went over second semester rules, expectations and course objectives. Books were issued to one semester classes.

Our very own Junior, Jose Martinez, decided to start a guitar club this year here at HHS!!  He is the one in the center with the checkered shirt.  He indicated to Mrs. Cuevas (Associate Principal) that the reason he wanted to start this club is to help other students that would be interested in learning to play guitar.  There was a bunch of students in the room with Mr. Moranda, the advisor for this club, just playing and playing their guitars.  There were classical guitars and electric guitars with amplifiers, etc.  Pretty cool stuff.  This is what we like to see: students supporting other students and our teachers supporting them all the way.


9th grade (Lane):  Beginning our new reading/writing unit.

10th grade (McKenna):  Sophomores are working on myths, fables, and Allegory of the Cave.

11th grade (Ehlers):  English 3 students are working on revising essays comparing the events in “The Crucible” to the events of McCarthyism.  We will be reviewing sources to ensure full comprehension of research reading.

AP Language and Composition is completing study of the argument essay.  Students will be comprising an essay this week on environmental regulations and their impact on business and industry.

12th grade (Muro):  Seniors just completed the senior research paper project.

Among the A’s are topics such as divorce’s effect on children, women in combat, gun control, free Speech in the classroom, cell phones, weapon of mass destruction, teenagers and plastic Surgery, violent television programming, and the effect of reality shows.


Science students taking finals!


Our yearlong ELD classes are continuing to meet and work on curriculum; the semester classes are meeting their teachers for the first time and going over course requirements.


It is not often that a freshman has the skill to make it into the band comprised of the best high school musicians in ALL Ventura County. I am talking about the Ventura County Honor Band and freshman Jonah Tuazon. HHS has not had a freshman make the honor band since Rachel Flowers, and coincidentally Jonah plays the flute. A big congratulations to Jonah!!

Michael Petris put a lot of time and effort into his French Horn audition, but did not make the cut; however, in true Michael fashion, he jumped up at the beginning of 0 Period band rehearsal to be the first to announce Jonah’s success. As for himself he said, “There’s always next year. I’m just real happy Jonah got in.”


Curriculum taught this week:

*NS1: Navy Damage Control and Firefighting

*NS2, 3 & 4: Navy Damage Control and Firefighting

Weekly Activities:

*Precision Drill (Marching)

*Physical Fitness

*Uniform Inspection

Upcoming Events:

*3 Feb: 50 Cadets will be attending Damage Control Training in San Diego, CA.

*5 Feb: Haydock Middle School Visit

*5 Feb: Color Guard and Drill Teams will perform at Hueneme’s Open House

*5 Mar: Annual Military Inspection (All Hands Event)

*7 Mar: 55 Cadets will be attending the Annual LAUSD JROTC Military Ball in downtown LA


We are still excited about our language lab and hope to have it finished very soon. We are preparing for AP exams.


Awesome game by both JV and Varsity Girls Water Polo today. JV won 5 to 2 and Varsity won 25 to 10. We won the blue school down the street!! Way to go Ms. Peggy and all the water polo girls!!!