Weekly Update

Friday, April 20, 2018


The counselors are wrapping up In-House Registration and have moved from the Library back into their offices!  Students can find us at nutrition and lunch again readily available.  We are still accepting summer school forms until April 30th.

Counselor Cynthia Bogan volunteered this week at the National Association of College and Universities Ventura College Fair event held at the Ventura County Fairgrounds.  She brought back new information for those students who may want to attend personalized schools of higher education such as Film Institute or Musical Broadcasting.

Plans are underway for Reach Higher…College/Post Graduation Signing Day at HHS.  This national event is scheduled for May 15 and Superintendent Dr. Deleon will address the entire HHS student population on how proud she is that our Senior Vikings are committing to their University/Community College/Military/Trade or Technical School of their choice.

Counselors Sierra, Bogan and Martinez went into every Senior Government and Economics course to survey the seniors regarding their post high school plans and discuss the importance of completing their community college applications so they may take advantage of the 2 years of FREE tuition at Oxnard and Ventura Colleges.  An excursion to Ventura College is planned for May 4th.

ASVAB Assessment

Our dedicated Vikings taking the armed services vocational battery assessment……


This week, Mr. Zamora attended a workshop at Ventura College regarding AB 705 which will take effect Fall of 2019 where community colleges are required to maximize the probability that a student will enter and complete transfer level coursework in English and Math within a one-year timeframe. For placement of students into English and Math courses at the community college, one or more of the following measures will be used: (a) High school coursework (b) High school grades (c) High school grade point.

Our community committee of scholarship reader will be turning in the results of the AVID Scholarship this Friday and winners announced at Senior Awards Night.


Marsha Landreth: Seniors are reading Their Eyes Were Watching God in Eng 4 and scrabbling to the finish line in AP.

Elisabeth Hanrieder: Sophomores are finishing up Night and dialectical journals. Seniors are in the middle of the reading portion of the Juvenile Justice unit.

Tim McGee: Eng 1: Starting to read Romeo & Juliet, taking notes on plot for Shakespeare’s use of structure. Will lead to analysis essay.

Eng 2RCP: About to begin reading Night, will be writing “reading journals” on experience of the author and own feelings about it and will end in book review project.

Harmony Lane: Beginning stages of writing a literary analysis essay for Romeo and Juliet.

Eric Ehlers: My English 3 YES class has been testing all week.

AP Language and Composition completed midterms and continuing to improve upon synthesis essays.

Sonia Herrejon: Sophomores are finishing Julius Caesar. They will be preparing to write an essay on it.

AP Language and Composition: Juniors are completing a midterm while continuing to improve on their synthesis essays and the other components on the AP exam.

Reading Tech: students are exploring the Harlem Renaissance as well as continuing to improve their listening, speaking, and presentation skills


Math 1 will be testing on exponential functions this week and will move on to solving inequalities next week.

Math 2 is currently working on mathematical proofs using congruent triangles. Students are learning to organize a proof in two ways, as a flow chart and in a two-column proof.

In math 3 we are working on polynomial functions and their roots. Students are finding the real roots of a polynomial function and then using long division in the form of a polydoku puzzle to find any remaining roots.

Pre-calculus is working on using and proving trigonometric identities. Calculus is hard at work preparing for the AP Test coming up in May. This week they are working on how to answer a free response question.

AP Calculus Saturday Academy students completed a mock AP Calculus AB test.


Economic students are creating cover letters, and resumes as part of their business unit.

US History students are preparing for the Common Assessment that is set for next week. The students are analyzing primary sources that relate to the attack on Pearl Harbor and America’s entry into WWll. In addition, students pre-registered to vote with representatives from the Future Leaders of America organization.


Senior students have applied for the State Seal of Bi-literacy.  Many have taken oral exams to qualify for the Seal.  They are also taking AP exams in Spanish and French.

World Language Department is focused on preparing for the Spanish Language and Culture Exam as well as the French Language and Culture Exam.   The exams test listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  Here are our French 4 AP students working on French skills in our Language Lab. Language skills literally open the world to our students.




This week the journal design class is wrapping up the final touches on the yearbook. We are putting together the spring sports pages and some of the club pages. Here is a little taste of what we got going on (ignore the pink lines):

By: Senior David Sandoval

By: Junior Andre Chico

Remembering Bob Callis…

Thank you to Ms. Harris, Mr. Chapman, Tori Lang (Senior) and Kayla Lucas (Sophomore-pictured) for coordinating the painted rock in remembrance of Bob Callis.