Weekly Update, Friday, September 7, 2018


For three days last week the 85-member Link Crew team prepared to host our incoming students for the Freshman Orientation Celebration. Students enjoyed meeting their Link Crew Leaders with whom they will maintain bimonthly contact for the rest of the year to insure the newcomers are aware of the wealth of their opportunities here at Hueneme.


The Counseling Team is finalizing student schedule changes which includes appropriate level placements based on teacher recommendations, subject matter assessments, and student/parent requests.  Counselors are also balancing classes.  Furthermore, we are meeting with Parents regarding Student Academic Issues.  In the near future we will meet with Seniors in order to ensure Graduation and A-G Status while determining Post High School Plans.


AVID students received their academic planners today. Thank you to Mr. Ayala for purchasing them for our students as it is a major part of the curriculum. Additionally, AVID teachers welcomed back the HHS AVID students with introductions of themselves shared their personal and academic background.  We covered expectations of our AVID Program and our class.  We also went over the class syllabus, so the students know exactly what to expect this school year.  We also performed some ice-breaker and team-building activities, in order to establish an effective learning environment.


The YES Academy got off to a great start this week.  We filled our sophomore cohorts with enthusiastic new recruits.  Our seniors and juniors enjoyed guest speakers on both Thursday and Friday during their CTE classes.  Thanks to Mr. Chapman, Mr. Perez, Mrs. Matthews, and Mr. Cabral for taking time out of their busy schedules to speak to the students in our education classes about their journeys and experiences as educators.


Tim McGee: Eng 1 & Eng 1RCP: Getting to Know Student Activities (Quotation Presentations, Personal Letters).  Reading Tech 9: Goal-Setting, Marking a Short Story.

Marsha Landreth: Mrs. Landreth’s AP Literature class is finishing discussion of the summer assignment, HEART OF DARKNESS, concentrating on Imperialism and Modernism.  Today they will begin discussion of THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD.  The English 4 classes have been reviewing techniques for taking the SAT test.  They will begin Beowulf tomorrow with a pre-reading power point created by Jason Font.  Drama will test today on theater safety procedures and etiquette.  Tomorrow the class will be introduced to the works of the three great Greek writers: Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides.

Kara Bettencourt: Seniors are working on their college application essay.  We will start piloting the new textbook next week.  Juniors are working on a group story writing project and will begin piloting the new textbook next week.

Eric Ehlers: AP Language and Composition – Students turned in their summer assignments.  We began our first week of vocabulary, specifically using specific verbs to discuss rhetoric.  We have also begun to discuss what is rhetoric and how it is used in preparation for our study of rhetorical analysis.  Last Friday, we also had a pizza party for last year’s students who passed the AP exam.  English 3 YES – We began our SAT vocabulary this week.  We have also been targeting daily grammar skills.  Our literature study this year will focus on children in literature, enabling more cross-curricular opportunity with the student’s education pathway course.

Shaughn Hamman: Room 16 is working on “Iron Chef Slides” to describe the narrative in the novel they are reading. Next, we will move to a non-traditional narrative called ‘Ordeal by Cheque’ by Wuther Crue and determine how the author developed the narrative in this piece.

Elisabeth Hanrieder: Sophomores are finishing up their SDRTs and beginning a super-fast Leopard Man essay before beginning piloting on Monday.  Seniors are working on the ERWC unit “What’s Next?” about life after high school.

Gabriela Gomez-Font: ERWC seniors are looking at the benefits of attending college and the viable reasons for going into the world of work after high school. They are reading articles from several sources that help them to weigh the options and come to a decision.  Students will be applying close reading strategies including highlighting and annotating the readings and reflecting on their skills and abilities in considering what steps they will take next. They will finish the unit by completing a personal statement they can submit to colleges or completing a mini-career research paper.  English 3 AOED is working on academic vocabulary that they will apply in class and use to help them do well on CAASPP.  They are also engaging with active reading strategies that will help them be better readers and help them remember the material.  ESL 101 students are singing a song to help them learn the body parts, using TPR with commands such as stand up, sit down, and take out a sheet of paper.  They are also working on writing simple sentences with the newly acquired verbs they have been learning.

Allen Monroe: Students have been working through class norms, syllabus, AUP and journal topic #1.

Sonia Herrejon: Freshmen Honors and Sophomores are working on the proper etiquette of communication and were administered the SDRT.  AP Language and Composition students turned in their summer assignments. We went over the vocabulary for the week, concentration on verbs that they will utilize on their rhetorical analysis essays. They were assessed on the summer book, The Scarlet Letter. We’ve gone over what the rhetorical triangle means and how they will use it when we study for the rhetorical analysis essay.  On Wednesday, the students that passed the AP test last year came in and we had a pizza party.



Math students built their collaborative skills and refreshed their foundation skill sets.




Students in Social Science learned about classroom expectations and previewed the content and Literacy standards they will learn this year. Students also practiced with the AVID, active reading strategy, of “Marking the Text” (see picture).

In addition, many different CHAMPS based activities were conducted. As part of the school wide PBIS commitment, the Social Science Department had students actively engaged with assignments like scavenger hunts (see picture), and ice breaker games. The Social Science Department set the tone for a successful, rigorous, engaging and comfortable learning environment.




This week in CCR Math, students analyzed how they spend their typical school day, hour by hour. Then they broke the data down into fractions, decimals, and percents before creating a visual representation of their day with a pie chart. Finally, students created a poster about themselves, which included the pie chart, a bio poem, and their