Weekly Update

Friday, March 6, 2015


Yesterday our NJROTC program had their annual inspection and it was an AWESOME event! Chief Hayes and Commander Masi’s attention to detail and precision was clearly reflected in our students performance during the inspection. Kudos to our quiet heroes that consistently offer their dedication and service to our school and our kids. Keep up the great work guys. Everyone please encourage our kids to participate because the lifelong lessons that our students will learn from our leaders and the NJROTC program will help them gain immeasurable success throughout their lives. We really appreciate your steadfast dedication and service.

LegiSchool Essay Winners

Congratulations to Goretti Alvarez and Ivan Vera for being selected as 2 of the state winners of the LegiSchool essay contest on Climate Change. We want to take the opportunity to highlight the two teachers who pushed their kids to complete the essay and they are Mr. Ehlers who Mrs. Herrejon. By the way, last night it was a packed house a HHS thanks to Mr. Ehlers hosting Knowledge bowl with close to 30 high schools. It is always an exciting time at HHS and great things are happening!

Thank you Mr. Ehlers and Mrs. Herrejon.


Multimedia – we are using new computers Window’s 8, Adobe in the cloud!  Students are learning Premiere Pro and creating a public service announcement in groups of two.

MS Office– Will be working on Excel Charting, and finishing up there presentations on Net Neutrality.


Freshmen AVID classes are begin the Mandala project which is a foundational piece of writing, which serves many purposes: to better acquaint students with one another; to engage students in reflective thinking and writing; to develop students’ abilities to write descriptively and personally; to develop students’ abilities to navigate the writing process. This assignment has the added benefit of having a visual/symbolic component which enhances students’ abilities to think beyond the literal level. Sophomore sections submitted their Character Analysis essays and are preparing for the high school exit exam with test prep review.  Juniors are preparing to take the SAT exam with review of SAT testing Strategies.  Seniors are updating their college data sheets with admissions information from the college they have received letters of acceptance.

Mock Trial 2015

MVP Award

Angel Fajardo


PE started our California state fitness tests this week with the mile run.


Students created a graphic organizer to summarize the methods to solve quadratic equations (IMP 3 Fireworks unit). In their collaborative groups, they discussed and practiced the different methodologies in preparation for their Group formative Assessment and Unit Performance Task.  ​


9th Grade (Schwartzburd):  We have just finished the ERWC unit on “Lying”. Students also learned (hopefully!) how to identify the author’s position, find evidence/examples to support author’s position, and the author’s purpose for writing.  Students then learned how to take the above information and turn it into a well written summary incorporating TAG (title, author, genre).  The unit ended with students writing a persuasive essay, and learning how to write a counter argument.  

10th Grade (Newman): This week the sophomores worked on techniques for answering questions from reading passages and on writing narrative essays.  We also had SAT vocabulary and sentence correction.

11th Grade (Ehlers):  AP Language and Composition students have completed their research papers.  Next up is a synthesis essay based on their study of The Grapes of WrathEnglish 3 students have finished a unit on Gothic literature and will be heading to the library next week to begin their research papers.

12th Grade (Ehlers):  ERWC seniors are in the middle of a module on Juvenile Justice.  Next week they will be beginning the culminating project for this unit.​


Students are applying different stresses to systems at equilibrium to see the directional shift which changes the pH and the color of the solution.


Ms. Soliz’s class just finished 21st century and is now starting the Health portion of the class. They began by learning about the mind and personal health.  Hers students are engaged and are open to discussion!

HHS Winners of the Kelly Engineering Resources Grant

Hueneme High School – Oxnard, CA Physics, English, and Design teachers are bringing learning to life through the Rollercoaster Project. Students are currently working on scale rollercoaster models. The funding will allow the collection of real-world, live data about roller coasters to apply the students’ learning experiences to real world outcomes.


This week Mrs. Dempsey’s Biology built DNA models. First, they made small individual models out of red vines and marshmallows. Then they worked together as a class to make one large model out of balloons (pictured below). The students worked together and demonstrated their knowledge of the double helix!


Juniors in US history are learning about Shigeru Yabu’s experience living in the Heart Mountain Relocation Center in Wyoming. Students are reading excerpts from his book A Boy of Heart Mountain to prepare for his visit to Hueneme High School!


Come see Mrs Burkhart in room 16 to sign up and be part of the  Academy for Engineering  and Design.

You should join this academy because…

  • It’s fun
  • Get to be creative
  • You become a family
  • You get mrs
  • You work as a group
  • You get prepared to be successful in other classes
  • It builds competition
  • You get to go in field trips
  • And you get great teachers, including Mrs. Burkhart.


The World Language department is excited to have the language lab up and running. In addition, we have the cow laptops to use in the lab. French classes are exploring, via the internet,  French speaking countries world wide. There are 25 countries just in Africa where French is the official language. Spanish and ESL classes also use our new lab.

 French 3 and 4AP students went to the Getty museum to view paintings by the French impressionist painters. What an amazing experience!

SPED field trip to Descanso Gardens in La Canada

Our Faculty gets recognized

Mr. Chapman earned the title of ELL Teacher of the Year. He wanted us to include Ms. Quintanilla in the picture because she is the paraprofessional in his classroom and he believes she is doing a phenomenal job with our students and will make a great teacher in the near future.

Mr. Cabral was recognized at our last meeting for being nominated to be a member of the National AP testing committee.

Athletic Highlights

  • Please congratulate JV and Varsity volleyball students and their respective coaches Kim Machnic and William Peni!  Both JV and Varsity won against Foothill High!  Vikings… Congratulations!!! You make us so proud!
  • YES academy student and Varsity Wrestler Joseph Gonzalez qualified for CIF Masters Wrestling!

Upcoming Viking Activities:

Mar 7

College “Making It Happen,” CSUCI.  8a-1p.

Girls Water Polo concessions, HHS pool (Trude).  9a-630p.

Mar 8

Track @ Moorpark HS.  9a.

Varsity Baseball @ So Cal Invitational.  11a.

JV Baseball @ So Cal Invitational.  230p.

Boys Basketball banquet, HHS gym.  530-7p.

Mar 9  NO SCHOOL/Professional Development

Mar 10

Sophomore Class hosts Toppers Pizza  Night/Saviers Road (Buen).  5-9p.

Mar 11

ICC/Advisors meeting, ASB room.  1240p.

Wrestling banquet/awards, HHS cafeteria (Coach Ralph/Tiloi/Danny). 5-9p.

Parent Project workshop, Faculty cafeteria (Ultreras).  6-9p.

Mar 14