About Business & Technology

Business Education is a subject area in which students acquire the competencies and knowledge necessary to become productive and knowledgeable citizens. This subject is a broad, comprehensive area which appeals to the college preparatory student as well as the vocational student. It includes a variety of courses and other learning experiences that will give students the skills, knowledge, and attitudes basic to successful participation in society and the work place.

In all business courses and programs, communication skills are stressed with special emphasis on oral and written business communications. Computational skills are reinforced and further developed using realistic business applications. Students concentrate on developing skills required for full-time or part-time employment through specialized courses in the areas of clerical and information processing. Business education courses and programs are designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop employable skills while simultaneously preparing them for entry into post-secondary institutions to pursue associate of arts or baccalaureate degrees in business or academic subject fields.



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