Weekly Update

Friday, March 27, 2015


The WASC Meet & Greet was an outstanding kick-off to our week’s events. Thank you NJROTC, Mariachi, HHS Band, ASB, HHS Cheerleaders and our Folklorico Dance Team!


Many classes practiced using the COWS this week. Our AP psychology students used them to work on and complete their 3rd quarter online research project and PowerPoint presentation.

YES Academy

Erika Fernandez speaking to our YES academy students and Mr. Engleman’s 2nd period. A VERY inspirational speaker as a former HHS student and full ride scholarship to Stanford, among many other amazing things.


In my Spanish 1 class, students just finished the unit on the City.  Students worked collaboratively in groups to build and label different stores, road signs. They were asked oral questions on the different stores.  They did some excellent projects!!. Spanish 3, we just completed the unit on Food.  We had a Cultural Day Experience, they brought food in to share with their peers, presented their videos on how to prepare their food in Spanish.  We have started the unit on clothing, and they will prepare a Fashion Show!!

NS-2 students are working on their maps of the states and capitals of Mexico.  They are also working on preparing a presentation of their state and a written report.  Their map will be done as a group assignment.

NS-3 students are working on South America.  They will be presenting a country they have been given, they will be using the COWS to search for information that they will present and complete a report.


Students in our AVID 1 had a guest speaker, Ventura County Deputy Sheriff, Guillermo Cazares. He spoke to the importance of students staying in school and preparing themselves for college. AVID 2 students began working doing writing prompts that reflect those that will be seen on the SAT.  Students were able to use the SAT Writing Rubric to grade peers essay in writing groups.  The goal is for students to receive a peer grade and improve their essay scores on the next writing prompt. AVID juniors are preparing their careers powerpoint and presentations.   AVID seniors will be given the opportunity to apply for the HHS AVID Scholarship for the first time this year. We have an anonymous donor to our program that has made the scholarship opportunity possible for our AVID seniors.


Physics students measuring a vertical angle as part of an indirect measurement lab.


In the Common Core 1A class we have been learning the vocabulary of geometry; regular and irregular polygons, perimeters, areas, and angles. We have also been exploring units of measure; inches, feet, yards, centimeters, meters, and some simple conversions.

12th Grade SDC ELA –

Curriculum taught this week:

*Frankenstein Chapters 15 – 17 with audio support

Weekly Activities:

*Active Reading Log comparing the Creature and Adam

*Portrait of the Creatures ideal companion

*Comprehension questions for Chapter 15/16/17

Upcoming Activities:

*Finish Frankenstein

*Crime scene diagrams of the Creatures victims

*Complete plot chart

*Frankenstein Essay

PHYSICAL EDUCATION – continues with Fitness Testing.


Grade 9 (Lane):  9th grade classes continue to read “Romeo and Juliet.”  We are focusing on symbolism, imagery, and relationships between the characters.

Grade 10 (Newman):  English 2  – SAT Vocabulary, short story (POV), Grammar and Punctuation

Grade 11 (Newman):  English 3 –  SAT Vocabulary, Great Gatsby, Grammar and Punctuation

Grade 12 (Gomez-Font):  Chicano Lit.-Students are working on an ERWC college writing unit.  Students are reading five articles with different points of view in regards to the question of who is to blame for America’s obesity problem.  Students are working in groups to annotate the articles, analyze them for rhetorical devices such as pathos, logos, ethos, and look at the reasons each author gives for their p.o.v. on the topic.  Students will finish the unit by writing an essay stating their own belief on who is to blame.  They will cite from the readings and use personal experience to justify their claim.


Curriculum taught this week:

*NS1: Survival

*NS2, 3 & 4: Home Buying

Weekly Activities:

*Precision Drill (Marching)

*Physical Fitness

*Uniform Inspection

*22 Mar: Presented Colors for the WASC Kickoff

*26 Mar: 15 Cadets volunteered for Hurdle Crew for home Track Meet

Upcoming Events:

*8-11 Apr: 35 Cadets will attend Basic Leadership Training at Camp Pendleton

*11 Apr: Color Guard will present colors at Ventura Harbor Yacht Club opening ceremony

*16 Apr: 50 Cadets will visit the USS Midway in San Diego, CA


Our Soph/Frosh baseball team beat cross town rival Channel Islands for their first win of the year. If you have any of these kids in your class, please congratulate them. They worked hard for this one.


Mar 26-27 Slushie sales, hosted by SOPH class, HHS quad (Buen).  After school.


Engineering Academy to Magic Mountain (Robnett).  8a-8p.

Hip Hop Mindset dancers @ lunch (Buen).  HHS quad.

Boys Tennis @ PHS.  230p.

Track vs CIHS.  3p.

Boys Volleyball @ PHS.  So-Fr 4p / JV 5p / VAR 630p.

Migrant Program parent meeting (Ultreras).  6-7p.


Krispy Kreme Donuts, hosted by MeCha (Muro).

30th Annual Student Career Fair, Oxnard

Performing Arts Center (Kadin).  8-1030a.

Baseball @ PHS.  Fr/VAR 315p.

Oceanography to Anacapa Island (Sell/Jolly).  8a-530p.

JV Baseball/Softball vs PHS.  315p.

Swimming vs OHS.  3p.

Mar 28

Track @ Citrus Valley Relays/Santa Paula Union HS. 9a.



FR Baseball vs St Bonaventure.  315p.

Mar 30-Apr 1

FR Baseball @ Santa Paula Union HS Tournament

Apr 1

Parent Project workshop, Faculty cafeteria (Ultreras).  6-9p.

Track @ PHS.  3p.

Apr 4

Track @ RMHS.  9a.