Weekly Update

Friday, February 16, 2018


Retired HHS teacher, AVID Coordinator, and coach, Tom McCollum, was on campus as a guest speaker for our AVID 2 (sophomores). He spoke to them about his long career in education and the teaching profession. He also spoke to them about the value of education, and how to get the most out of their educational experiences. (see picture).  Also on Wednesday evening, two of our AVID Seniors, Diego Caballero and Fatima Perez were recognized for their academic achievements during the Board Meeting.  Finally, the AVID Scholarship Application has been available to our seniors.  The deadline is early March.





Mr. Ehlers – My junior classes are in the writing stage of our research project.  This week we focused on their works cited page, outline, intro paragraph, body paragraphs, and parenthetical in-text citations.

Mr. Moody – Juniors-Research Paper Prep and Sophomores- Core Lit Book “Night”

Ms. Bettencourt – Juniors are finishing our unit, American Gothic, and preparing to write an essay next week.  We will be starting the research paper in a week. Seniors are in the middle of their study of the play Macbeth.

Mr. Ripley – My Freshman classes are finishing the Odyssey and about to begin their final project. ERWC is finishing “Into the Wild” and starting a writing project focused on editing and revising. 9RCP is reading “Someone Everyone Wants to Listen To” and working on making predictions. RCP is also focusing on identifying meaning through the use of context clues.

Mr. McGee – Eng 1: Reading …And the Earth did not devour him by Tomas Rivera, and completing jigsaw activities for the different short stories both individually and with a group.

Eng 2RCP: Reading “The Bear” by Anton Checkov focusing on plot development and character growth through constructing charts. Will use charts to create 2 visualizations for the play. Reading 10: We are reading our 3rd informational article, evaluating the information provided after finding evidence to support a summary.

Ms. Muro – ERWC is exploring articles on juvenile justice, as well as practicing annotation and summarizing skills. They are making their way towards an essay where they will take a position on if juveniles should be given life sentences for serious crimes.

Chicano lit is reading Victor Villasenor’s Rain of Gold. Weekly, they are completing free write questions, discussing collaboration questions, completing study guides, and connecting what they are reading to their daily culture. English 2H has just completed a grammar unit on commas, colons, and semi- colons. They are now moving on to pre- reading activities for Night, such as a free write and a collaborative power point presentation.

Ms. Herrejon – Sophomores are focusing on the different rhetorical appeals that are present in Antigone. They have also identified Foil Characters, different types of conflicts, as well as persuasive techniques in the play. Reading Tech 10 students are reading “Into the Poole” and exploring ways authors twist story lines in order to draw the attention of the reader. AP Language and Composition students are continuing to work on their research paper. This week they have been focusing on their essay outlines, work cited page, intro paragraph as well as body paragraphs and parenthetical in-text citations.

Ms. Gomez-Font – Juniors are citing sources in the library in preparation to write their research paper.  Next week they will finish their notes and begin their outline. English 4 seniors are reading Frankenstein and writing their thoughts on some of the issues in preparation to discuss them in a Socratic seminar.  Students are reflecting and writing about whether each child needs mothering, if advancements in technology are always good, if everyone has a predetermined fate, and if being passionate about something gives you the right to ignore any people, rules, or laws from stopping you in pursuit of what you love.

Harmony Lane – AVID classes are beginning the AVID write off.  In English 1H we will begin reading Romeo and Juliet next week. 


Hueneme’s Mock Trial team will compete in the Ventura County competition February 26 & 27 at the Superior Court Complex.  Usually we have sixteen students competing.  This year we have only seven, which means that each student had had to be on both the prosecution and defense teams.  Law Professor Nancy McGinnis, Attorney Jack Schuler, and I thank  Abraham Cabatuando, Enoc Chavez,  Toireasa Lang, Fernando Lupian, Jesus Martinez, Daniel Perez, and Kevin Rangel for their dedication and determination.

Marsha Landreth, Mock Trial Teacher Advisor


Hueneme Mock Trial attorneys Fernando Lupian, Kevin Rangel, and Abraham Cabatuando fine-tuning witness questions. 


Precalculus (pictured) graphed the sine and cosine function based on the Unit Circle.  Through Desmos, the students explored transformations of trig function graphs.


Calculus is extending their knowledge of Definite Integrals to find Volumes of Solids of Revolutions.

Math-2 students are utilizing Algebra tiles and graphing calculators in order to transform a Quadratic Equation into a perfect square. This enables them to solve for and plot its parabola’s x-intercepts; working towards being able to quickly graph a Quadratic Equation.


2018 Winter Rally

The Hueneme NJROTC Sword Detail, commanded by Cadet/LCDR Amelia Realzola, presented the teacher royal court during the Winter Rally on February 9, 2018.  The sword detail formed the arch of swords as the king and queen of the royal court walked on the colorful pathway.  The sword detail consisted of Cadet/LT Lupian, Cadet/LTJG Zuniga, Cadet/LT Chavez, Cadet LT/Estrada, Cadet/LT Allmer, Cadet/ LTCDR Munoz, Cadet/ENS Lopez, and Cadet/LCDR Amelia Realzola.




This week students practiced a variety of Literacy Standards for the Social Sciences. For example, students practiced their speaking and listening skills with debates in Economics. In addition, students in U.S. History practiced their writing with evidence skills. Finally, students in Sociology practiced making real world connections through internet research. Students also utilized an AVID strategy by applying the Cornell note taking strategy to visual and written content.



YES Academy

On Tuesday, the YES Academy seniors, along with other students in Teaching and Learning, visited our friends in the SH program.  Our students designed and instructed students in an art project and helped to celebrate Valentine’s Day by decorating cookies. We really value the opportunities to visit these students.  It gives our students hands-on experience working with a variety of student populations.