Weekly Update

Friday, October 27, 2017


This past week has been whirlwind for the HHS Counseling Department.  Planning for the Freshmen Academic Presentations and presenting through the Science Department has been completed.  Monday and Tuesday all Counselors will be speaking with the freshman regarding A-G requirements, College and Career Planning as well as HIGH EXPECTATIONS FOR ALL. Shout out to Counselor Denise Rodriguez!

Ms. Bogan attended the California Association of School Counselors 17th Annual Conference in Riverside this past Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  She brought back innovative ideas that the team has already begun to discuss and see how Best Practices with the ASCA/CASC National Model can be put into place at HHS.  The Reach Higher Initiative which Former First Lady Michelle Obama began and the Better Make Room College Access Campaign which is continuing to spread across the nation are two areas we are excited to bring to the table.  HHS would like to commend Dr. Deleon for encouraging all OUHSD Counselors to attend this amazing Professional Development Conference.

Senior Early Decision application deadlines are in full swing and Counselors are completing the requests of the Common Application which is being submitted though Naviance.  HHS also has a well Finalist in the Quest Bridge Competition Amelia Realzola has made it and we wish her the best with the QuestBridge match!



Pictured: Counseling Team working hard to improve A-G and graduation rates!



This week I did EL A-G class presentations and I set up financial aid workshops for our categorical students.


In AVID 2, we are continuing with our 5th week of tutorials, & they have gone very well. Our Binder Checks have improved overall. For our weekly SAT/ACT vocabulary words, our students are required to do our 3-Way Vocabulary assignment. This is where they write the definition of the word, draw a simple picture that reflects what the word means, and use the word correctly in a sentence. We are also getting repetitions on our notes for our quote & speech analysis activity this week.

Additionally, Ms. Alicia Bettencourt and Ms. Maria Reveles attended the AVID Elective Teacher Workshop that take a closer look at the Schoolwide Domains. During the workshop, participants will learn about replicable best practices to achieve a greater depth of AVID Implementation; Dive deeper into inquiry by understanding why it is important not only to construct questions but also to assess questions as a way to model inquiry in content areas; and  learn about what types of scoring guides can be integrated using Costa’s Levels of Thinking as a way to check for understanding of inquiry in content areas.



Students in Math 1B are learning the conditions under which triangles may be congruent or similar, and how to prove triangle congruency and similarity by making flowcharts.



Gabby Gomez-Font: Juniors in Engineering Academy:  Students have been comparing a sermon in their literature book to paintings with a visual representation of the same topic.  Also, students will be looking at the persuasive rhetorical devices ethos, pathos, and logos.  After taking notes and studying what they are, students will form groups of 3s and identify the rhetorical devices used in several different food and product ads.  In those same groups, students will then receive a product and create an ad using these rhetorical devices with attention to the loaded words they use to entice the listener.  They will then present their ad to the class.

Tim McGee: Eng 2RCP: We started reading Fahrenheit 451 together in class, filling out plot notes as we read. Students will evaluate the theme of how society’s expectations can cause individuals to lose their individuality, as it develops in the story. This will lead into an essay about the character Montag and his interactions with society.

Harmony Lane: The honors classes are just finishing the reading of ‘Of Mice and Men’ and beginning to prep for the final assessment.


Calculus students are extending their work with derivatives.

Math 9- Students are learning how to combine like terms using algebra tiles.

Math 1- Students are learning slope through an activity called “Figuring Out the Winner of the Big Race”

Math 2/3- Students have been preparing for a very important Chapter Test. They have been working in teams to study.

Pre Calc- Students are being tested on linear and quadratic functions.

Statistics- Finished residuals and least square lines.

It’s a great week for math!


Social Science Department is engaging in lesson planning based on higher thinking skills that promote active student engagement and mastery of 21st Century research skills.


Our Viking H2O swimmers shared their Senior Recognition Night with the Raiders.











Our Vikings won Varsity and lost to a more experienced JV team.

Pablo Gallegos, Athletic Director

Vikings, If you feel inundated with the heat days, quarter 1 grading, creating CFA’s, data chats, etc… Take a moment to read a recent VC Star Article on Hueneme Grad, Brianna Valencia: Yes Academy Student, HHS Cheerleader, and standout HHS Cross Country & Track Athlete. I remember quite vividly when Rosa & I spotted her on a conditioning run with the cheer team, the summer before her junior year, and saw potential. It takes a village to raise a child. Thanks for all you do. From Ventura County Star: Confident Valencia delivers WSC title to Oxnard College Briana Valencia took control over the final 800 meters to win the WSC womens cross country championship in on Friday in Bakersfield. http://www.vcstar.com/story/sports/college/2017/10/25/confident-valencia-delivers-wsc-title-oxnard-college/799377001/



The seniors in Teaching and Learning designed and implemented a mask making lesson with the SH students this Thursday.  Students came up with the mask ideas, gathered materials, and assisted the students in creating masks for Halloween.  All students had a great time getting to know each other and working on this creative project.  On Halloween, the SH students will be visiting our classroom and neighboring rooms to trick or treat.  We look forward to continuing to work with our SH students as we continue studying about how to best serve all student populations.