Athletic Department Philosophy

“High Expectations; High Achievements”

The goal of the HHS Athletic Department it so ensure the development of a well-rounded student. At HHS we encourage all students to participate in a varied extracurricular activities program. It is our belief that a strong extracurricular program creates and maintains positive school spirit and fosters student responsibility, commitment, and citizenship.

Athletics Policies

Students and parents are reminded that participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege, not a basic right of all students. The school has the authority to revoke this privilege. Certain rules have been established for all students who have become involved in an extracurricular program. Rules and expectation have been set forth in the HHS Athletic Department’s Extracurricular Code and Contract. It is the responsibility of the participant’s parent/guardian to read and understand the full content of the Extracurricular Code. Signatures must all be provided by the student-athlete and parent/guardian showing agreement to the terms of the code. A copy can be found in the Ticket to Play.