Weekly Update

Friday, April 28, 2017


On Wednesday, April 26, HHS held our Academic Award’s Night recognizing over 950 students with 3.0 GPA and higher from 1st semester.   Mr. Mayeda, Principal, and his Associate Principals; Clara Ortiz, Russell Gibbs, and Larry Misel, were all present to welcome everyone.  Our gym was filled with proud parents that came to support their students in their accomplishments.  We would like to thank Mr. Kyle Norwood and our Hueneme HS Band with their performance.  We want to thank the NJROTC who  helped in handing out the  name cards and certificates to our recipients.  Thank you also to our counselors, Katalina Martinez and Denise Rodriguez who were reading student names along with Holiday Buen, ASB Activities Director and her ASB students who give so much of their time to make HHS shine.  Go Vikings!!

Academy of Engineering & Design

On Tuesday, April 25th, 3 students from Hueneme’s Academy of Engineering & Design attended VCOE’s Entre to Employment event. Students, educators, and engineering industry representatives gathered into various groups, enjoyed dinner, and were led in discussions about personal experiences in either school or work, challenges they faced, and proud moments. Students were able to network with engineers in fields they had an interest in.



Albert Garcia, Victor Arroyo, and Jose Guzman meet with Dr. Greg Wood, a physics professor at CSUCI.







On Wednesday April 26th, Monica Ocampo from CSU Channel Islands did a presentation on Financial Aid with our 4th period AVID Seniors.  She will return next week and do the same presentation with our 5th period seniors.  AVID Scholarship application on due on Friday for those who meet the requirements for an AVID Scholarship requirements.  AVID Senior Celebration will take place on Thursday, May 18th at the Oxnard High School Performing Arts Center beginning at 6pm.

Congratulations to Jessica Naranjo, HHS 10th grader, who was selected as a finalist in Cancer Support Community Valley/Ventura/Santa Barbara’s fifth annual “Dear Cancer, It’s Me” High School Essay Contest.  40 essays were received, written by students from over 23 high schools from the San Fernando Valley to Santa Barbara who have experienced cancer themselves, or who have a loved one or friend with cancer. Then 30 judges, selected from the community, read  these heartfelt, poignant essays. One judge remarked, “each essay was so incredibly brave, sad and hopeful.” The finalists and their families will gather at an awards ceremony on Sunday, May 21, where the winners will be announced. Dr. Dan Stepenosky, Superintendent of Las Virgenes Unified School District, will be the keynote speaker. Thank you to the generosity of sponsors, Premier America Credit Union and Union Bank, for making this incredibly important program possible.


Last Friday HHS Counselors took over 100 current seniors to OC Friday Day.  They took the math and English placement assessments as well as met individually with an OC Counselor regarding courses they should enroll in after June 2017 graduation.  The students also recieved an orientation regarding all sevices, available to them as well as a tour of OC.  These seniors are now eligible for the Oxnard College Promise grant.

This past Monday over 25 Seniors took the Ventura College placement assessment.  These seniors will have the opportunity for priority registration with Ventura College and receive the Ventura College Promise grant.

Counselors are gearing up for summer school registration and will be quite busy this coming week making certain the students who need credit recover enroll in summer school.



Ms. Perez

English 1: Students are working on a Conflict Project where they are to identify a type of conflict in Romeo and Juliet, elaborate on the characteristics of the example to explain how it is that type of conflict in particular, and create an original script that modifies the conflict to make it into a solution.  Students will be presenting their findings through a poster as well as acting out their scripts to the rest of the class.  This is the final assessment for the Romeo and Juliet unit.

Mr. Ripley

In Eng 9 we are finishing Romeo and Juliet. We will be finishing the play with a focus on character analysis. Each student will choose a character to focus on and analyzing the choices made by the character. They will then synthesize their findings in an essay.

In Reading Tech 9 we are reading the short story “American Primitive”. While reading, students will be focusing on how the science fiction genre and how it informs or influences our daily lives.

Ms. DeLuca

DeLuca – English 1 students are finishing their projects for Romeo and Juliet where they choose the most influential scene, write it in modern-day English, spotlight the bad decisions and their consequences, and  provide alternative choices that could have been made to avoid the tragedy.  They are presenting them in class or recording them ahead of time.

Ms. Muro

English 2H has been acting out key scenes of Julius Caesar, complete with Roman togas and other costumes. Students have also given short presentations using the white board on several discussion topics for the play and are moving towards the start of an essay.

Chicano Lit has completed reading Rain of Gold. We have recently discussed the 1960’s Chicano Movement and the revival of identification with Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican history. Students will be moving on to read Corky Gonzalez’s epic poem, I am Joaquin and begin a poetry project. The Project will end with a class poetry reading.

English 4 has finished reading Brave New World, and is currently working on an essay in the English Lab. Our last novel will be Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Mr. McGee

Eng 3: CAASPP Testing
Eng2RCP: Practice CAASPP assessment with test-taking tips/discussions.

Mrs. Herrejon

My freshmen honors class is reading Romeo and Juliet. They’re turning in a Queen Mab assignment and will finish Act 3 by the end of the week.

My sophomores are reading Julius Caesar. We will be done with Act 2 by the end of the week. They’ll be creating a “Character Cell Phone” by drawing a wall paper, writing messages, and including songs that could apply to that character.

Juniors are writing AP essays in order to prepare for the upcoming AP exam (2 weeks from today).

Mrs. Lane

Lane- Freshmen 1H has just finished up the last project for Romeo and Juliet. Our final novel for the year is To Kill a Mockingbird. Along with the reading, we will focus on possible themes, historical connections and character analysis. All of this will lead to an final assessment and essay.  

Mrs. Bettencourt

Juniors are finishing their CAASP test this week, and starting their unit on the novel The Great Gatsby.

Seniors are studying Romantic Poetry in preparation for reading Frankenstein.

Mr. Ehlers

ERWC students continue to enjoy the novel Into the Wild.  We are about half way through the novel and are focusing on the character of Chris McCandless, ultimately culminating in a timed writing final examining the character and whether students admire him.

English 3 students are working complete the CAASPP exam.

AP Language and Composition students are working hard to prepare for the upcoming exam.  This week, they had timed writes for all three of the essay styles that they will see on the exam (synthesis, rhetorical analysis, and argument).


Mr. Nathan Anderson

In Math 1 we have started the Chapter on triangle congruency. Students have been working with varies triangles, and investigation if they are congruent, similar, or neither. Students have learned to organize their thoughts into flow charts, where they are comparing corresponding sides and angles from two triangles. Students are understanding all the different postulates that satisfy congruent triangles such as SSS, SAS, ASA, AAS, and HL. Using hypotenuse-leg postulate, students were also required to use the Pythagorean theorem and the triangle sum theorem.


Precalculus students are studying Inverse Trig Functions and Composite Inverse Trig Functions.

Calculus students are preparing for the AP Calculus exam on May 9.


Social Science


Students in Economics learned how to file their own income taxes and learned about a career as a Tax Preparer.





World Language

Kathy Matthews, World Language Department Chairman  – World Language department along with the native speaker teachers is focused on preparing and administering the Spanish Language and Culture AP exam as well as the French Language and Culture AP exam.

There are 170 students taking the Spanish exam.

The speaking part of the exam will be taken in our new Language Lab.

What a wonderful resource!!!!




On Thursday, 4-27-17, HHS hosted the Junior College Men’s Division of the 117th edition of the Ojai Tennis tournament. Great tennis was on display from JC’s from as far away as San Diego to the south and all the way up to Fresno City College to the north. Special thanks to Rene Martinez and his crew for getting the courts in tip top shape.  A shout out to Ms. Dominguez for keeping track of all the tennis players who helped with the tournament logistics.  A heartfelt thanks to all our Campus Supervisors for directing traffic. And a thank you to Mr. Russell Gibbs for his support and last but not least, a thank you to Mr. Mayeda  for giving Viking Tennis a chance to be part of the oldest tennis tournament in America as this was the 117th year of the Ojai tournament. This prestigious event will make another stop at  HHS for the 118th edition. After seeing all the great tennis played on the HHS courts yesterday, look for more of your up and coming Viking Tennis team members to join the ranks of the college players who visit the HHS campus in the future.

Boy’s Volleyball

On Saturday, the Boys Varsity Volleyball team left HHS at 5:45AM to traveled to Torrance and played in a tournament vs teams from our our same division, not like in league play where we play teams that are in 1-2 divisions higher than us.  After a long day, they came home with the CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY!!  Attached are pictures from the tournament, the flat tire that we had when we got out of the gym (good thing the boys played well so I wasn’t that upset), and some celebration fun at Dave & Busters.


Two members of the YES Academy received the Presidential Scholarship at CSUCI for next year.  Alyssa Ayudante and Jose Chacon will both have their whole tuition covered as they enter the nursing program.

Many academy members helped at the Preuter Library “Spring Fling”, on Saturday, April 22.  Academy members set up and helped children with crafts and a petting zoo.  Several academy students are on the libraries’ Teen Advisory Board and help plan and organize events throughout the year.

The YES Academy’s Child Developmental Lab School is up and running and providing developmentally appropriate activities for children aged 3-5, which are planned and executed by the teamwork Teaching and Learning Class members.  The internship experience- preparing lesson plans and organizing and operating their own enterprise- the “Little Vikes Preschool”- allows students to observe and analyze the growth and development of this age group.  They also can compare and contrast the learning process of this age group, in assigned observational studies, to children in elementary school with whom they worked earlier in the year.