Weekly Update, Friday, September 28, 2018


Approximately 50 students attended the Princeton Review SAT Prep on Saturday, September 22.  This is the first day of a four-part series.  Each student received two Princeton Review books: SAT Manual and The Official SAT Study Guide.



This week was full of adventure for Counselors as Ms. Bogan, Ms. Lopez and Ms. Rodriguez attended the following Conferences: CollegeBoard/SAT Workshop at Westmont College AND Cal State Universities and UC Universities Conferences focusing on the Application Process for High School Seniors  The timing of these Conferences are valuable as we gear up to provide the SAT/PSAT to all HHS students on October 10th and as we meet with Seniors who are applying to 4 Year Universities.  Furthermore, it is vital our students prepare for the SAT/PSAT assessment by going online and studying through the Khan Academy.  Visit collegeboard.org/PSAT practice or satpractice.org

Counselors are continuing to meet with all Seniors including those who are on track for Graduation and those at-risk Seniors developing a plan for them to meet graduation requirements by June of 2019.


Seniors have been presenting their majors project and preparing to start working on their personal statements.  All classes have spent time over the week review the TRF (tutorial request form) as we’ll begin tutorials next week.  Also, this past weekend, HHS and OUHSD hosted part one of AVID Tutor Training for new AVID tutors to our district and neighboring districts.


Consumer and Family Sciences

Many of the students in our education pathway are preparing to begin internships working at local elementary schools’ after-school programs in conjunction with Cultivating Teacher Leaders (CTL).  This program encourages high school students to volunteer tutoring elementary school students and offers scholarships to students who complete 80 hours by April.

YES Academy

Last week was our third annual Week of Fun.  This is a series of competitions between our classes.  This year’s winners, the Class of 2020, will enjoy a pizza party and get to decide to what charity we will donate part of the $290 raised throughout the week.



Elisabeth Hanrieder: ERWC has gotten off to a slow start due to tech problems. Seniors are working on their FAQs for college and work. FAQs are due Monday.

Allen Monroe: We are working on Vocabulary.com, Goldfish and My So-Called Enemy

Gabriela Gomez-Font: English 3AOE is reading accounts from travel journals of the first explorers to the Americas.  They are learning to identify historical narratives, and primary and secondary sources and look at the merits of these types of writings.  Students will also continue to create outlines of readings in the textbook and cite textual evidence in response to questions in the readings.  In addition, students are taking notes on frequently used academic vocabulary.

Last week: English 3AOE was working at identifying figurative language in Native American songs. They were also analyzing Native American Myths and making assertions using textual evidence to support their responses.  Students have also practiced outline skills and will continue to do so in preparation for the research paper.

ERWC Seniors are working on their personal statements or a mini career research paper after discussing articles about college and work and looking into the college application process.

Olivia Hernandez: 9th grade English 1 has started reading the Odyssey in the new pilot textbook. Students are following along with the text and participating in discussions about Odysseus as a character as well as the journey he is on. The essential question we are focusing on is “what compels characters or real people to set of on a journey?” Students have completed free writes on the topic of journeys as well as read articles about journeys and heroes that they presented to the class in groups. Students are also gaining a deeper understanding of simile and epic simile by identifying them as we come across them in the text.

Sonia Herrejon: Freshmen 1Honors are reading The Odyssey right now. Before that, they were reading articles and connecting it to characteristics of a hero in relation to what they will be reading in The Odyssey. They continue to expand their academic language by writing sentences using SAT words every week.

Sophomores 2CP are working through the process of writing an essay for the ERWC module “The Sociology of Leopard Man.” They are also identifying “Words Often Confused” to ensure they are correctly using words from List 1 in their writing.


US History students preparing for their First Common Assessment by analyzing the Declaration of Independence. They practiced marking the text and annotating individually then in groups practiced their Academic Discussions.

All Economic and Government students participated in the National Voter Registration day assembly with the League of Women Voters. Students learned about the history of Voting rights and how to fill in the registration form. Many students took advantage of the opportunity to register or pre-register!

US History Students took their First Common Assessment this week.