Weekly Update

Friday, September 29, 2017


Our Viking Familia celebrated the 58th Annual Hueneme High School Back-to-School Night with special performances by our award-winning band and  NJROTC program.  In spite of conflicting calendar events with athletics and some feeder schools, a number of parents with their students further enjoyed the music of the Mariaichi and tasty treats and refreshments by the various clubs and student organizations outside the gym before and between classroom visits to their teachers’ classes.  In addition to individual progress, teachers shared displays of student work and projects requiring active engagement and collaborative efforts in working together toward common goals.  The evening wound down with final visits and last opportunities for treats and hot or cold drinks under the lights well into the evening.   All in all a constructive event with helpful information for our parents as partners joining in support of college and career readiness through shared expectations for student success.




This is a pic of Cynthia Bogan, Counselor, and Famous Vining Alumnus Rachel Flowers.  She volunteered her time to perform at Libby Park during the Peace Festival.  Rachel says hello to all the Viking Familia.  Recently she has performed in Havana and England.  Quite the world traveler. Once a Viking…..and she still is!

Counseling staff and Career Center Technician Sherry Creager attended the annual Financial Aid High School Counselor Workshop. This workshop was held at Oxnard College and was presented by The California Student Aid Commission. Presentation topics included the latest information regarding the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the California Dream Act Application, and an overview of the Cal Grant awards process. It was very well attended and there were lots of helpful resources.

Xochitl Gómez, Counselor (Db-Gutierrez and the Academy of Engineering & Design)



AVID 1 classes have begun working on the Life Goals Essay.  Students will focus on a high school/college goal, personal goal, and career goal.  They will have to discuss why this goal is important to them and what steps will be needed to successful accomplish their goals.  AVID 2 classes are working on goals  for the semester in conjunction with a discussion on fixed and growth mindsets.  Our AVID 3 classes had Ms. Adams as a guest speaker where she spoke to students about the dangers of stress.  She provided them with strategies on how to handle both physical and mental stress that might arise during their school day.  AVID 4 students are working on their Major Project where they will  explore their top two choices for majors. Students completed several personality and work values tests to determine if their original ideas of majors stand up to what they truly value,  and if those majors  suit their personality. Tests are published by Department of Labor. Our AVID EL class  opened an account with College Board and Khan Academy to prepare for the upcoming PSAT exam.



Ms. Muro and Mr. Ripley: Seniors: ERWC is completing it’s unit on What’s next After High School and is currently researching college and career information to create a frequently asked questions form (FAQ). They will next move on to write a letter to an employer or a personal statement.

Mr. Ehlers: Juniors: My English 3 YES class is finishing up the readings for our unit on the immigrant experience.  We will be composing a short essay reflecting on the similarities that were seen in the various readings.  We also are working on annotating text, focusing on an article from History.com regarding Irish refugees from the 19th century.

Mr. Ehlers and Ms. Herrejon: AP Language and Composition continues to focus on vocabulary used to describe a speaker’s rhetoric.  Students also completed their first rhetorical analysis essay this week.  This is one of the three styles of essays on the AP exam.

Mrs. Bettencourt:  Juniors:  We are currently reading the classic American drama Death of a Salesman and taking detailed annotated notes.  We are studying academic vocabulary weekly and have spent the first two weeks reviewing the basics of textual analysis and punctuation.

Seniors: Seniors completed their college application essay and are in the middle of their unit on Heroes and Myths while studying the epic poem Beowulf.

Mr. McGee: Eng 1: Finished marking up an article and answering questions about the author’s purpose, starting a rough draft letter to the author that will either agree or disagree with the author’s position (Article: “Hip-Hop Planet” by James McBride).

Eng 2RCP: Finished doing a storyboard for “Harrison Bergeron” and starting an essay about theme and how they view society’s treatment of people.

Landreth: Drama is working on two plays, Henry V and Aesop’s Fables, for the Drama Festival in October.

Eng 4 AP is reading Hamlet and working on Personal Statements

Eng 4 is writing essays and Personal Statements.

Mr. Moody: English 2 –Harrison Bergeron

English 3- Cooperative Learning Oral Presentations- “The Roaring 20’s”


Viking Vision and The Digital Broadcasting ROP Class live-streamed the Varsity Girls Volley Ball game this Tuesday, Sept 26, 2017. We will be live-streaming the home games for the rest of the season. We live-stream on the Hueneme High Viking Vision Channel on YouTube.

The link to Tuesday’s game is:





Calculus students are defending their solutions when determining whether a function meets the definition of continuity.

Math 2:  Just finished chapter 1 and are beginning chapter 2 investigating triangle relationships and more on polygons and proving statements about congruence.

Math 3:  Students are investigating the transformation of functions when parameters are altered on a parent function.


The Lady Vikings were triumphant in a match played on 9-28-17 against the Raiders of Channel Islands. The Vikings came out on top by a score of 14-4. Stellar performances were turned in by the doubles teams of Senaida Gallegos/Yadira Ceja and Alondra Rojas/Maria Espinosa. It was a great bounce back win for the team in what was the last match of the first half of the season. We encourage everyone to come out on 10-5-17 for our rematch against Rio Mesa.   As always, thank you for your support of Viking Tennis.