Weekly Update

Friday, February 6, 2015

HHS Showcase at Haydock Middle School

All Academies, Sports, Electives, ASB, and Academic Programs visited Haydock Middle School on Thursday, February 5th.


9th grade (Herrejon):  My freshmen are working on an ERWC unit- Is Lying ok- and will be eventually writing a persuasive essay about it.

10th grade (Martinez):  10th grade is currently reading Night.  Students started this week at the beginning of chapter 2 and will end near chapter 5. Most of their days are structured as follows, with the exception of Friday (CAHSEE Review).


  1. Do Now: Breakdown the Objective
  2. CAHSEE Grammar Review (Mini-Lesson)
  3. Continue reading of Night Chapter 3
  4. Comprehension questions/class discussion
  5. Short response (character development)
  6. Exit Slip

SWBAT Analyze how complex characters develop over the course of a text and develop the theme by continuing their reading of the text, answering comprehension questions and completing a short response answer.

Friday: Students will look at various CAHSEE essay responses and classify/grade them themselves (using the rubric). Students will discuss necessary criteria for a CAHSEE essay response.

11th grade (Ehlers):  English 3 and English 3YES students are revising an essay comparing the events of McCarthyism to the events in “The Crucible.”  This draft is focusing on expressing a full grasp of the play and the nonfiction text concerning McCarthyism and Communism.  Students are also discovering how and when to utilize parenthetical in-text citation.

AP Language and Composition students examined print and television advertisements for rhetorical fallacies.  Students brought in examples to review for a final assessment on rhetorical fallacies.  We have also checked out Grapes of Wrath to read while working on research papers for the next 4 weeks.

12th grade (Ehlers):  ERWC students are working on the module Bring a Text You Like to Class.  Students are analyzing both the text that they have chosen and a scholarly article related to this text.

The department utilized the laptops (COW1) every day this week for SBAC training/practice and other activities.


Curriculum taught this week:

*NS1: Naval Ship Construction

*NS2, 3 & 4: Decision Making Skills

Weekly Activities:

*3 Feb: 50 Cadets will be attending Damage Control Training in San Diego, CA.

*5 Feb: Haydock Middle School Visit

*Precision Drill (Marching)

*Physical Fitness

*Uniform Inspection

Upcoming Events:

*5 Mar: Annual Military Inspection (All Hands Event)

*7 Mar: 55 Cadets will be attending the Annual LAUSD JROTC Military Ball in downtown LA


Haycox Elementary School students read to YES Academy (Youth and Education Services) students and high school students read to the youngsters on Friday, January 23rd. Haycox teachers reported that they  “absolutely love” for YES Academy students to return again for the “Read to Succeed” program, according to Mr. Castaniero, Assistant Principal at Haycox. Dates are arranged for a once or twice a month visit to Haycox to provide high school students an opportunity to observe, and interact with youngsters, in an educational setting while emphasizing literacy development in the younger students.

To meet their community service requirement, about twelve YES Academy students worked with children in the library at Haycox Elementary School while community parents attended a Positive Parenting Program in the cafeteria. Academy students helped set up, distribute supplies and materials, and read to students.  Academy students will help out for the next two Wednesdays in the evening program.


Classroom 21 and P-3 students (Lybrand and Jackson) visited Oxnard College and Ventura College last week.  At Oxnard College students learned about the Education Assistance Center and were able to tour the Catering/Chef program, the Auto Body and Paint program and the Auto Repair program. Students were especially impressed with the pin striping used on car hoods- we have several aspiring artists in our group!  At Ventura College we visited the Education Assistance Center, the Music department and the Nursing department.

Science students finished their Science projects – they worked on these for 6 weeks! 6 projects were entered in the School Science Fair which was geared for Honor students.  Shhh, don’t tell our students!


On Thursday, February 5th, AVID Co –Coordinator Cynthia Lopez along with some AVID students went to Haydock Intermediate School to speak to their 8th graders about the AVID Program at HHS.  Additionally, AVID 9th grade classes had a presentation by Ms. Lopez to review first semester grades and update their four year plan.  Tenth grade sections began a unit on Scholarships with an overview of the types of aid that is available for students.  Also, students will be reading an article “Seven Major Scholarship Scams” to bring aware to scams that involve scholarships.  AVID 11th is begin its Career project and Research Paper, along with an oral presentation.  Additionally, Mr. Julio Cabral, our AVID ELL Teacher  has been appointed for the 2015-2016 academic year as a member of the Development Committee responsible for the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam and Course for the Nation.


Social Science department welcomes our newest teacher, Mrs. Wayne. Mrs. Wayne is teaching Geography, Economics and Government this semester.


PE has started doing team sports and continuing prepping for the PFT.


Students in Science class typing their lab write up using our COWS.


MS Office Advanced– The new computers are here and waiting for cloning! Students will continue to work on MS Excel when the computers are ready to go.

Multimedia – Students will be writing, creating and videotaping a public service announcement of their choice in groups of 3 students.  They will be sharing their PSA with the class, the class will evaluate each project.

Students Against Animal Cruelty Club – Students are working on an education campaign in partnership with Rosie’s Rescue.