Weekly Update

Friday, March 2, 2018


The Counseling department hosted a Financial Aid Workshop Thursday Evening which proved quite successful!  Oxnard College Financial Aid experts guided over 45 parents with their senior through the process of completing the FAFSA prior to the March 2nd deadline in order to be considered for Cal Grants. Previously over 250 HHS seniors had already completed their FAFSA.  Many of our seniors who have responded that they are enlisting in the Military have chosen to let the Military handle their Financial Aid applications.

Wednesday evening was the HHS LCAP Meeting.  Counselor Xochitl Gomez represented the Counseling Department as well as participated as an HHS parent.

Counselors are completing the Midyear transcript requests for our seniors who have applied to 4-year institutions.  Soon we will be hearing about their acceptance to the University’s and plan on having a College Signing Day for all to witness their commitment to the College….Included in this signing will be our seniors who are enlisting in the Military, Seniors planning to attend Community College, and those who will attend Vocational/Technical/Trade Schools.

Planning of the Pathway Fair is underway and scheduled for March 21 and 22 during student lunch.  Students will choose their chosen Pathway via picking their “elective” that fits into their career interests.


Juniors participated in the OUHSD and Oxnard Chamber of Commerce- sponsored Leadership Boot Camp. Students listened and participated in a conversation of soft skills that are important to learn before starting a job. The presenter was Marilyn Peake, the Community Outreach Officer from Ventura County Credit Union. Students got a glimpse of real-world workplace behavior.




The Robotics ROP students are working hard on preparing their robotic for the upcoming robotics competition this month! Students meet Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30 PM – 8:00 PM.



Girls Basketball continues in CIF!!  They will play against Desert Christian Academy on Saturday at Godinez High School at 4pm. Root for our lady Vikings & watch the ladies make history!



This week we met as an AVID Site team to discuss the upcoming AVID Write off.  This year’s topic will be on whether a student’s use of social media can help or hinder college acceptance. Additionally, we have two presentations set up for our AVID seniors by Ventura College EOP on March 22nd and our AVID freshmen and EL class by University Culture on the topic of the Benefits of a Bachelor’s Degree on March 14th.  AVID Scholarship applications on due on March 9th.



On Wednesday, February 28, seventeen juniors and seniors from the YES Academy and Teaching and Learning Pathway attended an event at Cal Lutheran called Entrée to Employment.  This is a program through VC Innovates that invites professionals from certain industry sectors to have dinner with students who might be interested in that industry.  This month’s event focused on the education industry sector. 

Students were placed at tables with professionals and participated in a series of conversation starters and enjoyed a nice dinner.  This is an excellent opportunity for our students to learn about the education profession from people with many different positions.  From superintendents to teachers, students were able to ask questions and improve their networking skills.  We had the largest group of any of the attending schools, and our students represented themselves with class and intelligence.


Ms. Lybrand – English students are reading Frankenstein. 

They are seeking to describe how the characters in Frankenstein develop through the course of the novel. They created a monster and wrote a horror story based on their monster. 

We read as a group and identify character traits which are written on sticky notes and placed on poster paper for the specific character in order of the novel so that students will be able to see the character development as the sticky notes move from the top to the bottom of the poster. 



Math 1: Students learned how to define variables and write equations from word problems. They learned equal values, substitution, and elimination method to solve a system of equations.

Math 2: Students learned how to dissect the information from a word problem to create a quadratic equation. Then they determined the best method either the quadratic formula, completing the square or zero product property to solve for the x-intercepts.

Math 3: Students learned how to determine from given information on a triangle if they need to use the law of sine or law of cosine. They also continue to work with logs and exponential functions.

Business Math: Students learned how to calculate the property insurance tax they would need to pay on a house.



Military Ball

About 80 cadets from the Hueneme High School NJROTC participated in the Los Angeles Union School District JROTC Military Ball on 24th February 2018, 1800-2400, Westin Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles, CA.  The Military Ball brought together different JROTC programs from the Navy, Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force.  The Hueneme High School’s Royal Court consisted of Freshman Prince Cadet Gaviola, Freshman Princess Cadet Fajardo, Sophomore Prince Cadet Barajas, Sophomore Princess Cadet Llamas, Junior Prince Cadet Lopez, Andres, Junior Princess Cadet Lopez, Andrea, Senior King Cadet Chavez, and Senior Queen Cadet Realzola.  A formal dinner was held, followed by entertainment in the forms of Armed and Unarmed Drill Team performances.  Immediately following cadet performances was the dance party which majority of cadets enjoyed dancing to a variety of music.  It was a fun-filled event.



 Sacramento Visit

On February 20, 2018, four cadets from the Hueneme NJROTC Unit visited the capitol of California. Our Executive Officer and Supply Officer, Amelia Realzola and Alondra Osuna, respectively, along with Cadets Natalie Leon and Alejandra Ayala are members of the social justice organization, CAUSE.  The cadets had the opportunity to speak with the legislators on the issues of environmental bills and construction of power plants. There have been many residents who have been affected by the power plants’ adverse effects on the quality of breathing air.  The cadets also passionately discussed opposition to pollution and offshore drilling issues which could degrade the quality of life of people residing in California.

Cadet LT Chavez, Enoc




This week students practiced their Literacy for Social Science standards. Students wrote a variety of responses that required evidence and sourcing. In addition, students analyzed primary source documents and used, Marking the Text strategies to help students make important connections. Finally, students practiced online research skills by completing WebQuests that required knowledge of content and 21st century online research skills. 


On Friday, March 2, sophomores and juniors from the YES Academy attended a tour and workshop at CSUCI sponsored by their teaching credentialing program.  Students were given a general presentation about the university and then went on a guided tour.  After the tour, students heard several speakers from the university’s various credentialing programs.  In addition to receiving information about receiving a basic teaching credential, they also heard from professors in their Special Education and Bilingual Education programs.  The students ended their visit with a wonderful lunch in the dining commons. 

We would like to thank Ms. Elizabeth Villa and Professor Bob Bleicher from CSUCI for arranging an informative and fun day for our students.  At the end of the day, many students’ eyes were opened to the opportunities available to them at our local Cal State University.



Last Friday a few of our very own Hueneme High School students had the opportunity to attend the High School Harambee Conference at CSUN. Here, the students attended workshops, listened to lectures from CSUN professors, and discovered the cultural legacy of African Americans in the pursuit of high education.