Weekly Update

Friday, May 25, 2018


This week the Counseling Department worked with Juniors who are eligible for the UC systems early identification for enrollment also known Eligibility in the Local Context (ELC)

Denise Rodriguez represented the Counseling Department during the LCAP Meriting as well as the School Site Council Meeting.

Special Programs Counselor Katalina Martinez met one on one with all Migrant students and developed their plan for graduation!

Cynthia Lopez and her counselor intern Angelica Martinez called in all students who failed World Civilization semester 1 and offered them an opportunity to make the course up this summer.


AVID had current USC student and HHS Alumni, Daniel Ortiz come speak to our AVID students.  Great kid, filled with a ton of positive energy! Our students felt that and heard some very valuable advice.


Kyle Ripley: In English RCP, we are working or narrative essays and the students are doing an individual reading project where they choose a book to read for enjoyment. It has been awesome to see my students excited and looking forward to reading their books! Eng9 is reading To Kill A Mockingbird and developing an essay on a theme and how it develops over the course of the novel. ERWC Is doing a multi-genre essay with 1984 and Brave New World.

Marsha Landreth: The AP Lit exam is now behind us.  English 4 AP will join the English 4 classes in reading Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and learning to recite the Prologue in Middle English:  “Whan that Aprill with his shoures soote/The droghte of March hath perced to the roote” – or in other words, “When April showers bring May flowers.”

The drama class is busy with the upcoming play, Little Women.  It will be performed May 31 and June 1, 7:00 pm, HHS room 100.  Hope to see you there.

Eric Ehlers: AP Language and Composition – We have been focused on samples of the multiple choice questions that they might have seen on the AP exam.  We have been focusing on time management and the different types of questions on this section of the exam.

English 3 YES: They’re reading The Great Gatsby.  We will be reading the novel for the next few weeks, culminating in a final project involving a review of the 2013 film version.  This writing assignment will utilize research skills and expository writing skills.

Elisabeth Hanrieder: Seniors are still working on the reading activities for Good Food/Bad Food.

Sophomores are wrapping up Julius Caesar with Tableaux Vivants.

Harmony Lane: My English 1H is reading TKAM and preparing to do their final essay.

John Newman: 11th grade is reading Gatsby and working on SAT Vocabulary

10th grade is reading Night and working on SAT Vocabulary

Sonia Herrejon: AP Language and Composition: AP students had been working on multiple skills they utilized on the AP exam last week. Now, they are taking the CAASPP

10th graders are reading Night and focusing on different essential questions, selecting quotes, and analyzing them as we read.

Reading Tech 10: Students are reading A Child Called It. Before reading, the were put into groups and had to research various topics that they are encountering as we read.


Math 9 is working on various Graphs and Plots.

Math 1 is finishing their unit on statistics and probability and beginning to review the year’s key standards in preparation for their final exam.

Pre-calculus students are beginning the first Calculus unit: Limits, Derivatives, Integrals, and Integrals.

AP Calculus students visited Pre-calculus classes to share their experiences about taking the AP Calculus AB course and tips for taking the AP Calculus exam.


On Tuesday, May 22, 2018 about 100 audience members took their place in the HHS Gymnasium where the Music Department had its annual Spring Concert. Some of the highlights of the evening include, but are not limited to the Concert Choir singing “This is Me” from the film “The Greatest Showman.”  It featured soloists Ailayah Robbs, Sean Stewart, and Pipiena Malafu. The PM Jazz Band rocked the house with three compositions from visiting composer Darryl Johnson II, “Fusion Rally,” “Blockwire Crush,” and “Hydrolic Lime.” In between their own featured performances, the Symphonic Band and Concert Band played a piece en masse, called “Terminal Velocity” by composer Michael Oare. The Concert Band featured more of the music of Darryl Johnson II including his empowering anthem, “Pride of the Lion,” which you will hear at this year’s Graduation Ceremony. The next thing coming up for the Concert Band is our performance at the Memorial Day Ceremony held at the Port Hueneme City Hall beginning at 8:00 am on Monday, May 28, Memorial Day where we will feature the Carmen Dragon arrangement of Samuel A. Ward’s patriotic anthem “America the Beautiful,” along with a dose of some classic American marches that include “Colonel Bogie” and “National Emblem.”

The music continued with the Sixth Period Mariachi Ensemble joining our own Mariachi de Mi Tierra on the Mariachi favorite “Arboles de la Barrancas” at the end of the ensemble’s program of five traditional favorites, including “Adios Amore” sung by senior Lucia Magana. The program concluded with the music of the Mariachi…Mariachi de Mi Tierra that brought the crowd to their feet for two encores. It featured the seniors Alyssa Cazares and Miguel Angel Guzman.


Seniors in Economics and Government began the state science test-CAST.

In addition, students in Economics continued their Stock market challenge.

US history students practiced writing with supporting evidence and writing for a specific audience. Students focused on the Cold War Era.

Sociology students created and presented their ELQ answers for their Culture unit and are preparing for the final project and exam.


Filipinx Club of HHS visited UCSB. The students were able to stay in the dorms over the weekend to experience cultural pride in higher education.