Weekly Update

Friday, January 19, 2018

Counseling Corner


This past week there were 2 wonderful graduations to attend.  The first was the Community Law Enforcement Academy for Young Adults which took place January 11th.  Hueneme High School graduates were Erik Arriaga, Karen Valencia and Jennifer Cruz.






The next graduation held on January 16th was the NAVSEA Pre-Engineering Program.  Hueneme graduates were Victor Arroyo, James Cerda, Carlos Rivera and Cristian Simmons-Ocampo.





Sherry Creager, Career Center Technician, and the Counseling team met this week with every senior to assist them in creating their FAFSA ID number which will enable them to complete the FAFSA application by the March 2 deadline.  We also informed our Dreamers that they have an application which will enable them to receive California Student Aid.  On February 1 in the evening we will hold CASH for COLLEGE where our seniors will bring their parents in and complete the FAFSA process.  Experts from Oxnard College Financial aid will be helping the family.



Cheer – Please congratulate our Co-Ed Varsity Competition team. They placed 2nd this past Saturday in their division and it was our school’s first CIF sanctioned competition (first year that cheer is a CIF sport). Aside from placing our team also received a qualifying bid to attend the 2017-2018 USA Nationals Competition next month at the Anaheim Convention Center. We will be competing against teams from all over the nation and hope to make it to the final round! Their next competition will be Saturday January 20th in Long Beach. Wish them luck!





Seniors are finally beginning using Revit Architectural Design Program, by going step by step designing a large two-story house.

Juniors have finished with their computer games many of which are sophisticated and very good.  They are starting Robotics, with a report about the ethical questions regarding the future of robotics.

Sophomores are working on their MESA projects. They must design and build a bridge out of only Balsa wood and white glue. Their bridge has a set of very precise size constraints they must follow. The winner must be able to carry the most weight in comparison to the mass of their bridges.

Freshmen are working on their MESA projects. They must design and build a glider that flies 8 meters forward and makes a right turn 8 meters. The glider that lands closest to the target will win the competition.



An email was shared with the AVID Team from Ms. Maricruz Hernandez, Director of College and Career Readiness on a free virtual college fair for the western region of the United States.  This fair is scheduled for January 22nd-27th, and students can log on any time during this week and get information from many colleges.  There is a question and answer section for the students to get answers directly from college representatives. Also, this week our AVID Tutors return to work after month hiatus. Our AVID students were very excited to have the tutors back since they are seen as role models and mentors, and are an integral part of our program at HHS.



More than 50 of Mr. Ehlers’s and Mrs. Herrejon’s AP Language and Composition students attended the second AP Saturday Institute of this school year.  With the loss of eight school days, this extra session allowed students to gain some valuable extra practice with the argument essay – one of the three essay formats tested on the AP exam.

Ms. Lybrand: room P8- English Students are learning how to create Book Snaps for the novels they are reading. The learning focus is character analysis.

Mrs. Bettencourt: Juniors are finishing their drama unit about the Crucible and preparing for their final exam.  Seniors are finishing their unit on Renaissance Poetry and preparing for their final exam.

Ms. Landreth: To end the fall semester, the drama class students are performing a treasury of scenes and monologues:  Whose Life is it Anyways?, The Rainmaker, The Breakfast Special, Man with Bags,  A Raisin in the Sun,  and You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.  

Ms. Herrejon: 10th grade students are finishing their unit on Fahrenheit 451 in preparation of the final.  11th grade AP Language and Composition students are finishing their unit on the AP Argument essay as well as preparing to write two on-demand essays for their final. 



Math 1A Bil.- Students are reviewing and retaking quizzes on the two objectives they scored the lowest in from Ch.1, Justify Your Logic and Functions/Domain/Range.

Math 3- We are working on inverse functions and logarithms. We investigated some new functions that “undo” each other.  We learned about inverse relationships and investigated the relationships between functions and their inverses.

We determined the inverses of many parent graphs. Ending with determining inverses for exponential functions, logarithmic functions.  Today, the kids created posters to represent the characteristics of logarithmic functions using multiple representations.

Pre-Calculus- Concluding Ch.5 on Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.  Students are learning how to graph these functions, solve equations and use their properties for simplifying and evaluating.

Calculus- Students are making connections between antiderivatives and integrals. 


Social Science Update

AP European History students participated in a competition this week to help them prepare for their assessment on the French Revolution. It’s was fun to see students actively and collaboratively participating!  The students were allowed to earn points before and after school, during breaks and passing periods. The competition involved Two sides who battled over which APEURO army is supreme.  The winners will have eternal bragging rights.  Objective: Players must rely on one another, determine safe paths of travel, understand their enemy acutely and develop plans of attack.  Gathering, keeping, and winning rations is essential to survival.  The winning group will have to accumulate the highest point total.  May the best AP class win!


YES Academy 

The YES Academy is gearing up for the second semester.  Our seniors will be readying our lab school in preparation for students beginning in March.  This is very exciting for all of us, and there is much to do.  You may notice our juniors toting around electronic babies on Friday and Monday for the next few months.  These are sophisticated machines that really give our Developmental Psychology students a sense of what it is like to care for an infant.

Seniors have begun to receive college acceptance letters, which is very exciting.  Next comes the arduous task of selecting a school and figuring out how to pay for it.  We are fundraising like crazy to award as much money as we can to these worthy seniors.  Special thanks to Pablo Gallegos and Tuck Engelmann for helping with our fundraising efforts at soccer games.