Weekly Update

Friday, September 8, 2017



Our new school year has taken off to a great start.  With over 2100 students in classes who were excited to return, some to see what new classes were awaiting them and others happy to see their friends they hadn’t seen all summer.  Our teaching staff, along with our new teachers, were just as excited and ready for them.  Our Administration  team is complete also including our three Assistant Principals,  our Co-Principal, Gary Mayeda and with the addition of our new Co-Principal, Adrian Ayala.  We all wish him the best for this school year as he transitions into his position as Principal in January.

Football Season is here!!!

Captioned to left : Our Band  and our cheerleading squad were pumping up the football team as they were playing the game with all their might.


The first day of school and students (pictured below) engaged in their classes as Administrators walked around making sure things were running smoothly.



During the summer, Ms. Cyndie Bogan taught a course called College and Career Seminar in which students were given 3 units of Oxnard College “G” credit as well as 5 high school credits. The students have a head start on their 10-year plan and are well on their way to success! Ms. Bogan also attended a 2-day training in Focus on Learning and will continue in the future to offer the course if requested.


AVID is off to a great start.  Over the past week, all classes have done icebreaker activities to get back into our routines.  Our junior and senior AVID classes began having tutorials this week, and sophomore and freshmen classes will begin next week.  We have brought back our AVID EL class with Ms. Reveles at the helm and those students are eager and ready to learn AVID strategies to conquer the new CELDT exam.

This year we have 11 tutors on our campus.  Those with an asterisk are former HHS AVID students:

Lizbeth Perez *                  Zulema Casimiro*            Valeria Gonzalez

Dionisio Garcia                  Alex Parra*                         Fernando Era*

Cinthia Camarena* (OHS AVID)                                  Jessica Ruiz

Jessica De Luis*                 Lili Espinoza                        Itzy Caballero



Math 2 is working on attributes of polygons using Venn diagrams.


Math 3 reviewed geometric shapes and positive collaborative group skills with the CPM 3 Yarn Activity (pictured).




Calculus and Pre-Calculus reviewed on fundamental algebraic skills using a Circuit-Scavenger Hunt format (pictured).


Calculus is learning about limits.


Statistics is creating bar graphs and two-way tables to analyze data.


Social Science classes have focused on CHAMPS procedures and routines. In addition to behavior expectations, content and literacy standards and learning objects were also discussed. More specifically, In World Civilizations and Geography we have welcomed the students back from summer break, and introduced them to class expectations, procedures, and norms. We have also done some “ice-breaker” and team-building activities to establish a comfortable classroom environment.

Finally, students participated in poster making for ESLRS; HHS school compact and 21st century skills. They also practiced analyzing primary source documents and writing with purpose. Despite the hot temperatures, students engaged in meaningful discussions and activities that created a wonderful start to a great school year!


Please give a shout out to Vikings Girls Tennis! The team came through with two victories this week. On Tuesday, the team took down Villanova Prep 13-5. Then on Thursday on the Viking courts, the team beat the mighty Seraphs of St. Bonaventure 11-7. The doubles teams of Yadira Ceja/Senaida Gallegos and Alondra Rojas/ Maria Espinoza came through with victories. Jacky Sanchez and Fatima Perez also scored victories in singles play. A big Viking Tennis thank you to Mr. Zamora for his great support of Viking Tennis. Our JV squad will be in action next Tuesday on the Viking courts. Come out and watch our future stars if you get the chance. Let’s Go Vikings!


The YES Academy is gearing up for another great year.  On September 13th, we will be having our welcome back all-academy meeting second period in the gym.  This is an opportunity to review the policies and expectations for all new and returning academy members.  The 18th of September kicks off our second-annual YES Academy week of fun.  This is an opportunity for the classes to compete in fun activities at lunch and bond with academy mates.  On September 19th and 20th, we will be making recruitment presentations to current freshmen for next year’s academy class of 2021.  We’re hoping to have all recruitment done before winter break