Weekly Update

Friday, May 22, 2015


Our NJROTC program had their awards ceremony and like always, it was a class act! Congratulations to our wonderful cadets and their exceptional leadership – Commander Masi and Chief Hayes.

5th Annual State Speech and Debate Tournament

Maria Orozco and Erica Alcaraz did a great job on Saturday. HHS receives 2nd in the State for both ladies! Maria got 2nd place for prepare speech and Erica got 2nd place for extemporaneous.

HHS Ranked in US News and World Report!!  State level top 25% and in the top 11% at the National level!!

Hueneme High School was awarded a ‘Silver Star” and ranked as one of the best high schools at the state and national level by U.S. News & World Report. In order to be ranked, a school must be awarded a national gold or silver medal.


Classes are beginning to develop a Finals Study Plan by backwards mapping what students need to do to be successful during final exams.  Students were given a calendar where they had to prioritize their six or seven academic classes and list key dates or study time hours.

Our seniors are finishing up their project which will be unveiled at AVID Senior Recognition Night at Oxnard High School.

Also, our AVID Seniors will be recognized at our AVID Senior Recognition Night on Thursday evening and Courtney Armstrong will be acknowledge and the 12th grade AVID Write –off Winner.


SBAC math testing in all US History classes.


Math 1: Students are working on a Unit problem “$8 an hour” where students are asked to budget their money, given their part-time job. Students are solving equations and representing their answers graphically 

Math 2: Students are calculating the probability of given events. This week, students looked at cereal boxes that give toys as prizes to describe the different ways to obtain all toys. 

Math 3: Students are reviewing derivatives for their upcoming exam.


Curriculum taught this week:

*NS1: Final Review and Change of Command Preps

*NS2, 3 & 4: Final Review and Change of Command Preps


Weekly Activities:

*Precision Drill (Marching)

*Physical Fitness

*Uniform Inspection

*16-17 May: 30 Cadets will support the Oxnard Strawberry Festival

*21 May: NJROTC End of Year Awards Ceremony & Change of Command


Upcoming Events:

*9 Jun: Cadets will support HHS Graduation

*21-27 Jun: 4 Cadets will be attending the NJROTC Leadership Academy in Irvine, CA.

*23-24 Jun: 2 Cadets will be attending the NJROTC Sail Academy in San Diego, CA.


PE continues sports units and cardio exercise working up to the final.


Students constructed and shot off water rockets, thanks to Tuck and Jay for the supplies.


Mr Chapman’s students are in the middle of World War II.  They are mplementing Gallery and jigsaw activities while studying the Holocaust.  They watched Night and Fog (actual footage from the death camps after the war); they also took a virtual tour of the museum of tolerance and had an intense discussion regarding myths and facts of the Holocaust.