Weekly Update

Friday, February 13, 2015

Blackstock Middle School Registration


Grade 9 (Lane): The 9th grade classes are in the beginning stages of writing a persuasive essay. This unit includes reading and annotating several expository articles that share a common theme. The unit also incorporates Cornell notes, several power point presentations, working in small groups, class discussions and identifying and using unfamiliar vocabulary words.

Grade 10 (Muro): English 2H continues to read and discuss Farewell to Manzanar, including on line, non-fiction articles to supplement class discussion. At the same time, we continue to prepare for the CAHSEE and have written a total of 5 practice essays and 1 business letter.

Grade 11 (Bettencourt):  Juniors have been finishing their unit on the American Gothic tradition and are starting an essay.  Juniors have been using the COWs and schmoop.com to prepare for the new state test in April.

Grade 12(Muro): English 4 is reading and mildly acting out Shakespeare’s Macbeth. They are incorporating similar tragic heroes/tragic cases from pop culture into class discussion, such as Oj Simpson, the case of Stephanie Rengel, and Anikan Skywalker.

COWs have been utilized daily  this week for shmoop.com training and for research in the classrooms.


US History classes are learning about WW11 (11.7) and participated in their first writing workshop.

EDCP Presentation at Haydock Junior High

On Thursday, February 5th, along with academies from OHS, 4 Engineering & Design students went to present the Academy to the incoming 8th graders at Haydock Middle School.

Joseph Resendiz and Mariana Gonzalez represented the 10th graders, with projects they created. Pablo Higuera and Peter Guzman, represented the 12th graders, with a robot they programmed. Each student was eloquent in their presentation. According to the Engineering & Design Counselor, Ms. Gomez, “They rocked it!!” (And word has it it was the most exciting presentation of all!)


We are finally in the final stages of the update of the language lab at HHS. The lab is an invaluable help in preparing students for the AP exams and increasing their listening and oral language skills.

The field trip to Santa Barbara to the Palace Grill restaurant for lunch was deliciously successful. In addition to the yummy food, the students received Mardi Gras beads and masks. Laissez les bons temps rouler!!  (Let the good times roll – the Mardi Gras theme)


Our 9th grade classes are in the process of doing a writing assignment where they have to write a letter to themselves in the future, titled “Do I know you…” which  they will get on their graduation day for them to open.  In addition,  to the new vocabulary and AVID Tutorials, Mr. Garrett’s AVID 2 class is doing a “personal license plates” activity. We are using it as a team building activity.  Students have to create their own personal car license plates, and decorate them with things of their interests.  Students have to try to guess who the license plate belongs to, and once they figure it out, they will obviously get to know more about that particular student (or be reminded of their interests).   Additionally, our counselor and AVID Co –Coordinator Ms. Lopez, has been visiting our feeder schools this week (Kamala, E.O. Green, and Blackstock) to speak with our incoming 8th graders about the benefits of the AVID Program.


Curriculum taught this week:

*NS1: National Defense

*NS2, 3 & 4: Making Money/Reading Pay Stubs/Paying Taxes

Weekly Activities:

*NJROTC Unit Yearbook Photo taken

*Precision Drill (Marching)

*Physical Fitness

*Uniform Inspection

Upcoming Events:

*5 Mar: Annual Military Inspection (All Hands Event)

*7 Mar: 55 Cadets will be attending the Annual LAUSD JROTC Military Ball in downtown LA



In mathematics this week, students are learning the real life applications of quadratic functions. In “Rabbit Run” they are maximizing the area for a rabbit pen and for a horse corral. In “Fireworks” they will find the maximum height reached by a firework, as well as find when the firework will reach it’s greatest height, and they will find when the firework casing will land. Finally, in “The Tortoise and the Hare” they will find out if “slow and steady” always wins the race.


Mrs. Corona, Mrs. Bettencourt and Mrs. Morales are introducing Office 365 to the students in their classes.



At our last HHS Basketball game tonight Dr. Ernie Pillado donated a banner to honor our 1979 HHS Baseball Team for their CIF 4A Championship 2nd place finisher!! Once a Viking Always a Viking!!!


Feb 14-15

Migrant Achievement Club hosts Valentine’s Lunch @ Casa Lopez (Ultreras).  12-6p.

Feb 16  NO SCHOOL/President’s Day

Feb 17  Parent Project workshop, Faculty cafeteria (Ultreras).  6-9p.

Feb 18-19  Incoming 9th grade registration.  6-8p.

Feb 18 Annual hearing testing, Career Center (Umholtz).  730a-1p.

Feb 19 Engineering to ITT Tech, Oxnard/tour and lunch (Kadin).  8a-3p.

NAEP Assessment-Grade 12

French Club to Petit Cavfe/Ventura (Matthews).  1045a-2p.


*Spirit Day (SOPHs host): Gender Bender Day!