Weekly Update, Friday, September 21, 2018


Consumer and Family Sciences

Juniors in our Careers in Education and Child Development class completed a career and college survey this week through FCCLA.  This data will be collected to help students learn about colleges and careers that may interest them.  Both our junior and senior classes are completing a unit on Teaching as a Profession and will be creating a brochure about how to become a teacher.

YES Academy

Many students in the YES Academy participated in the annual Coastal Cleanup Day this past Saturday.  Students met at Ormond Nature Preserve for ab out 3 hours to help beautify our local coastline.  This is an annual community service event for our academy.  More than a dozen students also met at the Prueter Library this past week to help plan their annual Horror in the Stacks event in October.


Counselors are beginning to meet with all Seniors in which we are doing Graduation Status checks, finalizing post high school plans, signing up for Credit Recovery, and providing College Application Process Info.  Counselors are also signing up Seniors for the Saturday SAT PREP Workshops to help boost their scores.  Furthermore, we are beginning to work with the new Intervention Specialist – Ms. Bustamante in order to define her role in providing At Risk Students with supplemental mental health and academic intervention services.


This past week AVID 1 students reviewed the Ten Steps of the Tutorial Process in preparation for tutorials starting the week of October 20th. Additionally, our AVID 1 students began working on their weekly vocabulary terms (see picture) to start preparing them for college entrance exams. AVID Seniors are working on researching the requirements for two majors they will be applying for including an emphasis or concentration within the major, list of prerequisite courses, lower and upper division classes, and major electives.


Math curriculum leaders (Mrs. A. Bettencourt, Mrs. Corona, Ms. Medrano and Mrs. Morales) attended the Ventura County Math Leadership Network.  The goal of the VC Math Network Leadership is to provide support by:

  • Connecting the teachers and administrators leading the CCSS-M implementation
  • Sharing of challenges, strategies, and successes
  • Identifying needs and developing resources to meet those needs


On 15 September 2018, 0800-1200 hours, about 50 Hueneme HS NJROTC cadets participated in the efforts of California to clean our pristine beaches and shorelines.  Our NJROTC cadets made their 2-mile walk to remove trash and recyclables at Ormond Beach, Oxnard.

California Coastal Cleanup Day welcomes more than 60,000 volunteers who pick up hundreds of thousands of pounds of trash and recyclables from beaches, lakes, and waterways each year.  It brings awareness to the marine litter problem and provides a community event for direct involvement.  The event is part of the International Coastal Cleanup, organized by the Ocean Conservancy.

California Coastal Cleanup Day is the largest volunteer event in the US and International Coastal Cleanup Day is the largest volunteer event on the planet!

C/Lt. Castrejon, Nathaly, PAO



Students in the 1st period ROP Digital Broadcasting Class began live-streaming Viking Vision this week.  The broadcast was on Tuesday and Thursday morning at the beginning of 2nd period. We will continue to live-stream the broadcast Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please tune in to watch the stream or to see past shows. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FmH_fYVZ60


As an introduction to experimentation, students designed labs to test which liquid a penny holds more of; water or alcohol? The designed a data sheet and eventually created a collaborative class graph using Google Sheets. Some had never used a collaborative online resource before and it was a great learning experience.