Weekly Update

Friday, December 1, 2017


This week the Counselors did the planning for the 2018/2019 registration process.  The Oxnard Elementary District schools were met with and plans were set on which dates the HHS Counseling Team will be addressing the incoming Class of 2021.

Cynthia Lopez attended a workshop at UCSB and is training to become a “reader” of the Essays for the UC System which are required by all our senior applicants if they are applying to a UC.


The Friday prior to Thanksgiving break all Counselors attended the Oxnard College Counselor Exchange Day and learned of the most current changes the OCC system has put into place.  One is the process for Dual Enrollment for our current HHS students.  All students who wish to Dual Enroll must now go online to do so effective immediately.


This week AVID Seniors finished submitting their college applications by the November 30th deadline.  Now they wait to her back for UC, CSU and private universities to which they applied to.  The AVID team is looking forward to hearing from students as they get admitted to campuses. 

In our AVID 2 class with Mr. Garrett and Ms. Bettencourt, presenters from CSUCI University Culture did a presentation on Options for College where they provided an overview of the UC system, CSU system and the community college system in California. Students took Cornell Notes and asked questions of the presenters who provided them with their personal experiences applying and being in college. Some students received prizes for volunteering answers to the questions posed by the presenters.





Math 1 is working on transformations of polygons (reflections, rotations, and translations).



Math 2H students using their own clinometers to measure classroom objects, the height of the scoreboard, and light pole.



Math 3 students are taking the interim comprehensive assessments for the CAASPP.


AP Stats students are currently learning about Venn diagrams, unions, intersections, and complements.

Pre Calculus is working on finding the real zeros of a polynomial function, Intermediate Value Theorem, and Complex Zeros of a polynomial function.

Calculus is developing the Product Rule, Quotient Rule and derivatives of the Trigonometric functions.   


Veteran’s Day Parade 2017

On November 11, 2017, about 50 Hueneme NJROTC cadets participated in the Oxnard Veteran’s Day Parade. This event greatly honored the sacrifice of all veterans who had served this country. After the welcome remarks made by Mayor Tim Flynn and other speeches delivered by other Dignitaries, the parade commenced. Our NJROTC Unarmed Exhibition Drill and Armed Exhibition Drill Teams performed their routines for the general crowd.  The unit executive officer spearheaded the marching platoon.  The Color Guards paraded the National Ensign and the state of California flag.  All cadets at the parade showed their respects to the veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the nation.   –  Cadet LT Chavez, Enoc



Students in Government classes worked on research assignments that had them demonstrating their understanding of the US Constitution and the amendments. In addition, students demonstrated internet research skills by finding current events that connected to an amendment of their selection. The final written evaluation was peer edited and students were asked to justify their evaluation with supporting evidence.



Mr. Loughrie’s class surprised the office staff with iced coffee – THANK YOU!

Mr. Loughrie shared a little about “The Coffee Project” If a person can serve a cup of coffee, they can have a job. So we work with students throughout the week to make coffee. This includes everything from filling up the classroom Brita, to making ice cubes, scooping and then preparing the coffee. Students have communication to practice asking questions, listening for answers and applying that answer to a new question. It gives them a chance to practice new skills with people while they are still at school.



Band will be performing this Saturday, December 2 at the Oxnard Christmas Parade.