Weekly Update

Friday, May 18, 2018


This week the Counseling Department sponsored the College Signing Assembly titled “REACH HIGHER.”  Over 400 seniors were honored in a school wide assembly and given personalized certificates specifically tailored to institution they are going attend.  Whether it be a 4-year, 2-year Military or Private school.  All have committed in furthering their education.  A special thank you to ULV Counseling Intern Mrs. Heidi Monroe for her endless hours of creativity regarding the certificates and name badges for our esteemed guest speaker: Dr. Penelope Deleon, Dr. Rocky Valles Dr. Tom McCoy as well as the representative from the CSU, UC, CLU and Chief Hayes.

The Seniors were also spoken to regarding the completion of their Summer school and Fall registration which will take place at Hueneme High School on Monday May 21 during lunch and after school in the College and Career Center.

Summer school is wrapped up, Fall registration is being fine-tuned and graduation is right around the corner! Whew………..


On Wednesday, our two district level write off winners, Erica Alvarado (11th grade) and Maribel Rodriguez -Salvador (AVID ELL) were recognized at the board meeting during the student recognition portion. Each received a certificate for their achievement. Our AVID Seniors have submitted their senior data to Ms. Anestos for approval before being sent to AVID Center.


AP Calculus AB took their AP test on Tuesday

AP Calculus study group before the AP exam


College Signing Day

Cadets who volunteered for the College Signing Day performed a variety of duties. In addition to helping Hueneme High School’s ASB with decorations, cadets ushered our seniors to their assigned seats. Cadets also sorted seniors by alphabetical order before entering the gymnasium. Seeing the graduating class of 2018 reach higher for a brighter future brought sadness into the hearts of some upon recognizing that this senior class will soon depart. But, it also brought excitement, joy, and a sense of pride for our fellow peers.


C/PO2 Castrejon, Nathaly


Students in Economics competed with each other for leaderboard positions in an online Stock Market game this week – Fun and educational.

US History Students wrote essays about the justification of government decisions during WW11 and the Cold War Era- students met in Academic Discussion groups to evaluate and critique and decide how they felt about the decisions.

Sociology students presented their comparison papers on cultures studied in class.