Weekly Update

Friday, May 1, 2015

On April 28 three of our HHS students. participated in the Pre-Engineering Program at the NAVSEA Warfare Centers.

The bi-annual program is designed to provide high school students with common math and engineering applications used by Port Hueneme  engineers on a daily basis. Over the course of 3 months our students met once a week and engaged on hands-on learning activities and first hand how a career in engineering can be rewarding.  Congratulations to Cheril Mota, Daniel Ortiz and Albert Perez for their successful completion of this OUHSD/NAVSEA program.

At the annual district student art exhibit our own senior  Neena  Sanchez took 1st place  in painting category. Please congratulate her.  She is an outstanding artist and wonderful student.


Students in AP Geography, AP European History, AP United States History, AP Economics, AP Government and AP Psychology are reviewing for the upcoming AP exams.


PE is starting our new sports units.


9th Grade (Schwartzburd):  English 1 students are finishing up an essay with peer editing today, and will start To Kill a Mockingbird on Monday.

10th Grade (Muro):  English 2H is working on their choice of one of 3 essay topics in regards to Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar.” They can choose to determine who the true protagonist is, or they can choose to write their views on how the play defines honor, loyalty, and nobility; they can also choose to research a real life assassination, and write an essay where they examine motive/ anticipated outcome, actual outcome, and impact on history.

11th Grade (All):   Juniors are either beginning or completing the CAASPP.  This process is taking longer than anticipated so teachers are being flexible in lesson and unit plans at this point.

12th Grade (Muro):  Seniors are reading Their Eyes were Watching God and debating on topics such as the role of physical appearance in love, the importance of freedom in love, and if love is worth sacrificing it “all” for. They will end the semester with a final essay.


Senior students in the Teaching & Learning class are presenting their lesson plans in the YES Academy Lab School.  The lessons cover multiple curriculum areas: literacy development, music & movement, art, and science.  Soon students will make group presentations on a philosophy of education followed by five paragraph essay of their own philosophy.

Juniors in the academy are working on a research and writing project where they are required to create a journal that addresses an assigned birth defect or risk factor, along with month-by-month entries for their baby’s prenatal development, changes in the mother, and necessary pre-natal care.  Students use their textbook and selected websites as resources to imbed factual information and pictures in journal entries that are written from a first person perspective and incorporates vocabulary from the unit.

Students also continue to visit Haycox Elementary school where they read to classes and/or individual students and serve as pen pals; and Parkview Elementary school where they tutor individual students.

Last, as part of the community service requirement for academy students, some students will participate in a “Kids Mini Carnival” at the Preuter Library on May 9th, while others provide homework help at the library or at Haycox Elementary School.


All AVID sections will be doing the AVID write off this week. AVID freshmen have been doing reading and writing activities with lesson provided for the write off in preparation to do the write off this week. AVID sophomores are working on the Kodak project.  AVID juniors are continuing to prepare for the SAT. AVID Seniors are narrowing down their choice for college admissions and are working on  completing the AVID Senior Data.  AVID students have been doing a fundraiser all month to earn money for field trips for the following school year.


-Curriculum taught this week:

*NS1: Battalion Competition Preparations

*NS2, 3 & 4: Battalion Competition Preparations


-Weekly Activities:

*Precision Drill (Marching)

*Physical Fitness

*Uniform Inspection


-Upcoming Events:

*5-8 May: CDR Masi will be attending NJROTC In-Service Training in San Diego

*11-22 May: NJROTC Battalion Competition

*16-17 May: 30 Cadets will support the Oxnard Strawberry Festival

*21 May: NJROTC End of Year Awards Ceremony & Change of Command

*28 May: 15 Cadets will support the Senior Awards Night


May 1

Track @ Ventura County Championships/Moorpark HS.  2p

Swimming @ RMHS.  3p.

Baseball vs CIHS.  Fr/Var 315p.

JV Baseball/Softball @ CIHS.  330p.

Senior Movie Night, HHS gym (Buen).  7-9p.

May 2

SAT/Subject tests

Health Fair, hosted by OUHSD, HHS quad.  11a-2p.

May 3

Mariachi @ Juan Cabrillo Elementary, Malibu (Norwood).  11a-3p.