Weekly Update

Friday, November 17, 2017


Mr. Newman’s English 2 is reading “By the Waters of Babylon” + SAT Voc. 10 and grammar work.  The English 3 class is reading myths + Voc. 10 and grammar work.

Mr. Ripley 9th grade students are beginning the novel Of Mice and Men next week.  They are doing pre-reading activities such as the historical context of 1930’s California, reading the short story “Johnny Bear” by John Steinbeck and discussing the importance of recognizing others and their differences as something to be praised rather than feared.

Seniors have been working on their controversial issues research papers. They have been focused on how to identify credible source material and how to organize that material into a coherent essay that presents two sides of a controversial issue. The students have been creating an annotated works cited list, as well as, an outline for their essay.

Ms. Perez’s 9th grade Honors students are interpreting analyzing elements of Greek Mythology in The Odyssey.  9th grade CP students are identifying elements of plot in “The Most Dangerous Game.”   11th grade students are analyzing the effect of mass hysteria in Act 2 of the Crucible and preparing for an SAT vocabulary quiz at the end of the week.

Mrs. Bettencourt’s 12th grade students are in the middle of their research paper which will be finished in December.  They are exploring a controversial topic and synthesizing multiple resources into a cohesive, persuasive argument.

Ms. Hanrieder’s classes are reading Antigone, focusing on conflict, rhetoric, and close reading skills.


The Math Dept collaborated on Instructional Strategies.  Mrs. Corona presented the CPM strategies: Dragon Tail, Red Light/Green Light, and Huddle.  Mr. Zamora presented the the AVID strategy: Marking the Text with tips to modify for math.



  Math 1The image demonstrates students collaborating with a partner to figure out what strategies works best for each equation.  This week students are learning different strategies to solve exponential and complex equations. The strategies include looking inside (guess and check), rewriting (distributive property), undoing (inverse operations), eliminating decimals, same base exponentials and fraction busters.

Math 2 This week students are learning the relationship between the triangle slope and the tangent. They worked together to find the pattern between given the angles and the sides. All the material relates back to similar triangles from last chapter.


CP Psychology students conducted their annual blindfold walk experiment as part of their Sense and Perception unit.