Weekly Update

Friday, May 29, 2015


9th Annual Literary Fair

Mrs. Carina Casillas along with her colleagues at HHS put on their 9th Annual Literary Fair at HHS.  Mrs. Casillas collaborates throughout the year with our local elementary school districts so that their field trip to HHS is the culmination activity of their instruction.  Over 1700 students visited our Literary Fair!  Elementary students along with our feeder school students walked and were bused throughout the day to have an opportunity to attend our Literary Fair.  Visiting students were able to participate in many activities.  Our students read their original and picturesque books to our young visitors.  Our young visitors were also provided with fun activities, including face painting booths, “fishing” booths, dancing booths, and various sports!  Our HHS teachers that participated in this fair along with their students worked very hard in an effort to make this Literary Fair a success, and it was a great success!!  Most importantly, our students were doing service learning and had an opportunity to be role models for our young visitors.

Thank you Mrs. Casillas for all you do!  We appreciate you!


All juniors finished SBAC testing for Math this week. All students are preparing for final exams and projects. YES academy US students are working on follow up lessons to the junior retreat. Students went camping north of Santa Barbara and saw first hand the devastating effects of the recent oil spill.


PE continues our sports units.


With the AP exams over, we are finishing the year and even making plans for the next year. The language lab is making a great difference in the oral skills of our language students.

YES Academy students attended a leadership retreat at El Capitan State Beach on May 20 and 21.  Along the way a stop was made at the Sea Lion Refuge at Carpenteria State Beach.  A volunteer at the site described the purpose and importance of the refuge.  After setting up camp at El Capitan, students participated in team building and bonding activities.  They also were able to witness a real-life scenario unfold before their eyes as the Refugio State Beach oil spill continued down the coast to El Capitan.  Fish and Game, the Coast Guard, and Public Health were on scene to monitor the air, water, and beach.  When the campground was closed, a ranger helped our group relocate across the highway to another campground.  All students exhibited exemplary behavior on the trip: positive, helpful, cooperative leaders! Our last stop was at a wetland area in Carpenteria, then home to showers, food, and sleep!


-Curriculum taught this week:

*NS1: Semester Review

*NS2, 3 & 4: Semester Review


-Weekly Activities:

*Precision Drill (Marching)

*Physical Fitness

*Uniform Inspection

*28 May: NJROTC Drill Teams performed at EO Green Middle School

*28 May: NJROTC Color Guard presented Colors at the HHS Senior Awards Night


-Upcoming Events:

*9 Jun: Cadets will support HHS Graduation

*21-27 Jun: 4 Cadets will be attending the NJROTC Leadership Academy in Irvine, CA.

*23-24 Jun: 2 Cadets will be attending the NJROTC Sail Academy in San Diego, CA.


The ELD students in Mrs. Diaz’s Math 9 class are working hard at memorizing the 6 and 8 times tables, from 0 to 12.  They’ve now taken the 1 minute timed test on each of those 3 times, and those who have failed to show mastery will continue to take them until they get 100% three times.  The 7, 9, and 12 times tables are next!  They are also continuing lessons on dividing whole numbers, decimals, and fractions.  A division assessment is planned for next week.  


This year the AVID Program received $1,500 donation to be used for scholarship with the c/o 2016.  This year the following three AVID seniors are recipients of the scholarship:  Lucero Zontlamatzi, Rosio Villalpando, and Maria Macias.

Additionally, AVID sophomores had a 92% pass rate on the CAHSEE Math and ELA exam in March.

Also, are projected AVID numbers are very healthy this year.  We anticipated the following number of students per grade level for the school year 2015 -2016.  Our AVID Elective teachers (Ms. Briggs, Mr. Gallegos, Mr. Garrett, Ms. Lane, Ms. Soliz, and Mr. Zamora)  and our AVID Counselor (Ms. Lopez) have done a tremendous job of monitoring our students so they maintain A –G eligibility.


9th 146
10th 109
11th 82
12th 25


9th grade (Lane):  All classes finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird and we will begin to review for the final.  We are finishing this week with a Blackout Poetry assignment.

10th grade  (McKenna):  Finishing Lord of the Flies, taking a quiz on chapters 11 and 12, a project and presentation, and Jeopardy game to get ready for the final.

11th grade (Ehlers):  English 3 students are finished up their reading of The Great Gatsby and preparing for their final writing assignment.  AP Language and Composition students are completing their CAASPP assessments and will be enjoying a quick read of The Great Gatsby.

12th grade (Ehlers):  ERWC students have completed their reading of Into the Wild and will be taking a timed-writing assessment tomorrow in class.  The rest of their final exam is next Monday.