Weekly Update

Friday, February 23, 2018



On Tuesday the entire counseling team went to EO Green and pre-registered over 250 students scheduled to attend HHS in the Fall.  They were excited to hear about the programs we have to offer and the electives they were able to choose from.  Cadets for our NJROTC presented in every classroom as well as AVID Senior Kayla.

On Wednesday evening many of the Counselors assisted with the parents pre-registering their students by helping receive the registration packets and assisting them with completion of the required documentation.

Thursday Evening was Financial Aid Night for our Seniors who had yet to complete their FAFSA.  Counselors and experts from Oxnard College were on hand to help complete the forms so they could be considered for Cal Grants and Federal Aid.  We will hold one move Evening FAFSA night on February 28th.


Junior Robotics Course:

The students in Robotics are using the previously obtained data about their robots’s movements to program the robot to navigate a maze.  If they cannot navigate through the maze, they must go back, figure out where the problem lies and redo their program. 


Girls Basketball will be hosting a final-four game on Saturday vs. Santa Clara High School at 7pm. The girls beat Carnegie Riverside to advance to the final four.



Precalculus students (pictured) are developing the Graphs of Cosecant and Secant based on their graphs of y=sin x and y=cos x.


Calculus students are concluding the unit on Area of a Region Between Two Curves and Volume: Disk, Washer, and Shell Methods. 

It was an exciting week for the Math 1’s as they learned how to translate a word problem into a system of equations, then solve the system using one of four Methods: the Equal Values Method, Substitution, Elimination or by Graphing.

Not to be outdone, the Math 2’s went deep into understanding how to find the x-intercepts of a Quadratic Function. They also learned that there may be several different strategies which could be used to arrive at the right answer. Would they factor the Quadratic? Complete the Square? Or maybe even sing a song and use the Quadratic Formula? We’ll find out as we move toward the end of Chapter 5.


The Migrant Program had a great meeting on February 15. They talked about the school survey, DACA renewal and community events.


Cadet of the Week

Another prominent NJROTC staff member, who is our set of eyes and ears in the unit, is Cadet Master Chief Petty Officer Itzel Aguirre.  She maintains a strong connection with all the cadets to promote morale and welfare for more than 160 students in the Hueneme NJROTC.  She is in charge of the unit’s retention and advancement programs to include disciplinary actions.  She is an outstanding cadet who is an epitome of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.  Outside of the Unit, she works as a part-time employee and strives to be one of the best students in Hueneme High School. 

Cadet/LT Enoc Chavez

Public Affairs Officer


Mr. Callaway’s Biology classes produced sourdough rolls as a product in a chemical engineering project with an emphasis on fermentation.   Lactobacillus bacteria produce lactic acid that combined with carbon dioxide from a wild strain of yeast to produce the familiar sour flavor in sourdough bread.    Groups of four kneaded the dough the day before to polymerize the protein (gluten) so the bread would have the strength to keep its’ form during baking.  All students were successful in producing the sourdough bread.


This week Euro AP students practiced collaboration skills. Speaking and listening skills in small groups and then as a whole class discussion. In addition, students in Sociology analyzed their first case study and practiced writing research questions.