Weekly Update

Friday, October 6, 2017


Ms. Gomez-Font’s English 101 Set up a class Remind App so students can log on and get class updates about homework, testing, and other reminders.  In class, students are working in pairs to create a Power Point on an assigned country which they will present in all English this week.  In their research, some students were surprised to see the continent where their country is located such as Argentina or to see important sites in Egypt. Students are also practicing phrases in English that are useful when asking the teacher questions.

From Mrs. Reveles ESL 102 class. Students are currently using a new pilot book called EDGE, aside from the book, they all have their own google account that was created in class. They have also recently opened a KHAN ACADEMY account. Great job Mrs. Reveles.


Math 1: Students are working with their groups to describe a graph completely. This includes identifying whether or not the graph is a function, increasing or decreasing, x and y intercepts, and domain and range.


Math 3: Using posters and graphic organizers, math 3/3H are consolidating their understanding of parent graphs. Through exploration, they are determining how the parameters (a, h, and k) transform families of functions.


Math 2: Students are creating dilations of their own design using two or more rubber bands. (Shown here)





Troy Field Meet 2017

On September 30, 2017, Hueneme High School NJROTC participated in an athletic field meet at Troy High School, Fullerton, California. At the athletic field meet, there was a variety of different athletic events in which the cadets participated in. Events ranged from endurance relay, torpedo run, wheelbarrow race, push-up and sit-up competition, and many other events. Our Hueneme High School NJROTC cadets were able to build camaraderie not only amongst themselves, but also with the other fellow cadets from 32 high school NJROTC throughout southern California that participated that day. An eventual winner would be declared for the many events that took place that day, from personal awards to general school NJROTC awards. The cadets had plenty of fun throughout the day and everyone participated in at least one of the sport events. The field meet was a success especially with students partaking in fun events that built sportsmanship and teamwork


Social Science

AP European History students are reading The Prince and have been participating in gathering information from adults regarding ” love and fear” and then apply the answers to the classroom where they will deepen their understanding of the pros and cons of different leadership styles.


Government students working on a collaboration project that involves, memorization, creating original images and answering the question,” what is the purpose of the American Government and how do you know? Presentations start Thursday- come check them out!


We are celebrating once again new teachers at HHS. In the Sped Department, this year we have a husband and wife team, Elisabeth and Andrew Ford, “The Fantastic Fords”.

Here is a little info on our Newbies::

Elisabeth Ford

Hi! My name is Elisabeth Ford and I am new to Hueneme HS. My husband (he’s a teacher here at Hueneme, as well) and I moved here from San Francisco in July and are so excited to be here. This is my 10th year teaching and my 5th year teaching high school. I’ve previously lived and taught in San Diego, but am originally from the Long Beach area. Math is my favorite subject to teach and I love algebra! We live in Ventura with our 13-year-old cat named Sebastian. I’m always on the lookout for good food, so please let me know where all the locals eat. I’m a traveling teacher here at Hueneme and work in 4 different places throughout the day! If you see me walking around with my calculators, say hi and give me chocolate. Go Vikings!

Lisa Ford

Education Specialist (Mild/Moderate)


Andrew Ford

Thank you, Hueneme Vikings, for being such a warm and inviting community, we are so proud to have found a home at such wonderful school!  I grew up in Davis, a small college town in Northern California.  After graduating high school, I attended San Diego State University, but maybe should have gone to community college first to save money! Upon graduation, I worked in a kindergarten class as a paraprofessional and found my passion for education.  My next step in my career journey was substitute teaching while I re-enrolled at SDSU to earn my teaching credential.  After teaching at non-public school in San Diego I moved to San Francisco to live and work in the big city. There I worked at a county school, working with students who had not found success at comprehensive sites. I felt grateful to work with a population that deserved the most and are true survivors.  I am now grateful to live in Ventura County and grow to be a part of a new community. I look forward to starting a family with my lovely wife, working hard in education and surfing or fishing in my free time!Andrew Ford

Education Specialist (Mild/Moderate)

Ryan Pariso –

My class is doing the Week of Inspirational Math developed by Jo Boaler.  The lessons focus on growth mindset, effective group work, and perseverance in mathematics.

Ms. Lybrand

Room P8 ELA- Students are creating their own society after analyzing The Giver.





Ss created society- socialist republic. Everyone works for no money- govt supplies needs.



Government supplements incomes for housing-People must work. 3 Kings rule.

dictatorship. People work for govt, govt gives people what govt think people need. Note black.



Students are learning about the Origin of the Universe. We have a jig saw project going- They will be using Aurasma to create Aura’s of what they learned and post them around campus. Students go to each of the Aura’s and fill in table with information from each presentation.


Last Tuesday and Wednesday we presented to most of the freshman students during their English classes (special thanks to our wonderful English staff).  This was a recruitment effort to begin interviewing and recommending students for admission to the academy for the 2018-2019 school years.  By the end of the second day, we already had 38 students apply, with more expected.  We hope to have our recruitment completed prior to December 1.

We’d like to thank the teachers and staff who helped to make our first monthly faculty luncheon a success.  Keep checking your email for next month’s menu.

We finished up our second annual YES Academy Week of Fun.  This is a week of activities and competitions pitting the sophomore, junior, and senior classes against each other.  Each day had a different competition, with the winning team being awarded points toward the grand prize – a pizza party for the winning grade.  The sophomores emerged victorious.

During this week, we also had a coin competition between the grades, which raised over $150 for charity.  We will decide as an academy to which worthy group this will be awarded.

We met with Dr. McCoy at the district office on Tuesday about an exciting opportunity for our seniors.  This program will award scholarship money to students able to provide 25 hours of tutoring and assistance to elementary school children at our local schools.

In our Teaching and Learning classes, we had a guest speaker from CSUCI inform the classes about the new option through the Cal State system to complete a bachelor’s degree and teaching credential in a four-year program.  We continue to promote our wonderful profession to our students and inform them of their post-secondary options.

Eric Ehlers


Subject: Top 30 winner’s twilight meet

Please congratulate these amazing student athletes as they led the way for Hueneme Vikings at the Ojai twilight CC meet held at lake casitas.

Luis Villalpando 5th place Adrian Leyva 7th place Salvador Gonzalez 9th Yaquelin Villalpando 27th