Weekly Update

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


This week the Counselors held many Student Study team Meetings for at Risk students.  Also we spent time planning the Interventions for students who at Quarter 1 have one or more D’s or/and F’s grades.  We are crunching the data to find patterns so we might utilize best practices for intervening.  Coordinating and fine tuning each student individually is the key to a successful intervention.  Teacher input is vital to this process and we are happy to report that their is a high increase in teacher input!

On Thursday November 9th the HHS Counseling Team will be traveling to the Ventura County Office of Education to attend the 11th Annual Special Populations Conference.



  This week we had guest speakers on Monday in our AVID senior class during second period.  They did a student panel where the University Mentors (Leslie Lopez, Patty Saenz, and Jennifer Rueda) did a question and answer session that provided an insight into the college experience. On Wednesday, Patty Saenz and Amparo Valdovinos from University Culture returned to our senior class and did the Admissions Application Lab where they worked with the students on completing their admissions applications (see attached). We are very grateful to have this partnership  in place with CSU Channel Islands and University Culture’s  Monica Ocampo, OLAS Community Outreach Specialist (HHS alumni).



As we begin the second quarter, Math 1 students are building their foundation for linear functions and learning how to develop equations from graphs and tables and a variety of scenarios. They are becoming proficient at identifying and calculating the slope and the y-intercept of a line, graphing lines, and generating equations from given information including specific points and slope.

Math 2 students now find themselves calculating the probabilities of various events ranging from coin flips to having the same blood types and they are learning to display this data using tree diagrams and area models. What’s the probability of getting asked to the next school dance– ask a Math 2 student to tell you your chances!


E.O. Green “Take a Veteran to School Day” 2017

  On November 6, 2017, E. O. Green Junior High School’s Principal Haines hosted the “Take a Vet to School Day.” The E. O. Green Hornets honored both active and retired military personnel alike.




  Not only were there active duty personnel present at the event, there were even E. O. Green teachers who were retired members from the military.





The Hueneme High School NJROTC Color Guards presented the colors while the Pledge of Allegiance was recited aloud.  Following colors, the NJROTC Unarmed Exhibition Drill Team and  Armed Drill Team preformed basic and exhibition routines for the guests and E.O. Green Middle School teachers and students.




The veterans living today have fought everywhere from the Pacific Theater of World War II to the mountains of Afghanistan.  It means understanding the sacrifices our veterans have made to achieve and maintain the freedom for our great nation. There are so few of them around, it should be easy to give them the respect that they are due.




This week in Social Science students in AP Psychology and Psychology CP created and presented brain projects. Students had to demonstrate their understanding of the parts of the brain and their functions.