Weekly Update

Friday, February 20, 2015



Our very own Viking, Joseph Gonzales, is sporting all his wrestling medals. He has been working at this since elementary school. He won two times league champ, 6th in CIF and many, many more tournaments.   Congratulations Joseph!  His goal is to win the southern section wresting championship because he wants to put HHS back on the map!  Joseph, all out Vikings support!!!!  You make us so proud!


-Curriculum taught this week:

*NS1: Navy Ships

*NS2, 3 & 4: Budgeting


-Weekly Activities:

*Precision Drill (Marching)

*Physical Fitness

*Uniform Inspection


-Upcoming Events:

*5 Mar: Annual Military Inspection (All Hands Event)

*7 Mar: 55 Cadets will be attending the Annual LAUSD JROTC Military Ball in downtown LA

*11 Mar: U.S. Army recruiters will speak to the Cadets

*18 Mar: Air National Guard will speak to the Cadets

*8-11 Apr: 25 Cadets will attend Basic Leadership Training at Camp Pendleton

*11 Apr: Color Guard will present colors at Ventura Harbor Yacht Club opening ceremony


Economic students are learning all about personal finance. Students are learning how to calculate tax to buy or lease cars, as well as understanding the differences and pros and cons of leasing a car.

Students have also learned how to reconcile bank accounts. These were a bit challenging for some students, however, they are important for students to know for their lives in the ‘real world’.


AVID ELL Class has been presenting their GIST orally in front of the class. They are simply sharing activity of what they have learned in one of their classes. One requirement is that they must use the white-board and explain. It is nice to see them take the role of the teacher.  HHS will hold an AVID Tutor Training this coming Saturday, February 21st from 8 am to 4pm in room 89.  We currently have 38 participants and the training will be done by Lynn Santamaria and Lupe Zamora.


Our math department is royalty!!! Mr. Zamora and Mrs. Deckrow are our new king and queen!  But Zamora was Mrs. Deckrow’s master teacher while she was completing her student teacher! Mr Zamora, you taught her well your majesty!

Vikings Upcoming Events:

Feb 23

The Marines host Tent/table/pull-up bar/Hummer vehicle in the quad (Creager). Lunchtime.


Parent Project workshop, Faculty cafeteria (Ultreras).  6-9p.

Feb 24 or Feb 25:

Environmental Science to Reyes  Creek (Engelmann/Newman).  8a-3p.


ELAC parent meeting, HHS Library (Ultreras).  6p.


*Spirit Day (SOPHs host): Black is the New Black!