Weekly Update

Friday, April 29, 2016

Please congratulate HHS  students Esmeralda Godina, Valeria Resendiz and Esmeralda Villa for being the recipients of the 33rd Annual Star Scholar Awards. They were honored as Ventura County’s top seniors from the Class of 2016 among other schools within the county.  The scholars were selected by their respective schools as representative of the top seniors using their GPA, school activities and community service involvement. When you see them, please congratulate them for their hard work throughout their four years at HHS. GO VIKINGS!!!!

Math 3 students are extending their knowledge of families of functions to include polynomial functions.  Currently, they are investigating the connection between polynomial equations and their graphs, including identifying x‑intercepts and “end behavior” to graph polynomial functions.

Math-2 did a quick, fun manipulation to derive formula for the area of a circle; having taken a pie of 16 congruent slices, reformed it into a figure they already know area formula for–e.g. rectangle, triangle, trapezoid–and then substitute “base” & “height” with the parts of the circle from which they were formed. Quick, elegant way to determine a new area formula.

SPED – some kids went on a field trip to a farm yesterday and some kid gave this giant beet to Mrs. Langley.

SDC Science – In Biology class this week we have been working on understanding the formula for photosynthesis. Students played photosynthesis dominoes to build the correct formula together on their desktops. This seemed complicated at first, but everyone was successful and enjoyed themselves :)!

The English department continues to utilize the COWs to prepare students for the upcoming SBAC exam.  Many freshmen classes are currently studying To Kill a Mockingbird.  Sophomore classes continue their core lit units as well.  Juniors have completed their research projects, and most are currently enjoying The Great Gatsby.  Seniors are also relishing various core lit titles.

AVID – On Thursday, April 28th, Alejandra Gonzalez and April Montes from  CSU Channel Islands from Project ASCENSION and Project ISLAS did a powerpoint presentation on AB 540 and the Dream Act to all our AVID 1 and 2 classes.  They went over the requirements for the DACA form and cost of tuition at the community college and four year universities for students who are AB 540.  In the future, they will present the same powerpoint to our AVID parents in the fall.

The students in Integrated Math 1A class have been learning about real-life situations that could be modeled with linear functions. They’ve learned to look for patterns of growth through figures, tables, graphs and equations. In teams, the students created a human graph using an equation that Mrs Diaz provided.  One student would act as the y-intercept on the grid created on the classroom floor, while the other students would move according to the rise over run represented by the slope of their equation, and would finally extend their arms representing the line created.  They now will be taking a team test followed by an individual test to conclude the chapter.

About twenty YES Academy students helped at the Freshmen Showcase for incoming freshmen and their parents.  Some students shared a student-made power point in the library, some sold nachos in the quad, some passed out pamphlets, and others passed out Class of 2020 buttons which were made by YES Academy students!  At the Showcase, parents were told about sign-ups for a 3-week summer Career Camp for incoming freshmen who are interested in learning about the 2 academies at HHS: YES and AOED.  At the camp, students will participate in foundational activities related to human services, taught by YES Academy staff, and activities in engineering, taught by AOED staff.  In addition, they will have a chance to earn “badges” by mastering Microsoft 365 skills in 3 days of training.  This will give incoming freshmen a head start in using the tech tools available in our district.

Last week:

The YES Academy and MEChA joined forces to offer a staff luncheon in our faculty cafeteria.  This served as both a fundraiser for our scholarships and a much-needed opportunity for staff to gather and enjoy each other’s company. The YES Academy is hoping to make this a monthly event for staff.

YES Academy seniors were visited by members of the Oxnard Fire Department. The crew chief, the driver, and a firefighter from the 17th crew, spoke to academy members about a firefighter’s roles and responsibilities and the various paths the speakers took to the Oxnard division. Students learned about the requirements, education needed, and recommendations for applying to be a fireman. Answers to students’ questions revealed that, in addition to putting out fires, there are many responsibilities of a firefighter like responding to car accidents, inspections, even delivering babies!

Economics students in Ms. Roth’s class participated in a weekly class led by John Daly, Key Course instructor.   The course teaches life skills to prepare students for college and careers. Last week, students participated in a Q and A with a panel of 5 college students from UCSB. The panel brought great insight to our students about important college skills. Study skills, organization skills, and tips to do while still in high school were some of the topics discussed.