Weekly Update

Friday, September 11, 2015


WELCOME BACK!!!!  The Vikings are off to an excellent start.  The first day of school, Wednesday, 9/02, students went to the library and on the windows were their names with their 1st period teacher who would have their class schedules.  They were excited to get back to school and all went very smooth.

Back to School Night will be here on Thursday, October 1st, 2015.   Preparations are underway for a successful turnout to see parents/guardians come eagerly and meet their students’ teachers.  All parents/guardians are cordially invited and encouraged to come so that they are linked with their child’s teacher for beginning a successful year.  When parents/guardians are involved in the learning process of their student there is less opportunity for failure.  Set aside the date and please come and Join the Viking Family that night celebrating Back-to-School Night Thursday, October 1st.  GO MIGHTY VIKINGS!!!!



This year our AVID Sections are off to a smooth start.  Most of our classes are running between 38 to 40 students. This year we have a total of 11 sections (10 sections in AVID 1 to 4, plus one AVID ELL).  We have a total of 13 college tutors for our AVID Sections.  All are former alumni except one.  They will be working with all teachers running tutorial groups and checking binders/Cornell Notes.  At this time, we don’t have all our tutors yet since we are waiting on clearance for 5 of them from the district office.  Tutorials will begin next week in all sections.


Our Spanish teachers for Native Speakers classes are off to a very busy start.  All levels beginning with NS-2 through NS-4 AP are teaching the students “how to highlight information with a purpose”.  Students are really excited to learn how to select information that is important using specific colors for different information in a text.  We are also excited to have Mrs. Norma Villa on board with us. She is currently teaching Spanish NS-2 as well as Spanish NS-3.  All students are coming to class daily with all materials and ready and eager to LEARN.

All teachers are preparing for the upcoming CELDT test in October.  Mrs. Reveles will be introducing her class to the D2L class that she created. Ms Gomez-Font is working with her students on adjective noun placement order and is showing her students how this is different in English vs. Spanish; they are also working on “I AM” poems.  Ms. Buen’s class is ready to read the first story in their textbooks and is working on paragraphs that contain a thesis, concrete details, and commentary.


The Math Department attended multiple trainings over the summer for our new curriculum, College Preparatory Mathematics, otherwise known as CPM. The new curriculum requires students to use manipulatives and investigate concepts within their teams.

Students will also have online access to the textbooks. The online website also has additional resources, including homework help and additional practice.

A tutoring schedule will be available soon.


The Social Science department spent the week with CHAMPS! Creating routine in our classrooms and provided the best learning environments- despite room temperatures reaching into the 90’s!   


The World Language department is already using the Language lab.  The lab has 5 doors, 1 to the outside and 4 directly connected to adjacent language classrooms.  The other 3 language classrooms are located just across a corridor.  We anticipate a great language learning year!