Weekly Update

Friday, January 12, 2018


Seniors are working on scholarship applications and essays during the days we attended in December.  Frances Adams, HealthCorps Coordinator at Hueneme High School, has been working with our juniors on developing some skills to deal with stress and anxiety. On one day, students learned some yoga and deep breathing techniques; everyone really enjoyed it! Having skills to deal with stress will come in handy specially once students are in college.



Math 1: Students are using Algebra tiles to build area models. They are using this knowledge to convert between the area of a model as a sum, and as a product.

Math 2: Students are discovering how to solve for missing side lengths of right triangles using trig functions sine, cosine, and tangent.

Math 3: Students are focusing on writing equations for inverse functions using graphs and the concept of “undoing”.

Pre-calculus: Students concluded Graphs of Rational Functions.

Calculus: Students are solving Related Rates with derivatives.


Hueneme High Honors Students Unite with STEM Program at Oxnard College

Hueneme High freshman and sophomore honors classes went to Oxnard College on Tuesday through

Friday to organize their presentation boards with their STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).    Around 160 students, along with their teachers – Mr. Gotts and Mr. Callaway, were provided with boards and other materials as well as access to color printers to organize and set-up their science fair presentations for the February 6th Science Fair at Hueneme High.

Students also had the opportunity to receive a tour of the campus and visit a Physics class through the ACEBADO outreach program for under-represented students in college and university.  The three-hour program was very helpful in providing the foundation for a successful science fair project for each student.

Social Science 

Geography students are finishing the Latin America unit of study and are taking Cornell notes, doing Marzano vocab., and writing short answer responses to critical thinking questions using our Paragraph Writing format.

World Civ. students are working on the Industrial Revolution unit. Students are taking Cornell notes, doing Marzano vocab., and writing short answer responses to critical thinking questions using our Paragraph Writing format.

US History students are finishing standard 11.2 unit and working on writing assignments that help them answer the unit Essential Learning Questions. Did rapid Industrialization provide opportunity? Gilded Age: Captains of Industry or Robber Barons? Through a variety of DBQ’s and Academic Discussion Group activities students demonstrated mastery of the content. In addition, they were asked to make connections with today, Is rags to riches still possible today?

Government students explored how elections work in the US, including the Electoral College, special run-off elections, and election vocabulary. Students in Government are preparing for the final unit of study: Judicial Branch- and will participate in an online research assignment.

YES Academy

Nine of our YES academy members recently completed an after-school internship through a program called Cultivating Teacher Leaders.  This is a program founded by board member Karen Sher that seeks to promote teaching as profession to young people.  Our students completed over 25 hours at local elementary students after school, many through a local program Oxnard Scholars.  In addition to their service to the community and valuable experience gained, these students will be splitting at $50K scholarship with other students who completed the requisite hours.

All nine students attended a wonderful award ceremony at the district office in December and, in addition to the scholarship money, were informed by the superintendents of OUHSD and Oxnard School District that they are guaranteed an interview upon completion of a credential program.

We would like to thank board member Sher for bringing this program to our students.  This is an awesome example of what valuable experience and support career technical education and academies can provide for our students.  We would also like to congratulate our students who participated in this program:  Ariana Cazares, Synai Hernandez, Jessica Altamirano, Nayeli Caballero, Stephanie Lopez, Elizabeth Perea, Erandi Alcantar, Gloria Guerrero, and Delsi Santillan.