Weekly Update

Friday, February 2, 2018


Second semester is off to a super great start due to the many hours of planning and alignment of schedules prior to Winter break!  Of course there are the usual level changes and adjustments for sports and those requests seem to be going smoothly.

Thursday Evening Cash 4 College was presented to Seniors and their parents.  The students are completing their FAFSA with experts brought in from Oxnard college.  The deadline is March 2nd. Oxnard College is holding a Saturday FAFSA day from 9am until 2 pm on February 3rd.  ALL students should apply and if they are going to other institutions they can still go the FAFSA workshop at the local college to complete their application.

On Friday Counselor Bogan will be attending the VCOE CEC/ROP Counselor Breakfast where she will learn of all the newly articulated courses the Career Education Center is offering.

The Counselors will begin their feeder school visits on February 6th.  It was very exciting to see all 700 plus in the gym on Thursday morning for the Freshmen Experience!

Please congratulate the counseling team on Monday February 5th as the OUHSD Board of trustees approved Resolution # 18-04 presented by Dr. Penelope Deleon Proclaiming February 5th through the 9th as National School Counseling Week.


Varsity Boys Soccer – Pacific View League CHAMPIONS!!!

Congratulations to our Varsity Boys Soccer Team and Coach Engelmann!









Yesterday, Mr. Zamora spent the afternoon at Blackstock Jr. High School talking to their AVID students about the AVID experience at the high school level.  Mr. Zamora will be out at E.O. Green on February 14th to do a similar presentation with the AVID students there. Students are very excited to be coming to continue in AVID and looking forward to the Incoming Freshmen School visit on February 1st.  During our Incoming Freshmen School visit, AVID Co -Coordinator and Counselor Ms. Cynthia Lopez, AVID Seniors Diego Caballero and Fatima Perez along with AVID Tutor Zulema Casimiro did a presentation about our c/o 2016 -2017 AVID program highlights, their experience in the program, and how it has helped them to be ready for college.  Many of our incoming eight grade students visited our table in the quad and had plenty of good questions.


Mr. Ehlers and Ms. Herrejon’ s AP Language and Composition students and YES Academy Juniors are starting their research for their research paper. They have been working in the library this week gathering the information they need for their thesis statements that are due next week.


Math 1 students are generating and investigating sequences.  They created posters showing the different types of the sequences: Arithmetic and Geometric. 

Math 2 students are developing the Zero Products Property and understanding the connections between the algebra and the graph.  

Precalculus students are developing the Unit Circle.

Calculus students explored the Mean Value Theorem and Riemann Sums. 



Cadet of the Week

Out of the multitude of skillful cadets in the Hueneme NJROTC Program, the one that stands out the most is our Cadet Commander Jesus Martinez.  As the unit Commanding Officer, he is in charge of the entire battalion with respect to operations and administration. Outside of the NJROTC Program, he is a part of Hueneme’s Mock Trial team.  Jesus consistently maintains great grades in all of his AP classes, with AP Physics being his favorite.  He is an outstanding cadet who is an epitome of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.

Cadet LT Chavez







Social Science Department started second semester by going over CHAMPS- the procedures and expectations for classroom success. In addition, students were instructed in how to complete common academic procedures within all Social Science classes such as, Cornell note taking, analyzing primary sources, citing contextual evidence and marking the text strategies.



At Wednesday’s board meeting, nine of our academy seniors were presented with certificates from state legislators and $500 scholarship from CTL (Cultivating Teacher Leaders).  These students completed an internship program at local elementary schools during the first semester.  We would like to thank Board Member Karen Sher for bringing this program to our students, and we are very excited that the program has been funded for this semester as well.  We look forward to more of our students participating in this wonderful program.