Weekly Update

Friday, October 20, 2017



This week the Counseling Team focused on the Junior Class. Juniors are being offered an opportunity to improve A-G grades and/or credit recovery though a Saturday program that will begin October 28th.

Counselors are continuing to meet with their Seniors individually and completing the Parent Notification of Graduation Status.  Counselors are thick in the process of helping Seniors complete their College Admittance Recommendations via Naviance for those using the Common Application.

On Friday Counselor Xochitl Gomez and Cynthia Bogan helped chaperone the Aviation Day Educational Excursion at Camarillo Airport.  Counselor Katalina Martinez presented Monday evening in the community to 25 MIXTECO student and parents regarding A-G requirements.

The HHS counseling team met with 11th graders regarding credit recovery options. During periods 2 and 5, the team shared information regarding concurrent enrollment at Oxnard Adult School and APEX on Saturdays.



Each presentation was well attended and there were many good questions from the group.






Our field trip to Ormond beach was an ecological study of the local coastline.


Some students used transects to study the populations of native and non-native plants. Others used transects to find population densities of intertidal organisms.


Other groups conducted a shorebird survey.



Next, we will travel to Santa Cruz Island and conduct the same study.  The purpose is to get a comparison of the beach ecosystem here, next to a large city and out on an island where human contact is carefully managed.

We also had a talk from the director of the Nature Conservancy who is in charge of the Ormond Beach restoration.   All this fits together in the theme of human interactions with natural systems, both positive and negative and the environmental engineer’s role in helping maintain and restore ecosystems.


This week our AVID students received agendas thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor in our community. The agenda were well received by our AVID students as well as our teachers.  The agendas is a critical component of the Organization standard of the program.  AVID Seniors are starting to ask teachers for letters of recommendations as they begin to apply to college and universities. This Saturday, HHS and OUHSD will be hosting the second part of AVID tutor training for newly hired tutors in our district and neighboring school districts.


Faith DeLuca: The students recently finished an article called “Hip Hop Planet” which required them to analyze the author, the audience and the main ideas.  Afterwards, they wrote a letter to the author summarizing what they read and telling him whether they agreed or disagreed with his claims.

Kara Bettencourt: Juniors are in the middle of a drama unit, Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, and preparing for the PSAT next week.  We have also visited the Career Center to log on to Naviance and do career exploration.  We continue to study academic vocabulary every week. Seniors have finished Beowulf and are starting our medieval hero unit on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Liz Hanrieder: We just finished writing essays for Leopard Man and are beginning Fahrenheit 451.

Olivia Hernandez: English 1RCP-  We have been working on making predictions and modifying predictions as we gather more details from a text. Our unit is focused on digital life and technology with our essential question being “what are the pros and cons of digital life?”

Gabby Gomez-Font: Seniors– Students read an article about Iceland having only two children yearly with Down syndrome and participated in a Socratic seminar about a society free of children with defects and what that says about us as a society.  Seniors have been discussing controversial issues like this in preparation for the research paper on a controversial issue which they begin next week.

Eric Ehlers: AP Language and Composition – Students continue to master the rhetorical analysis essay.  We are working on properly identifying and discussing rhetorical strategies.

English 3 YES – Students finished their unit on the immigrant experience in literature and are beginning a unit on children in American literature.  We begin reading “The Crucilble” on Monday.

Sonia Herrejon: 10th grade is working on finishing the ERWC Leopard Man unit and will begin writing essays this week.


Precalculus is Building Linear and Quadratic Models from Verbal Descriptions and Data.

Calculus developed the Difference Quotient from the definition of Slope.






Seabee Museum 2017

On October 19, 2017, about 70 Hueneme High School NJROTC Unit made a trip to the Ventura County Naval Base, Port Hueneme. Specifically, our cadets visited the Seabee Museum.

Throughout the educational trip, our cadets learned the rich history and importance of the Seabees in the Navy and their relevance throughout the ages.

They learned the significance of the Seabees contribute in more than 70 years, ranging from Disaster Recovery, Humanitarian Relief, and World Wide

Nation Building.


All Seniors in Government and Economics participated in the HHS annual register to vote event.

The Ventura League of Women Voters presented a History of Voting lesson, answered questions from students and went through the registration process.


SPED introduces another new Viking in their department.

James Loughrie – James is originally from Palmdale and graduated from USC in 2002 with a degree in journalism. After working as a reporter for several small newspapers, James decided to travel the world through teaching English. In 2006, he moved to Turkey where he taught English as a second language. In 2007, James moved to Seoul where he taught English as a second language for two years. James moved to Arizona in 2009 and began teaching in special education. He received a master’s degree from ASU in 2011. James’ favorite thing about teaching in Autism is to use visual to teach new routines and skills. In his spare time, James plays golf, travels, works out and attempts  to complete Spartan obstacle course races without dying.


The Lady Vikings travelled to Raider country Tuesday to engage in the last match of the season. The Vikings triumphed by the score of 15-3. Fatima Perez and Jacky Sanchez swept 3 sets in singles. The doubles teams of Yadira Ceja/Senaida Gallegos and Alondra Rojas/Maria Espinoza swept 3 sets in doubles. The highlight of the match was Senior Yadira Ceja playing doubles with her sister, Dani Ceja in the 3rd round. Your Lady Vikings now await word from the CIF Federation on a possible berth to the CIF playoffs as the Lady Vikings finished in 3rd place in their last campaign in the Pacific View League. I would like to thank one and all who supported Viking Tennis this season. Special thanks to the Big Z Rock, Mr. Zamora. And thanks to everyone who stopped by the courts this season to cheer on the Vikings. We appreciate you all.


Many YES Academy seniors are participating in Cultivating Teacher Leaders, a program that is designed to promote teaching as a profession to our high school students.  Along with participants from a few other programs, students who complete 25 hours working with youth by early December will be splitting a scholarship pool of $50,000.  We are grateful to board member Karen Sher bringing this opportunity to our students.

This past Friday, students volunteered at Horror in the Stacks at the Preuter Library.  Students worked with library staff to put on an awesome event for local youth.  Many of our students were on the planning committee for this event, as well as donning costumes and helping to make this a memorable event for the guests.

On Wednesday, our students visited UCLA.  Students enhanced their college readiness by taking a tour of the campus and asking questions regarding admissions.  Some were even able to see the UCLA Lab School.  We were fortunate to meet up with three YES Academy alumni (Jose Chacon, Karol Gonzalez, and Ahlexus Hughes) who were able to impart some wisdom to our current students.  All were happy report that they are doing well in school and loving being a Bruin.


Top picture – Current students enjoying the campus tour.


Side picture – Our favorite current Bruins (Karol Gonzalez, Jose Chacon, Ahlexus Hughes).