Weekly Update

Friday, March 20, 2015

Check out our 10th graders after CAHSEE Testing!!  They got big stick popsicles because they had amazing attendance and focused on their test. They completed all test sections as demonstrated by their CAHSEE Trackers. On Tuesday we had 6 students absent out of the entire 10th grade class and on Wednesday we had 8 students absent!  Our current 10th grade class has 608 students.

The target was 100% attendance!  Minimum attendance required for CAHSEE was 95%. We reached 99% attendance on day 1 and 98.7% on day 2.

Congratulations to our 10th grade class.  You make us so proud!  Please continue coming to school each and every day.  9, 11 and 12th graders you too show your school spirt and dedication and come to school every day.


12th (Ehlers):  ERWC students recently completed a module on juvenile justice, culminating with an essay on whether convicted juvenile offenders should ever receive a life sentence. On Monday, we will be beginning a new module on Language, Race, and Gender issues.

11th (Ehlers):  English 3 students are in the middle of the research paper process.  They have completed their two weeks of research in the library and will begin composing their rough drafts on Monday.  AP Language and Composition students have begun working on synthesis essays, composing their initial synthesis essay on the topic of whether the free market economy corrodes moral character.  One of the sources for this activity is The Grapes of Wrath, which they recently read.

10th (Martinez):  SWBAT organize complex ideas and concepts by choosing evidence that strengthens their logos argument.

  • Do Now
  • Vocabulary Practice
  • Format Notes
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Exit Slip

9th (Martinez):  SWBAT introduce the topic of an explanatory text by breaking down the prompt and annotating the document for evidence.


In ESL 10, students are writing a 6 sentence paragraph using the powerwriting method. Students are also using several computer programs, like Edmodo, Remind, Shmood and others. All of the students have an email account and having been composing and sending e-mails. The 35 students  have worked phenomenally on the computers/laptops. Spanish NS2 students are writing a comparison and contrast essay.

Precalculus students constructed the Unit Circle Paper Plates so that they can use this representation in order to evaluate exact trigonometric functions, develop the patterns of the unit circle and make necessary connections to the foundation concepts. ​


Students performed an ocean current experiment by mixing hot and cold water to see how currents work.


AVID seniors began receive admissions letters from UC schools yesterday.  Our juniors are researching a careers project in the library with a presentation to follow once all the research is complete.  AVID sophomores this week completed the CAHSEE and will end the week with team building activities. Our 9th grade students will be working on the Ideal College Student assignment this week and the early part of next week. Also, a guest speaker from the sherriff’s department will visit the classes on Friday.


  • Concert Band will be in marching band mode to play the National Anthem a crowd favorite called “The Horse” at the Little League Season Opener at Bubbling Springs Park on Saturday, 3/21.
  • March 16-23 is the Butter Braid fundraiser to raise money to purchase our field show for next year’s marching band field show tournament season.
  • Jazz Band will play for the WASC meet and greet on Sunday, 3/22.
  • Music Appreciation has started studying the music and events of the Classical Era c. 1750-1825
  • Choir is learning to sign a variety of pop favorites choir style. Some choir students are also participating in the spring musical “Little Shop of Horrors.”
  • Mariachi de Mi Tierra is looking forward to playing the Malibu Boys & Girls club on May 3 to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.


Juniors worked on SBAC testing practice this week. The students used the district issued laptops.

Sophomores spent two days this week taking the CAHSEE.


We have four new and improved water filtration bottle fillers.  The filter system is a Haws 5 micron in line water filter.  Everyone can now enjoy an improved taste in four of our water fountains! You can drink from the water faucet and fill your water bottles.


Preparing for WASC visit and continuing our physical fitness testing along with maintaining our fitness activities.


-Curriculum taught this week:

*NS1: Navy Mishaps

*NS2, 3 & 4: Navy Mishaps


-Weekly Activities:

*Precision Drill (Marching)

*Physical Fitness

*Uniform Inspection

*19 Mar: 15 Cadets volunteered for Hurdle Crew for home Track Meet


-Upcoming Events:

*25 Mar: Air National Guard will speak to the Cadets

*26 Mar: 15 Cadets volunteered for Hurdle Crew for home Track Meet

*8-11 Apr: 25 Cadets will attend Basic Leadership Training at Camp Pendleton

*11 Apr: Color Guard will present colors at Ventura Harbor Yacht Club opening ceremony


Pre-Calculus students continue to practice for the common core mathematics assessment, in the Math Lab and with the Computers on Wheels!   The students are gaining insight on the concepts that they’ll be assessed on thanks to the practice tests found in Shmoop. Sophomore classes focused on CAHSEE prep.

Math 1 classes are finishing up their unit on functions.


Mar 20

*Spirit Day (SOPHs host): ATHLETE DAY!

Spanish Ns5AP to Toyon Bay/Catalina Island.  Return March 22.

Baseball @ CIHS.  FR/Var 315p.

JV Baseball/Softball vs CIHS.  315p.

Boys Volleyball vs ACHS. So-Fr 4p / JV 5p / VAR 630p.

Mar 21

Migrant Speech and Debate Tournament, Pacifica HS (Ultreras). 8a-430p.

Track @ Malibu Invitational/Malibu HS.

Mar 23

Boys Volleyball @ Carpinteria HS. JV 5p / VAR 630p.

School Site Council, Faculty cafeteria (Ultreras).  545p.

Mar 24

Baseball vs PHS.  Fr/VAR 315p.

JV Baseball/Softball @ PHS.  330p.

Boys Golf vs OHS.  2p.

Boys Tennis vs RMHS.  230p.

Mar 25

Annual hearing testing, Career Center (Umholtz).  730a-1p.

Softball @ Carpinteria.  330p.

Parent Project workshop, Faculty cafeteria (Ultreras).  6-9p.


Engineering Academy to Magic Mountain (Robnett/Burkhart/Kadin).  8a-8p.

Boys Tennis @ PHS.  230p.

Track vs CIHS.  3p.

Boys Volleyball @ PHS.  So-Fr 4p / JV 5p / VAR 630p.


30th Annual Student Career Fair, Oxnard Performing Arts Center (Kadin).  8-1030a.

Baseball @ PHS.  Fr/VAR 315p.

Oceanography to Anacapa Island (Sell/Jolly).  8a-530p.

JV Baseball/Softball vs PHS.  315p.

Swimming vs OHS.  3p.

Sadie’s Dance, HHS gym (Buen).  7-10p.