Weekly Update

Friday, September 15, 2017


This week counselors wrapped up balancing teachers within union contract. Schedules were adjusted for level changes as well. Planning has begun to meet with ALL seniors with priority given to those who need to begin immediate credit recovery to meet graduation requirements and or A-G for University acceptance. Questbridge applicants are being given their recommendations and we wish them luck on “winning” a ride to the University of their choice.

Counselor Xochitl Gomez attended a very important STEM planning meeting to address the needs of the Freshman Co-horts who are currently in Internet Engineering taught by Ms. Julie Deckrow. The student will be receiving tutoring from Cal State University Channel Island students 5 hours a week. An evening parent meeting is being planned to abreast the students and parents of the Academy of Engineering and Design Expectations for the next 4 years.


Currently, AVID 1 classes are doing activities in groups to jigsaw the ten steps of the AVID Tutorial Process, as well as watching video clips on the process.  AVID 2 is reviewing our Cornell Notes Taking strategies, Creating Essential Questions, and reviewing the process of our Tutorials for  past week. We also thoroughly covered our AVID Themes for this school year, which are:  Meticulous, Urbane, Sagacity, Edify, & Muse (the first four together make the last one Muse).  AVID 3 and 4 classes are in full swing tutorials, and our AVID 4 students are preparing to begin working on their personal statement essay for college applications.


Math 1 is concluding their work on the Algebra Tiles and prepping for the unit on visual representation.

Math 2 is developing the relationship of angles such as vertical angles, complementary angles, and supplementary angles. (pictured)



Math 3 is problem solving with proportional relationships with graphs and tables. (pictured)



Precalculus is reviewing the foundational knowledge of FUNctions. (pictured)




AP Calculus is pondering the essential question: What is the difference between Continuity & Discontinuity?

AP Statistics is practicing 5-number summary, box plots, and standard deviation.

Social Science

Economic students worked collaboratively on a Zoo activity where students had limited space (25 acres) and had to choose which type of animals would best fit. The activity is intended to introduce themes like scarcity and opportunity cost. Students participated in a classroom discussion where they were able to justify their decisions.

Psychology students created their own natural observation experiments and tested their hypothesis at HHS.

Image: Psychology students analyzing their experiment data and sharing their results.




The YES Academy had a successful welcome assembly this Wednesday.  With over 100 students in attendance, we reviewed academy policies regarding community service, academic and behavior expectations, and upcoming events.  Students registered for community service events and played our favorite academy game – Lighthouse.

Next week marks the second annual YES Academy Week of Fun.  Our classes will be competing against each other during lunch in fun events.  We will also be making presentations to current freshmen about the academy during their English classes.  Students will be able to apply to be in the academy for the 2018-2019 school years.


The Lady Vikings Tennis Squad travelled to Santa Paula HS Tuesday. The team came away with an 11-7 victory over the Cardinals. Jacky Sanchez and Fatima Perez swept 3 sets in singles. Rosie Lopez recorded her first two victories as a newly minted Varsity player. Kudos to Jessica Ayala, Destiny Lee, Itzel De Anda and Lolly Ledesma for appearing in their first Varsity matches. It was a great bounce back victory and it gives the kids a sense of what it really means to be a team. Thank you for your support of Viking Tennis.