Weekly Update

Friday, May 15, 2015

Our very own Viking, Abraham Sanchez, was recognized with an award for Excellence in Journalism by the Ventura County Star!  Twenty schools in Ventura County submitted over 400 entries for consideration, and Abraham won!!!  His article was a review on AM, an album by the Arctic Monkeys.

Congratulations Abraham!  We are so proud of you!!  And, thank you Mr. Thomas for providing our students opportunities with your Writing for Publication Class.


12th (Ehlers):  Senior ERWC students are studying the novel Into the Wild.  This week’s activities ask the students to discuss the purpose of the author’s choices in the novel.  They looked at the chapters read and determined why the author might choose to give this information and arrange the novel this way.

11th (Ehlers):  AP Language and Composition students took their AP exam this Wednesday.  Monday and Tuesday were spent reviewing for the exam. 

English 3 students are beginning The Great Gatsby, to culminate in a movie review activity that incorporates and reinforces research skills.

10th (Martinez): objective: Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of LOTF by using textual evidence in the completion of their 3rdbody paragraph. 

9th (Martinez): objective: Write explanatory texts to examine and convey complex ideas by composing a myth of their own and organizing the information clearly.


PE continues our sports units.


Government, Psychology, US history, World History and Geography AP students have finished their exams!

Litzy Hernandez, was chosen by the Encampment program to represent California in a summer camp program. She was chosen out of 30 students in the country. The program deals with social justice around our communities. Litzy will also be receiving a full ride scholarship of $3,000. Litzy is looking forward to be visiting Mississippi, New Orleans, and Alabama. Congratulations Litzy!!!


This year, the AVID Program at Hueneme High School received donations for a scholarship from an anonymous donor who wanted their donations to  be used toward a scholarship to one or more AVID seniors who met a criteria establish by the AVID Site Team.  Our scholarship winners will be announced at Senior Awards night which will be held on May 28, 2015.

The AVID Site Team is proud to announce the following winners of the AVID Scholarship:

  1. Lucero Zontlimatzi
  2. Rosio Villalpando
  3. Maria Macias

Below are our write off essay participants that will be going on the district competition.

Hueneme High School

9th Grade

  1. Esmeralda Era
  2. Ashley Gomez

10th Grade

  1. Mathew Olitoquit
  2. Maria Haukoos
  3. Bertha Belmonte

11th Grade

  1. Zulema Casimiro
  2. Osbaldo Andrade

12th Grade

  1. Courtney Armstrong
  2. Paola Navarro
  3. Maria Macias


Curriculum taught this week:

*NS1: Battalion Competition (Drill, Physical Fitness, Academic, Uniform & Field Meet)

*NS2, 3 & 4: Battalion Competition (Drill, Physical Fitness, Academic, Uniform & Field Meet)

Weekly Activities:

*Precision Drill (Marching)

*Physical Fitness

*Uniform Inspection

*11-22 May: NJROTC Battalion Competition

Upcoming Events:

*16-17 May: 30 Cadets will support the Oxnard Strawberry Festival

*21 May: NJROTC End of Year Awards Ceremony & Change of Command

*28 May: 15 Cadets will support the Senior Awards Night

*9 Jun: Cadets will support HHS Graduation

*21-27 Jun: 4 Cadets will be attending the NJROTC Leadership Academy in Irvine, CA.

*23-24 Jun: 2 Cadets will be attending the NJROTC Sail Academy in San Diego, CA.


The AP exams for world languages has been our intense focus. Only Spanish Literature to go. The students prepared diligently.

Now, we are in the process of preparing for next school year.



AP:  Human Geography.  8a.

May 16

Track @ CIF Prelims/Estancia.  TBA.

Band sleepover @ gym (Norwood).  9p-8a.


CHEER TRYOUTS/Girls Activity Room

May 18-22 and May 26-30. 330-5p. (On 5/30, 8a-12p)

May 18

*Spirit Day (SRs host): TWINS/Thing 1 Thing 2!

Oxnard District Council/Leadership training @ DO Buen).  830-230.

KRISPY KREME, hosted by ASB Freshmen (Buen).  After school.

May 19

*Spirit Day (JRs host): Tourist Day!

MESA banquet, Rm 68 (Wagner).  After school.

Band/Mariachi Spring Concert, HHS Cafeteria (Norwood).  630p.

Padres Promotores Workshop/Parent Project followup, Faculty Cafeteria (Ultreras).  6-8p.

May 20

*Spirit Day (JRs host): Wear Stripes!


Kona Ice truck, hosted by Sophomore class (Buen).  After school.

May 22

*Spirit Day (JRs host): Wear Green or White!

Rewards assembly/Chinese performers, HHS gym (Monroe).  915a.

Lunch rally, hosted by ASB Juniors (Buen)

Spanish NS2-5AP hosts 9TH ANNUAL CHILDREN’S LITERARY FAIR, Baseball field (Casillas/Cabral/Reveles/Lewis).  7a-130p.

Spanish Dance (tentative), HHS gym (Buen).  6-10p.

May 23

Track @ CIF Finals/Cerritos College.  TBA.

May 25  NO SCHOOL/Memorial Day