Weekly Update

Friday, May 8, 2015

Health Fair at HHS

I want to thank you for allowing us host our Health Fair this past Saturday at HHS.  We had 320 participants with the majority being from HHS (aprox. 230).  Clara thank you so much for contacting ASB/Floklorico/Mariachi to participate at the event.  ASB students were lovely and helpful and even participated in the ZUMBA classes!  Floklorico/Mariachi were a big highlight to our families and the atmosphere.


Once again – THANK YOU very much for your support.


US History students are working on a writing assignment based on American themes and current events. The assignment is based on the common core and ELD standards of writing, reading and listening.

8 HHS students attended the Raza Youth Conference held by CSUCI MEChA on Saturday. Students learned about culture, politics, history and art. Many thanks to MEChA De CSUCI and to the VISTA Bus transit system for waiving the bus fare. Go Vikings!


Semester 2 has been busy for our Spanish Native Speakers 3 students as well as for our Spanish Native Speakers 5AP.

Spanish NS3: We started the semester with Drama. Students read the play, The House of Bernarda Alba,  learning about Spanish traditions and the concept of matriarchal oppression in the family. We concluded our unit by acting a few scenes from the play. Students got into groups to memorize and present their part in full costumes to the rest of the classmates. Our classroom was converted into the living room of La casa de Bernarda Alba. We’ve got magnificent talent at HHS.

Now that the semester is winding down, NS3 students are writing their short stories and illustrating their books which will be presented to more than 1,400 K-3 students from Hueneme Elementary and Oxnard Elementary. This year we are celebrating our 9th Annual Children’s Literary Fair in the baseball field at Hueneme High. We hope representatives from our district office are able to come and to be amazed by what our students are able to give back to our community. There will be close to 600 HHS students participating this year; from Spanish NS2, NS3, NS4AP, NS5AP, French 4AP, Spanish 3, and students from the Science Department.

Spanish NS5AP: At this time of year my students find themselves dreaming of Spanish Literature. The AP Spanish Literature exam is very difficult and we have been reading, writing and holding great discussions in class. We started from zero and now, most of them are reading texts from the Middle Ages to the most contemporary pieces and are questioning and reasoning just like an adult. This year, I was able to take my AP students to a 3-day camp at the Catalina Island Marine Institute. This opportunity not only served as career exploration, but our main objective was to read texts from conquistadores as well as texts from the indigenous people who survived the arrival of Christopher Columbus and Hernan Cortes. We studied chronicles, letters and poems as well as the different perspectives a text can be narrated from. Overall, I’m predicting another great year of AP Spanish Literature scores. 

Math 1: Students are studying proofs on triangle congruence and starting geometric constructions.

Math 2: Students are finishing up the unit on Quadratic Functions. Students can demonstrate how to solve quadratics by factoring, completing the square, and using the quadratic formula. (See Picture).

Math 3: Students are developing the concept of instantaneous rate of change using the context of a bundle of firefighting equipment being dropped from a helicopter. The students are trying to determine if the equipment will survive a fall of 400 feet–the bundle can only sustain a speed at impact of 165 feet/second.


PE has started our new team sports units: soccer, pillow polo, paddle tennis and lacrosse along with wt. training.


9th grade (Moody):  Working on  “The Danger of Stereotypes.” Student read and discussed an article entitled “This is What Happened when I drove my Mercedes to Pick up Food Stamps.” Students then applied their knowledge and  findings by completing a Literary Tool Box. Students also completed a Marzano Vocabulary Worksheet with new vocabulary.

10th grade (Newman):  Students are currently reading and discussing the novel Night.

11th grade (Herrejon):  We are working on the three types of essays that students will be writing on the AP exam next week. We are going over strategies for each essay, discussing them, taking notes, and creating posters in groups (doing that tomorrow).

12th grade (Gomez-Font):  Chicano Literature: Students just completed a Family Stories Project.  Students interviewed family member and wrote a collect of stories of their family. The project included stories of how their parents met, their parents’ first jobs, stories of what life was like when their grandparents were growing up, etc.  Students also included captioned pictures of their family.  This was in preparation to read Rain of Gold, a novel about the lives of the  author’s parents.


Students are engineering home made batteries.


This week and next week we have quite a few of our AVID students taking AP Exams in the following subjects: Chemistry, Environmental Science, Psychology, English Literature and Composition, Physics, Spanish Language and Culture, US History, European History, Spanish Literature and Culture, and  English Language and Composition.  We wish them the best on their exams!  Seniors are in the process of finalize their senior data information that needs to be submitted to AVID Center.   Last week, all AVID sections complete the write –off and now teachers are finalizing their top essay per grade level teams to submit to the district director.  Winners will go on to the district level competition. Also, juniors are doing last minute reviewing and preparation for those that will be taking the SAT in June.


Developmental Psychology students are completing a research project that addresses CTE pathway standards and common core ELA/ELL standards.  Students are writing a “Month-by-Month” journal for each month of pregnancy that covers changes in an embryo and fetus; changes to the mother; and necessary prenatal care. In addition, student must research a given risk factor and/or birth defect and incorporate the research in their journal in the appropriate time period.  Pictures to illustrate development are imbedded in the journal.  The journal ends with the “Birth” process and information about the “Newborn”.

In the Teaching and Learning class, partners continue to teach activities in their written lesson plans to students who attend “Little Vikes”.  (This year’s emphasis is on literacy and language development). Students gain experience in organizing a presentation; speaking in front of others; working as part of a team to run an organization; and motivating others.

To complete required community service hours, some YES Academy students are volunteering to help with a “Kids Mini-Carnival” at the Preuter Library on Saturday, May 9.  Others are providing homework help after school at Haycox Elementary School.



AP:  Spanish Language and Culture.  8a.

Music @ lunch/Prom Promo! (Buen)

Kona Ice truck, hosted by Sophomore class (Buen).  After school.

Swimming League Finals @ HHS. 3p.  Concessions hosted by HHS swim team.

ELAC parent meeting, HHS Library (Ultreras).  6p


AP:  United States History.  8a.

AP:  European History.  12p.

Blood Drive, Girls Activity Room (Buen).  7a-3p.

Baseball @ RMHS.  JV/Var 315p.

JV Baseball/Softball vs RMHS.  330p.

Track League Finals @ RMHS.  3p.

Community dinner/dance, hosted by Band Boosters, HHS Cafeteria.  (Norwood).  5-10p.

May 9

Migrant Achievement Club hosts Mother’s Day @ Casa Lopez (Ultreras).  2-6p.

PROM, hosted by Class of 2016, “Once Upon a Time,” Ventura Four Points Sheraton.  Doors open @ 6p.

May 10

Migrant Achievement Club hosts Mother’s Day @ Casa Lopez (Ultreras).  4-8p.

May 11

School Site Council, Faculty cafeteria (Ultreras).  545p.

May 12-13 

CAHSEE: JRs/SRs/Non-grads/makeups 



AP:  United States Government and Politics.  8a.

AP:  French Language & Culture.  12p.

AP:  Spanish Literature and Culture.  12p.

Baseball @ OHS. JV/Var 315p.

JV Baseball/Softball vs OHS.  330p.

Padres Promotores Workshop/Parent Project followup, Faculty Cafeteria (Ultreras).  6-8p.

May 13

AP:  English Language/Composition.  8a.


Kona Ice truck, hosted by Sophomore class (Buen).  After school.


AP:  Human Geography.  8a.

May 16

Track @ CIF Prelims/Estancia.  TBA.