Weekly Update

Friday, March 13, 2015

Thank you Mr. Engel for making our school more beautiful!  YES Academy, continue educating  our students to become productive members of society while servicing our younger children and their families!


This week all US History classes practiced the SBAC testing procedure on the COWS. In addition, the department continues to help register students for the next school year.


We beat Santa Paula to win two tonight, taking our overall record to 3-5 heading into next week’s final night of competition. The kids began the night with a very competitive match against probable champion Oxnard.  We were leading at the half, but seemed to get beat to the buzzer more often than not in the second half.

Our next two matches were very lopsided victories over Santa Paula and an Oaks Christian team that, in all fairness, is new to the competition this year. We ended the night exhausted with  resounding defeat at the hands of Thousand Oaks. Victor Duran, once again, powered the team and proved that he is one of the top kids in the competition.

The final competition will take place next Wednesday at 6 PM at Camarillo High.  If you have some time that night, the kids would love to see their favorite teachers, administrators, and HHS staff.  We compete against rivals CIHS next week in one of our final rounds.


Math 1 students are developing an understanding of functions and function notation by using foldables and online videos.

Math 2 students are preparing for the CAHSEE exam by covering released test questions and examining multiple choice options. Math 2 students are also studying quadratic functions written in factored form.

Math 3 (Morales, Bettencourt & Callis) – Students solved the IMP 3, Fireworks unit problem.  The central problem of this unit involves sending up a rocket to create a fireworks display. The rocket’s trajectory is a parabola. This unit has a focus on quadratic expressions, equations, and functions.  Students see that they can use algebra to find the vertex of the graph of a quadratic function by writing the quadratic expression in a particular form. This unit deepens students’ knowledge of graphing, forging a connection between graphs of functions and solutions of equations.


PE continues Fitness testing and cardio/strength training.


Multimedia – we are using new computers Window’s 8, Adobe in the cloud!  Students are learning Premiere Pro and creating a public service announcement in groups of two.

MS Office– Will be working on Excel Charting and formatting charts into PowerPoint and Word.


-Curriculum taught this week:

*NS1: Navy Customs

*NS2, 3 & 4: Navy Customs


-Weekly Activities:

*Precision Drill (Marching)

*Physical Fitness

*Uniform Inspection

*5 Mar: Annual Military Inspection (All Hands Event)

*7 Mar: 55 Cadets will be attending the Annual LAUSD JROTC                 Military Ball in downtown LA


On Thursday, Commander Martin Meyers of the Oxnard Police Department was a guest speaker in our AVID 1 classes (Gallegos and Soliz) and AVID 2 class (Garrett).  Students were give guest speaker handouts of questions to Commander Meyer. Additionally, Commander Myers has completed his Master’s degree and credential course work at Cal Lutheran. Here is a link to Commander Meyers bio for students to reference (https://www.oxnardpd.org/bureaus/fieldservices.asp).  Also, ACT PLAN and Explore test materials have arrive.  We will be testing our 9th and 10th grade AVID students the week they return from Spring Break. These test give a small feel of what the ACT and give students areas to focus on for the upcoming academic year.  Also, our AVID 2 classes have been reviewing for the CAHSEE this week.


Students used the COWs to create PowerPoint presentations about the oceanography unit then presented to an audience of peers. Their peers took notes and some of it will be on the next quiz.


March Madness Day 2: Team 7 vs Team 1. Team VICTORIOUS: Kobe, Adrian, Baldemar, and Oscar!


Mar 13

ASB to Hueneme Beach/Yearbook photos (Buen).  Periods 3-6.

Jamba Juice fundraiser, hosted by Oceanography (Sell).  After school.

Mar 14

FR Baseball vs Foothill Tech, HHS field.  11a.

JV Baseball @ So Cal Invitational.  TBA

Mar 16

*Spirit Day (SOPHs host):  Red/White/Blue!

Yearbook to Hueneme Beach/Yearbook photos (Hawkins). Per 3-6.

Academic Awards Ceremony, HHS gym (Monroe).  6-8p.

Mar 17-18  CAHSEE: Grad 10/Non-grads

Mar 17

*Spirit Day (SOPHs host): Wear Green!

Herff-Jones/Cap and Gown Sales, ASB room (Buen).  Lunchtime.

Baseball vs CIHS.  JV/VAR 315p.

JV Baseball @ CIHS.  315p.

Softball @ CIHS. JV/Var 330p.

Mar 18

*Spirit Day (SRs host): Animal Day!

Softball vs Santa Barbara HS. JV/Var 330p.

Parent Project workshop, Faculty cafeteria (Ultreras).  6-9p.


Track vs RMHS.  3p.

Softball vs CIHS. JV/Var 330p.

Migrant Program parent meeting, HHS Library (Ultreras).

Mar 20

*Spirit Day (SOPHs host): Athlete Day!

Spanish Ns5AP to Toyon Bay/Catalina Island.  Return March 22.

Baseball @ CIHS.  FR/Var 315p.

JV Baseball vs CIHS.  315p.

Softball vs CIHS.  330p.

Mar 21

Migrant Speech and Debate Tournament, Pacifica HS (Ultreras). 8a-430p.