Weekly Update

Friday, October 13, 2017


The PSAT test was successfully completed. Hueneme High School had 1397 students who tested with 319 seniors who registered to Oxnard College. We’re getting more college ready every day at Hueneme.

WHAT’S NEW IN THE CAFETERIA??!! Organic, local veggies now being served in the cafeteria!

Exciting news!!  We started purchasing organic lettuce and carrots last week from this amazing local farm called the Abundant Table to be served in our cafeteria. Abundant Table supports farm to school across Ventura County, and their entire business is based on schools, farmers markets, and their CSA program.  The farm is run by women, they pay their workers a living wage, and they grow everything organically and sustainably.

Delia, our wonderful kitchen manager, is working hard to cut the carrots into carrot sticks for our students to enjoy! It is national school lunch week, so if you have an extra minute in your day, swing by the cafeteria and show our kitchen staff some love for the hard work they do in getting our students high quality produce! Thank you, Delia!! This work couldn’t be done without our Farm to School coordinator, Anna Jackson!

Frances Adams/Coordinator -HealthCorps, Inc.


On Tuesday of last week, the Counseling team along with Sherry Creager and ASB/Senior Class Officers held a College and Career Readiness Day for ALL Seniors.  The programming for the day included presentations from Cal State University Channel Islands, Universal Technical Institute and Oxnard College Financial Aid experts.   319 SENIORS began the online Community College Registration process and will complete this process in the upcoming week.   Many Seniors are signing up to attend an Educational Excursion to UTI in November.   The seniors had an additional 45 minutes to mingle and chat among themselves in the GYM while listening to music and voting on their Viking Theme shirts.   The Cap and Gown “color” was also voted on.   The results will be announced shortly through ASB.   Thank you Mrs. Buen, Mrs. Roth, Mrs. Corona and Ms. Muro for all your support and supervision with the Senior Activities on PSAT Day.

Katlin Martinez – Our LGBTQ+ Group meet and have had over 25 participants on Wednesdays during lunch. We talked about national coming out day and did activities to show support for the community.


Bob Kadin – 11th grade working on computer programming, learning about creating random variables within loops, and how to make timers and scoring.  Seniors are working on Engineering PowerPoints so that all the students can get an idea of the different careers available under the umbrella of Engineering.  This is the first step in the collaborative project.

AVID Friday Update

This week we are highlighting indicators from the AVID Senior Class of 2017 as the data has been official approved by AVID Center. For our AVID Senior class of 2017,

  • 87% of the parents of our AVID seniors did not attend or graduate from college/university, making them the first to attend college.
  • 83% took at least one course of Rigor (Advanced Placement) during their four years of high school.
  • 96% completed 4 -year college entrance requirements.
  • 93.6% participated in AVID three of more years, including some that started in 7th grade.
  • 97.9% plan on attending a two year or four-year college/university.  We have heard back from some of them and are totally enjoying the experience. 😊
  • 2.1% enrolled in the Military or Tech School.
  • Average G.P.A was 3.46, with the maximum G.P.A at 4.70 with the average G.P.A. for males at 3.30 and average G.P.A. for females at 3.53.

Our AVID senior class of 2018 is currently in the process of applying for colleges/universities and we hope to see similar results from our current seniors.

I also shared EVERFI, a digital resource with our AVID Elective teachers that focuses on topics like financial education, entrepreneurship, STEM exploration, and health and wellness. EVERFI programming is free of charge to AVID elective teachers to use in their classes, and it includes lesson plans, scholarship opportunities, training and ongoing support for students and teachers.


Math 1A Bilingual:  Students are learning how to solve multi-step equations by using an equation mat and algebra tiles.  They are relating the simplification process of solving an equation algebraically to solving it using the tiles.

Students also learned about the PSAT and practiced answering sample questions.

Pre-Calculus:  Students were assessed on Chapter 2, Functions and Their Graphs, and studied/reviewed their PSAT practice tests both in small groups and as a class.

NJROTC Uniform Issuing 2017

Saturday, October 7, 2017, between the hours of 0900-1200, the Hueneme NJROTC Staff issued uniforms to first year cadets. All first-year cadets received their uniform items required to participate for their first NJROTC Uniform Inspection on Thursday, October 12, 2017.


15 NJROTC staff members volunteered their time on a non-school day to help first year cadets to receive their uniforms. The staff organized and set up various stations to streamline process for efficiently distributing garrison caps, shirts, trousers, belts, shoes, and collar/cap devices to the first-year cadets.


All uniform items are at-no-cost to all NJROTC cadets. The United States Navy spent up to $20,000 for this school to purchase all NJROTC uniform items to equip and clothe all Hueneme NJROTC cadets from grades 9-12 to satisfy the Navy requirements for uniform regulations and grooming standards.

C/LT Alondra Osuna,  HHS NJROTC Supply Officer

Social Science

Students in US History worked on Academic Discussions in small groups.

Students in Government practiced online research skills and completed a Legal Hierarchy that will be used for their upcoming common assessment.

Psychology students created and tested hypothesis regarding brain injuries and behavior.


This week in the SPED Department we are introducing another new young, confident teacher at HHS.

Introducing Edwin Hernandez:

Here is a little information about himself.

“I was born and raised in Oxnard, California. I attended Larsen Elementary School, Blackstock Jr. High, and Pacifica High School. After graduating from high school, I attended Ventura and Oxnard Community Colleges. I then transferred to California State University of Channel Islands where I graduated with a B.A. After that I worked for a couple of years before enrolling in the teaching program at California State University of Northridge. I received my teaching clear education specialist credential and have worked towards completing a Master’s degree. I will hopefully be completing all the courses and receiving a Master’s Degree this school year”.

HHS is excited about our new staff here at Vikingland. Go Vikings!!!


The YES Academy recently held a coin drive.  Academy students donated over $300 in coins to raise money for charities.  The sophomore class won the class coin battle and got to select the charities to which we would donate the money.  They decided to donate $200 to Canine Companions for Independence, $80 to the American Cancer Society, and $50 to a GoFundMe for the family of an HHS student who recently had major surgery.

Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) is a nonprofit organization that provides service dogs to individuals with various disabilities.  Academy coordinator, Mr. Ehlers, is currently raising a service dog for this organization.  Narcelle accompanies Mr. Ehlers to school 2 or 3 days a week and has become a beloved member of the YES Academy and the Viking family.  She will remain with Mr. Ehlers until May 2019 when she is turned back into the program for professional training and eventual placement with a person with a disability.  The academy’s generous donation will allow CCI to continue to provide these service dogs free of charge.