Weekly Update

Friday, April 7, 2017

Counseling Corner

The Counseling Department wishes to THANK the SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT for their patience in registering our returning HHS students. We also would like to give a huge shout out to our Librarian, Mr. Joel Graves, for providing the facilities in which to complete this task. We currently are at 90 percent and will continue the week after Spring break to reach 100%. Thank you, faculty, for the recommendations you signed for your students.

Ms. Cynthia Bogan, MS, PPS


AOED & YES Academy took a joint field trip The Situation Room at the Reagan Library on Tuesday, 4/4. Students were divided into 6 groups and given a special role, such as Secretary of Defense, White House Chief of Staff, and news analyst to name 3. Students had to work in groups to make decisions regarding 4 different crisesis. It was a phenomenal exercise in communication, social skills, professionality, and real-world dilemas. Our kids were very engaged had a great time! Can’t wait to take next year’s seniors!

(The pictures of the students in the wood-paneled room is the actual Sit Room in the White House until GW Bush had it renovated. Everything – from the ceiling tiles to the microphones to the table to the walls were shipped to the Reagan Library.)


English Department

Junior classes have all completed the research project and are gearing up for the ELA CAASPP exam.

Sophomores are working on a common unit for Julius Caesar.

Freshmen classes are finishing up Romeo and Juliet.

Math Department

After an exciting two weeks (almost) of CAASPP testing, where the entire junior class was engaged in the newest of state assessments– with non-testers, testers, and teachers being impacted– normal order has been restored and nearly everyone has breathed a great sigh of relief. Or so it seems. With just a few days left before spring break, the math department is continuing to forge ahead in all of its sections and in particular, in Math 2, where the students are once again improving their skills at writing flowcharts and two-column proofs for a variety of Geometric Conjectures.

Dawn Santiago’s classroom: Our weekly update regarding goings on in my classroom.

This week in Math 1 we’ve started chapter 7, the kids will be learning all about congruence and similar triangles through their understanding of transformations. In addition, they will use informal proofs with congruence statements to show their understanding. We just finished up review of the first semester last week, and I’m excited by the progress all the classes have shown in their mastery of those standards. Feel free to stop by and see the great math we have been working with on the walls o the classroom. The kids show excitement when being able to get up and go write on the whiteboard walls to show their understanding. Their level of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity in expressing how they understand problems is highlighted in the way they show their work and work together to create clear explanations on the boards.

Precalculus is continuing their work on the Unit Circle.

Calculus had their second Saturday AP Test Prep and are focusing on Area Between Two Curves and will begin Volumes of Solids of Revolution.





 Thursday, 06 Apr 2017,  Naval Station San Diego 32nd Street

NJROTC Field Trip. The Fleet Training Center San Diego was provided Damage Control Training to 35 Hueneme HS NJROTC Cadets. This course was 2 hours in length and was a great teambuilding experience. The course consisted of the classroom as well as hands-on experience in flooding control, and repair efforts.

Social Science

Economic students in YES Academy and AOED participated in the Situation Room at the Ronald Reagan Library this week



Hueneme High’s Diego Caballero is the Star’s All-County Boys Soccer Player of the Year. He and our HHS soccer team did it in grand fashion.

With Caballero and his team working hard and hand in hand, they made history together. They had never reached the CIF quarterfinals playoffs until this year. Hueneme High School has an outstanding soccer team with incredible talent.

They showed what the Hueneme High School Vikings soccer team can do: Hueneme reached the Soccer CIF-Southern Section Division 2 semifinals.

We also congratulate and thank their soccer coach, Tuck Engelmann who has won “Coach of the Year’ for a superb job done.

2nd Team All-County includes our HHS players:

Erik Lopez

J.P. Ortiz

Arvin Bravo

We are so proud of you!!! Vikings can do!!!!!