Weekly Update, Friday, October 5, 2018


The Counseling Team is having a blast as we continue to meet with Seniors helping to plan Graduation and their futures.  We also made Classroom Visits in the 12th Grade Government and Economics Classes providing information on Applying to Community College and 4 Year Universities along with Financial Aide, SAT and ASVAB details.  Furthermore, we are beginning with the Recommendation Letters for students applying to College.


This week, tutorial and binder checks are in full swing now that are tutors are on campus. Currently, we have 10 tutors working in the program, with eight of the tutors being former HHS AVID students. In AVID EL, students were practicing breaking up a writing prompt for the Common Application to prepare for ELPAC exam by doing think, pair, share activities with their elbow partners on what parts of the prompt was asking (picture attached).  Finally, the AVID team would like to wish Mr. Garrett the best as he begins his new endeavor at Adolfo Camarillo High School. We appreciate all the guidance and mentoring you did for the AVID students at HHS.


AP Language and Composition students hard at work on their third rhetorical analysis essay.

Claudine Muro: After starting our week with a socratic seminar examining the question, “Can expectations ever be too high?” English 2H is preparing to read Joy Luck Club through a week-long research unit on both Chinese and Chinese- American culture. Through collaboration, students will create Google Slides presentations, learn to cite 4 sources using MLA style, and also learn how to evaluate sources.

Harmony Lane: English 1H is reading The Odyssey and eventually writing an analytical essay.

Olivia Hernandez: 12th grade Mex/Chicano Literature is currently taking a break from Cuentos: Folktales of the Hispanic Southwest to focus on SAT prep. Students are working diligently in Khan academy to practice SAT style questions. Students are also uncovering the expectations of the SAT essay readers by going over the essay rubric for the SAT, a sample prompt, and scoring sample student essays.

Sonia Herrejon: AP English and Composition students are working on improving their diction in their writing. We have looked at various Rhetorical Analysis prompts this week as well as written paragraphs for each one in order to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to improve their writing. We are also working on tone words this week.


Mrs. Landreth’s Drama class made hand and rod puppets, wrote two-minute scripts, and performed the shows for the class.



Government classes have been singing the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution to help answer their unit essential question. Presentations required memorization and explanation. Students learned how to be active and engaged learners- as they practiced listening skills and utilized the Oral Presentation rubric to help provide feedback to classmates.

In addition, AP Psychology students also practiced their speaking and listening skills by presenting a technology focused presentation that helped them discover the purpose of Psychology.

Finally, US History students completed a small group Academic Discussion to help them prepare for their upcoming assessment.