Monday, June 12, 2017

The Academy of Engineering & Design had their 2nd Annual Boat Competition today! The sophomores, and their fabulous teachers, Mrs. Deckrow, Ms. Hanrieder, Ms. Rafaelli, and Mr. Robnett, started this project way back in March when they visited the Channel Islands Boat Center to learn about:

  • water displacement
  • the structural integrity of the boat
  • parts of a boat
  • the basic physics of a boat and sailing
  • basic sailing techniques

Over the course of the past few weeks, students have created small-scale models, tested those models, and built real boats using only cardboard and duct tape. Today was the testing of these boats, and we had some great successes! (Check out the first picture of the pontoon-style boat! They could have made it across the pool, but their rowing skills could have used a little help.) Students were timed to board their craft, paddle to the other side, and perform first aid on one of their team members. It was exciting to have all of the academy students out there to cheer the 10th graders on! The seniors even made score cards. Thank you to Ms. Martinez, Coach Gibbs, and Mr. Mayeda for coming to check it out.